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Gunman Attacked Royal Palace In Saudi Arabia. 2 Guards Killed, 3 Others Injured


On October 7, the Saudi authorities announced that a gunman attacked the royal al-Salam palace in Jeddah city. The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) agency said that “at 3:15 pm on Saturday, an outpost of the Royal Guard, located in front of the western gate of the Peace Palace in Jeddah, came under fire by a person who got out of a Hyundai car”.

SPA reveled that two guards of the al-Salam palace sergeant ”Hammad bin Shallah al-Mutairi”, and soldier “Abdullah bin Faisal al-Subaie” were killed in the attack. Three other guards were injured in the attack according to the source.

The Saudi authorities identified the attacker as “Mansur bin Hassan bin Ali al-Fahid al-Amiri”, a 28-year-old Saudi national. According to SPA, al-Amiri was armed with an Ak-47 rifle and three Molotov fire grenades.

Meanwhile, Reuters news agency reported that the US embassy in Saudi Arabia warned US citizens there “to exercise caution” around the al-Salam Palace in Jeddah city. The US embassy warning was issued right after the attack.

So far the Saudi authorities has not revealed the motives of the attacker or info that he has been a member of any terrorist organization. On the other side, no organization claimed responsibility for the attack.

Photo from the scene:

Gunman Attacked Royal Palace In Saudi Arabia. 2 Guards Killed, 3 Others Injured



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  • Zainab Ali

    sauds are trying to act like they are the oppressed so that these zio wahabbis have the excuse to crackdown those who are against their satanic policies

  • Garga

    He attacked the palace when Saudi king is in Moscow? What did he try to achieve, really? One man, directly attacking a gate full of guards. Perhaps he had a beef with one of guardsman.

    Or, getting close to Russia has a serious impact on Saudis!

    • FlorianGeyer

      It appears that Israel us rather upset with the Saudi and Russian diplomacy :)

      ‘Oy vey, Vot to dooo, Vot to dooo’.

  • Tony “Melinda” Stark

    Someone doesn’t like monarchs visiting Moscow

  • Attrition47

    The place is Arabia, it’s name shouldn’t be polluted with the name of a gangster clan, just like Palestine shouldn’t be sullied by association with the zionist antisemites.

    • Garga

      Some countries are named after one person or an entire family.
      In case of one person, the person was either a saint or it is said that did something great, for example, Columbia, Bolivia, Dominican, Georgia, Philippines, Nicaragua and US of A.

      In case of family, the family usually thinks they own the country, like Hashemite Jordan (and Iraq when they had a monarch), Lichtenstein and Saudi Arabia.

      In case of Saudi Arabia, makes it easy for us to separate it’s people from it’s rulers which multiply like rabbits. 15.000 and counting!
      For now their allowance eats up the oil money. When the oil dries up, they will probably eat each other.

      • Attrition47

        Good point, my land is named after a bird called Inger. ;O)

        • Garga

          Football fan, eh? Which one?