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JUNE 2021

Gunman Opened Fire At Policemen Near Foreign Ministry Building In Moscow (Video)

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On August 23, a gunman opened fire at police officers near the Russian Foreign Ministry buidling in Moscow.

The gunman was identified as a 31-yo native of Russia’s Kabardino-Balkar Republic (Caucasus region). The video allows to see unprofessional and jumpy actions of the attacker employing a pistol. The attacker lighlty wounded one police officer but then was liquidated by two shots: one – in the head and another one – in the body.

It’s important to note that the weapon employment by Russian Police is an extremely extraordinary measure in comparison to police forces of some other countries, for example, US Police.

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All these attacks need solved by shoting gunman !

Tudor Miron

Wow! Just waw… I thought that we forgot such things sinse 90’s passed (when west was loving us). Nice to see that terrorist was shot on the spot – means that even ordinary cops know their business.


Suicide by Cops.

Tudor Miron

Here’s how it is done by more serious guys than street cops. https://youtu.be/UZ7-V0cOkHU



That was great. He is lucky that she did not dump the white powder over his head.

Icarus Tanović

It is very rare in Russia for Police officers to open fire to anyone, very rare. There are some circumstances that needs to be fulfilled in the terms of law and criminal code for policeman to use his firearm.

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