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Hackers Attack Website Of Russia’s Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

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During the January 11 press briefing, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mariya Zakharova provided additionald details about the recent series of hacker attacks, which targeted the website of the foreign ministry (source):

At the last briefing I informed you that the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry is regularly subject to attacks by hackers. Today I would like to share with you the available summary data, based on which you will be able to understand the volume of information attacks directed against our Ministry.

Between January 1 and September 30, 2018, more than 77 million attacks on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website were recorded. According to our specialists, hacker attacks were carried out from IP addresses registered in Japan, the United States, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, Denmark, Italy, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Turkey and China.

On April 20, 2018, a massive DDoS attack was recorded not only on the official website but also on all public online resources of the Ministry. Its total impact amounted to more than 150 gigabytes per second, which briefly took down the official website of the Ministry and the sites of Russian foreign missions located in the domain mid.ru.

Nonetheless, all the information attacks were successfully repelled and did not damage the integrity of the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the information resources of Russian foreign missions.

In this regard, I would like to once again draw the attention of our Western colleagues, who so often accuse Russia of hacker attacks without any evidence, to the issue of cyber security and the need to jointly combat threats in cyberspace.

We are ready to interact with these countries on cybersecurity issues, provide data, and conduct consultations. If interest is expressed in the data indicated, we are open to interaction.

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AM Hants

Love how Russian cyber defence, sees them off.

Russian Cyber Defenses Blocked an Astonishing 4.5 Billion Attacks in 2018 (Russian TV)… https://sflc.cm/news/russian-cyber-defenses-blocked-an-astonishing-4-5-billion-attacks-in-2018-russian-tv?uid=132855

You never hear Russia complaining, or spending $25 million, on investigations, which go nowhere, involving those allies, of certain nations, which will last till the eve of the next Presidential Election. Now do you? Russia gets on with business, making sure they can easily defend themselves. Impressive.

Mueller To Release Results Of Investigation Day Before 2020 Election… https://russia-insider.com/en/mueller-release-results-investigation-day-2020-election/ri25636


” Mueller To Release Results Of Investigation Day Before 2020 Election… https://russia-insider.com/… ”

The Khazar Gravy Train keeps on schlepping AM :)


AM Hants

I read the Mueller article. The timing of the release, nought political. If he found any collusion, they would have been released by now.

The image, seriously thought I was looking at Pelosi, plus Schumer, with Pelosi out front.

You can call me Al

The media images – really !!!. Before my tea ?.


That way there will be no time to refute Mueller’s fairytale.

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