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Gunmen Attack Syrian Intelligence Center, Police Station In Northern Daraa

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Gunmen Attack Syrian Intelligence Center, Police Station In Northern Daraa

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Early on June 14, unidentified gunmen attacked a police station and a center of the General Intelligence Directorate in the town of Jasim in the northern Daraa countryside.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), heavy clashes broke out around the targeted positions. Eventually, security forces managed to foil the attack.

“the heavy clashes last for several hours, no information on human losses were received,” the UK-based monitoring group said in a report.

Opposition activists said a new group dubbed the al-Sarout Regiments has claimed responsibility for the attack. The alleged group is named after Abdul Baset al-Sarout, a rebel commander and a so called “icon” of the opposition that was killed by the Syrian military in northern Hama more than a year ago.

These claims are yet to be verified. The attack may have been carried out by ISIS cells in Daraa. The so-called al-Sarout Regiments may be just a cover to hide the terrorist group’s activities in the southern governorate.

Syrian service members and local fighters in Daraa are being targeted on a regular basis. A day earlier, an explosion in the city killed three former rebels.


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None surprise at all my friends, and this will continue for YEARS.


When the SAA will liberate Idlib, then they have most of their manpower available to clear the desert, At-Tanf and Daraa. When Idlib won’t be fully liberated in the nearest future, then these attacks will continue.


Yes indeed,there should never have been a ceasefire,that Rodent infestation needs dealing with

Ray " Uncle Sam"

Since syria open the border to jordan again things got worse! i would close the border today! And never open it again!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Well something’s going on that’s for sure, there are reports of helicopters and warplanes flying over Damascus continuously, and reports of a split in the SAA forces as well, so this is a very very disturbing development if the reports are actually correct. The Russian backed 5th army corps units may be at odds with the Iranian backed units and not cooperating anymore, so now we might get to see why I keep saying the Iranians and the Russian’s don’t really get along at all in Syria. They have 2 totally different ways of doing things, the Russian way involves dialogue and compromise, the Iranian way involves heavy tanks running over little children, and please don’t think I’m joking, or even try to tell me I’m exaggerating, the Iranian way does involve heavy tanks running over little children. But the 5th army corps officers don’t want to run over their own children in Daraa with their heavy tanks, and if they’re ordered to they’ll instead run their heavy tanks over the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd army corps soldiers instead, and the Russian backed 5th army corps unit have better tanks than the Iranian backed units do.


Mossad is probably involved in these Daraa problems.

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