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Gunmen Raided Headquarters Of Turkish-Backed Group In Afrin, Killed Several Militants

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Gunmen Raided Headquarters Of Turkish-Backed Group In Afrin, Killed Several Militants

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Late on November 21, unidentified gunmen raided a headquarters of the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA) in the district of Bulbul in the northern part of the Turkish-occupied area of Afrin in northern Aleppo.

In the course of the raid, three Turkish-backed militants were killed. Several other militants were injured, according to opposition sources.

A day later, unidentified gunmen opened fire at a militant of the SNA’s Sultan Murad Division in Afrin’s city center. The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the militant was severely wounded in the attack.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, thus far. However, they were most likely carried out by one of the Kurdish guerrilla groups active in Afrin.

Earlier this week, one of these groups, the Afrin Liberation Forces, announced that its fighters had killed nine Turkish-backed militants and injured at least one other in three separate attacks in the area.

These attacks are slowly depleting Turkish-backed militants in Afrin. Turkey is not making any effort to put an end to these attacks, whcih increased in the last few months.


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Jens Holm

At last they hit military targets

Willing Conscience (The Truths

For a few months early in the year they weren’t, there were quite a few innocent casualties, hopefully they’ve learnt a lesson and are trying very hard to avoid similar tragedies.

Jens Holm

Its because they lost Afrin. I also think many many from all sides are tired and desperate.

I have tryed many times to make some kind of debate for plans for the future. There are no planes debate is noy possible.

I think its forbidden by almost all fractions there and people are afraid for being punished.

Womens right us haram – Education even for only men is haram.

A dew reflexions. Russia never has promised to take all Syria back to the Baahtists. They have promised to have Assads and the Baathist safe in their seats.

So its a very good idea Russians let the Turks have, what they have in the North West. Assads would give YPG in Afrin nothin even the Russians negosiated both sides hard. Assads continued to insist in YPG should leave office and the old syste shoud return.

So the Russians decided to let Afrin go and by that ALF grew.

And yes.Two Nato countries dont attack each other, so they trade and negosiate. None are in Syria but on their own and USA with UK and France.

And yes, the safe zone is very limited in its way of safety and Turks has a bad and dirty job to control their own jihadists as well as the rest. They have not been able to resettle or repopulate people there, because most refugees dont support that at all and they know its SDF.

As I read it during the whole period even from before the fightings began, the Turks also are using very old data, where many changes are made sonce then.

A main thing is there are not 1,3 mio Turkmen in Syria in the start of the war but only 600.000. The difference actually has ledt the bad land and are emmigrated and are towners in Turkey. By that Kurds also has not stolen land. Kurds has bought Turkmen land as well as they try to grow abandonned land.

Kurds also has not changed the demografi as Turks are told. Parts fx are deported to Afrin and Azas by Assads, so they could not be affiliated to PKK. Here the change a,so is, that arabs very loyal to Assads has taken over Kurdish farm and villages, so when Kurds take arab land its – for them – taking back land, where the old ones(grandparets) are still alive mainly in Afrin and Azaz.

Turks always say, that Kurds are making children as rabbits, but facts are Turkey and its Turks has added themselves 4 times since 1923. By that its no wonder Turks think they are many, but they are rabits themself too.

I have no numbers for that, but Turkish incommers having left their farms often arrived here to Denmark with 6 to 8 children. Those mainly was Turk-Turks and not Kurd-Turks.

Turks still pretend they dont know that, but the main parts in their taken parts are not the ones, they insist they are.

And that goes for the rest in Syria as well. We all has urbanized and has left the agrar land. Here in Denmark as well as in many other parts of the world we have reformed the farming and fewer people actually grows much more crops and animals too.

Thats how its not at all in Syria. So You not only has dry bad land but also too small farms – AND – Assads hardsly has made new jobs in the towns, logistics for food even Syria could sell a lot to parts of ME.

Even Syria has oil, they also are not able to produce a single simple plasric bottle. The reasosns are easy to see. There are not even started educations for that. By that the small industriel Syrian complex are filled up with foreigners as well as big parts are n the old days in effective drilling, refining and sending the stuff to us.

There should be many relative well paid very needed jobs in that sector.

…And Yes, Russians has their own agenda and Assad is no commander of the Russian army. Its the same for Golan. Russia let Israel do the dirty job against Iran and Hesbollah, because they cant. USA pays for it:)

I have no solutions for it. None really want any solutions apart from killig each other after many silly flags. I feel less and less for any there. I feel something for the Kurds. The rest is a kind of cold minus compared to a very small plus.


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Only one thing you said made sense Jens, the Turks do make lots of babies, and that’s because it’s a Muslim brotherhood decree, all loyal followers of the Muslim Brotherhood organization make lots of babies.
And they cleverly use it as a long term means of taking over many European nations political systems, luckily the pro LGBTQI nations like France, Austria and Germany are realizing just how much danger their in now and making new laws to control them, hopefully LGBTQI Britain will too.
So soon Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood will have to get their followers to make a hell of a lot more babies, because I suspect very soon a lot more of their followers are going to start dying.
The EU is waking up to the 5th column they have growing larger every year, they’re about to become politically incorrect and switch to the other side, the ultra nationalist anti immigration side. Which won’t work out in the Brotherhoods favour, the lopsided proxy wars they’ve been winning lately will become a hundred times more lopsided once the EU starts spending money on the right side of the conflicts, as they have reluctantly started doing again.
Are you a member of the Muslim Brotherhood by any chance Jens, if you are I think your sides in for a God almighty hammering soon, politically and militarily.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Turkey is not making any effort to put an end to these attacks, which increased in the last few months.”

Are you kidding, the Turks are doing quite a lot to stop the attacks from what I can see, syrialiveuamaps shows us exactly what the Turks are doing to stop them. Constant artillery strikes on several towns as well as the SAA airbase, and at least 2 ground incursions into Russian/SAA controlled territory, isn’t that enough.
What I want to know is why is Russia letting Turkey attack the ALF in Russian/SAA controlled territory, if the Turks are having problems with the ALF who are operating in Russian/SAA controlled territory, then the Turks should ask the Russians to sort it out, but instead the Russians are letting the Turks come in and sort it out for themselves.
And as I pointed out yesterday, this doesn’t happen in US controlled territory, the Turks never bombard the Kurds in areas where the US operate, and the US operate right next to the Turkish border where the biggest Kurdish enclave of all is located, so why is it so, why do the Turks bomb Russian controlled areas but never ever bomb US controlled areas.
Go ALF, the mightiest warriors in Syria bar none, they were up to 100 kills for every loss of their own at the start of the year but that numbers changed a little, it’s probably more like 75 kills, maybe 50 for every loss now, still good numbers though. :]
And I’ve noticed they’ve taken great care not to murder any more innocent civilians during recent attacks, maybe the leadership pulled some of the more bloodthirsty fighters out of decision making roles and opted for the more civilized approach to fighting the Turkish incursion.
Welcome to Erdogan’s safe zone, the safest place in Syria, and the ALF do their very best to keep it the safest place in Syria. But it’s only safe if you use a different definition of the meaning of the word “safe”, you have to use the same definition of the word that Erdogan doe for it to be safe, if you use the dictionary definition it isn’t safe at all, it’s actually a nightmare.

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