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Gunman In Passing Car Attack US Embassy In Turkey

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UPDATE: Turkish President Erdogan’s spokesman said that the attack on the embassy is a clear attempt to create chaos.


A gunman has fired several shots at the US Embassy in the Turkish capital of Ankara from a passing car, according to Turkish media. The shots have smashed a window but have caused no injured among security guards.

The attack took place at about 5am local time. At least 6 gun shots came from a white car that drove by and escaped before its license plate number could be determined.

Following the incident, police have been dispatched to the scene. The search for the car and the attacker is ongoing

Security forces launched an investigation into the incident.

The attack came amid the growing tensions between Turkey and the US in diplomatic and economic fields and will likely further complicate the already complicated situation between the two countries.

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Ivan Freely

That’s it? One shot?


US Embassy in Turkey attacked by gunman in passing car – reports

Very good. Well done Turkey. Keep doing this with Trump infiltrators. Trump is child butcher and Global terrorists supporter.


You know, it may very well be a false flag or done by PKK to regain some of the loss they had in Manbij recently? It certainly can be used as to “prove” Turkey’s weakness in keeping security inside it’s own capital. There’s no way this shooting contributes anything positive to either Turkey as a country or it’s government. I think the US will use it as a pretext to further it’s pressure on Turkey.


Trump played all cards now this is the time of our Tiger Erdogan. The Erdogan position is much stronger than Trump because Trump forces have infiltrated in the Middle East countries. The World is witness that how Afghani nation kicking asses of Trump forces and librating land from them. This is the time of Asia and Africa to emerge. Hip hip hurray.


Hopefully Turkey will be willing to provide aircraft, armor and troops for clearing operations removing the IDF and Israeli government from the occupied Palestinian territories as part of a Palestinian protection force, and efforts at the UN to suspend Israel’s UN membership.


“It may mean reviewing or suspending Israel’s privileges as a state member in the United Nations,” he says. “It may mean that countries in the world, particularly those with significant trading or political relationships with Israel, would review their relationships with Israel in the military, political, diplomatic, and economic investment spheres. It may mean that Israel would face some forms of restrictions in its abilities to wind up trading.” …

In a response to Fox News, Lynk stood by his comments and said they speak to “the importance of ensuring that nations obey international law and that effective measures should be available to the international community to curb unlawful behaviour by UN member states.”

He said that Israel is in “direct contravention” of more than 40 U.N. Security Council resolutions, including resolutions condemning the building of settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

“What should be done with respect to a member state who clearly defies a body of UNSC resolutions, contrary to their responsibilities under the Charter and as an occupying power?” he said. “If this behaviour is ignored, then the offending member-state will surely take that as a license to continue the prohibited act, and the status of international law will be degraded.”

“If it is clear that Israel has no intent to comply with the repeated direction of the international community, then other measures within the remedial menu should be considered and applied,” he said, adding that similar measures had successfully been used against other countries before.”

– Senior UN official blasted for floating Israel’s suspension from world body –



“the U.N. could provide armed military or police forces, if given a mandate by the Security Council, “to deter and, if necessary, ensure the safety of the civilian population.” As an alternative, he said a group of “like-minded” countries operating under a U.N. mandate to provide physical protection rather than a U.N. mission.”

– UN chief: 1 option to protect Palestinians is a new force –


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