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JULY 2020

Gulf War Report: Houthi Strikes Shut Down Half Of Saudi Arabia Oil Production


Gulf War Report: Houthi Strikes Shut Down Half Of Saudi Arabia Oil Production

Saudi Arabia continues to suffer consequences of its unsuccessful invasion of Yemen.

On September 14, the Armed Forces of the Houthi government carried out a successful strike on facilities of Saudi Arabia’s oil giant Saudi Aramco in Buqayq and Khurais. In an official statement, a spokesperson for the Houthis, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, said that the attack, dubbed Operation Deterrent Balance 2, was a response to the Saudi aggression.

According to the Houthis, the strike was carried out with ten suicide unmanned aerial vehicles. Both targets are located in more than 1,100km from the Houthi-controlled part of northwestern Yemen. Therefore, they likely used their long-range Samad-3 UAVs in the attack. Later, photos appeared suggesting that the Houthis also used at least one missile, most likely the Qods cruise missile.

The strike caused large fires and disrupted Saudi Arabia’s oil production and export. The attack reportedly impacted 5 million barrels per day of oil production — about half the kingdom’s current output.

On the same day, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran claiming that the Islamic Republic has already conducted about ‘100 attacks’ on Saudi Arabia. Senator Lindsey Graham even sated that the US should carry out military strikes on Iran’s oil facilities.

US President Donald Trump also phoned Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and offered help to the Kingdom in ensuring its security. Trump added that the attack on the Saudi oil facilities could be detrimental to the US and the global economy.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif responded to the accusations by denouncing them as lies.

The conflict in Yemen became a visual demonstration that a large military budget is not enough to achieve military victories. Saudi Arabia’s supposed “short victorious war” turned into the prolonged conflict, which the Kingdom is apparently loosing. However, Saudi Arabia cannot withdraw its troops from the country and accept a peace deal with the Houthi government because such decision will cause a strong political crisis inside the kingdom and will undermine the weakening positions of the royal house even further.



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  • Tiresia Branding

    The more time pass the less I’m convinced that was an Houti attack

  • Kelli Hernandez

    There is no proof of who did this. Just a statement from the Houthis. Moon of Alabama has a good write up on this today

    • Ziønist šhill

      The Houthis would never claim responsibility for something they didn’t do – they are smarter than that.

      This was clearly a Houthi attack

      • BMWA1

        Don’t need sh if you have haczek

  • Robert McMaster

    1. The Saudi/US air defences are exposed as feeble. They have really been shown up and a lot of powers will be drawing conclusions.
    2. The skill of the attackers is very impressive. Far beyond what had been attributed to either Houthi or Iranian military. So, the US blowhards look stupid and weak.
    3. There will probably more where that came from.
    4. If Iraq was the point of origin then the message to the US is go wet yourselves.
    5. If the US attacks Iran the result will be nobody will be shipping any oil out of region anytimes soon. And the results may crash the markets which would be hubris for the US.

    So, go knock your ‘locked and loaded’ self out.

    • Ooga Booga

      I don’t think Turkey will be buying Patriots anytime soon…

    • andres

      or it came from somewhere else up north, with the air power and skill and hardware to not be seen..

      • Justin

        If U are talking about IRANs missiles tthen there are questions U should ask urself. Who benefits?
        Does Iran? Sanctions! Saudi? They didn’t lose oil just shipping capacity. USA? They did not give Saudis a layered defence. They have excuses but also a good track record. Did U know the AEGIS system allows the USA to control another countries ability to fire or not fire? So let’s say Australian AEGIS MISSILE DESTROYER is in the gulf. The USA can fire or not fire the weapon. So what I am saying is, the nation who just got hurt the most was Iran. Their central bank has been blocked. Iran is literally relying on food for oil now via Russia. There is so much more to this than I understand.

        • andres

          Im thinking those who have F35’s up north west

    • Justin

      Cui bono! (Who benefits??)

      Has anyone thought for a second if the US has the ability (when they so choose) to disable their exported air defence systems? From what i know the AEGIS does exactly this! Enables the US to control and Fire a missile on (example) an Australian AEGIS ship!

      Also, who benefits?
      OPEC leading nations are Venezuela, Iran and Saudi!
      Venez Sanctioned and embargoed!
      Iran Sanctioned
      Saudi just lost half capacity for export!

      OPEC controls oil prices and production!
      US is now an oil exporter!
      China is an oil importer!
      Oil prices just rose 19%
      a 5% market share just opened up to the world with an increase of 19% in price!

      China trade deal soon? (will now be desperate)
      China devalues its currency whilst the US is tightening its currency?
      Now China’s currency gets less bang for its buck!

      Who could have foreseen 4 years a go when Venez is sanctioned, Iran sanctioned, Saudi at half capacity and the US an oil exporter and China rapidly devaluing its currency in the worst economic year its had in 50 years? Huh?

      Does Iran benefit if a counter strike is made against their oil Facilities?
      What happens when there is a conflict in the Persian gulf’s Straight of Hormuz?
      1/3 exports stop, oil prices go to extreme high’s and now a new 33% market share is available!
      Who benefits??
      Who loses??

      Stop beating your chest for Iran, this will hurt Iran if a counter attack is made and the USA will become super rich (so too Russia) and China will be literally FUCKED because manufacturing becomes much more expensive!

      This is so obvious!
      i mean…. did i get my Math wrong?
      Forget about US oil not being refined! THEY REFINE IT THEMSELVES!!!

      This is a WIN for the US!
      This is my opinion!
      Who does this hurt most?

      • Robert McMaster

        Yes, your math is wrong. The U.S. is so fragile, so much in debt and so bitterly divided it can’t take ANY more stress or crisis. And both Russia and China are outclassing the decrepit U.S. military.

        • Justin

          yet they are declining their positions in Afghanistan and Syria!
          They may be fragile but higher oil prices does not hurt the US so much with the new trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and the US!

          i think higher oil prices makes it profitable for the US to refine its lower class (but very high reserve) oil! It also can profit from a new 5% market share which just became available!

          If the China trade deals come to fruition the US will gain back a 500 billion dollar defecit and another 1 trillion deficit from canada and Mexico!

          Therefore between Canada, Mexico and China, there is a 1.5 trillion per year coming back to the USA in trade benefits! Add Europes 300 billion deficit and now u have 1.8 trillion per year coming back to the USA!

          Now add onto this the export of gas and oil! (i believe Germany will be made to buy US gas out of risk of being kicked out of NATO).

          a persian gulf CRISIS (not a war) makes oil prices go up!

          People seem to think high oil prices hurt the USA but not when they can effectively refine it themselves and import it from Canada! If Venez has a revolution / coup they will be given aid for oil! Remember Venez is in huge debt to the WTO!

          i honestly believe that Russia and the USA have secretly made a deal on Iran! it is also in Russia’s best interests that oil prices increase also! This is how Putin brought Russia back between 2007 and 2012 when prices were at $140 per barrel!

          Russia would be loving conflict in the Persian gulf because oil and gas would increase in price and more market share would become available! Wouldnt YOU love to trade MORE OIL at MUCH HIGHER PRICES??

          i believe Trump has set this up but Putin needed to be on board! Venez, Iran and Saudi needed to be either Sanctioned, Embargoed or incapacitated! All 3 have occurred to these OPEC leaders! Dont you see what is happening??
          The US and Russia have agreed to empower themselves, Quell China’s rise as a super power and lead the world once again!

          I love this!
          i much prefer Russia and the USA leading this world than China or Europe! i got my popcorn ready! i cant wait for China to get fucked in the ass!
          As for Syria, they already won! This war is over! whats left is a foregone conclusion! Obama’s war is over, he lost!

          My math is not wrong!

          • Robert McMaster

            Higher oil prices in the U.S. are politically intolerable. Because regular people and business cannot suffer such consequences. And, because the U.S. polity is so volatile, so fragile and unstable this sort of factor has dramatic consequences. Trump know very well that a war in the Persian Gulf region will result is such a dramatic rise in oil prices that markets will collapse and he would lose his re-election.

            Popcorn is all you’re going to have left to eat if your view of the future holds. Fortunately, we are long past the Tipping Point. Russia and China are locked in as the Axis of power and the U.S. and EU are rightfully headed into the toilet. However, it’s the elites, the Dark state in these sectors that should be made to suffer. The mass of the population need to assert themselves and destroy their corrupt ‘leadership’. That done, then major re-alignments are possible.

            So then you can have something better than a popcorn future.

          • Justin

            i completely disagree!
            China is going down the toilet!
            Russia and America to Officially be allies after 2020 election!
            im making this call now and have been for the last 12 months!

            i think i understand this game better than you!
            u give me nothing other than one word “fragile”!

            It seems u did not hear that China has been lying about its reserve assets!
            China is on the brink of collapse in case u hadnt heard!
            im not talking about Western MSM im talking about news coming from China!

            Like most people on this site, u dont understand whats coming!
            u dont even know about the SDR currency pie thats already ready to take place in case of a world economic crisis!

            i think u make comments like a lot of these dumb nuts on this site! u just a football fan being loyal to ur team! u dont actually research u just go to sites that spew the narrative u want to hear!

            im gonna be right, ull be wrong and u will disappear just like all the other dumb asses on this site have done over the last 4 years!

          • Robert McMaster

            After today’s military parade it is clear as day that China has eclipsed the decaying Americans. Plus, it will always be Russia + China which fixes this beyond discussion.

          • Justin

            u took time to watch their parade? Why?

            If you are impressed with China’s military then u should thank the CIA for transferring the tech to them!
            You should thank Russia for allowing them to copy their tech too!
            You should thank Zionist Globalists (Jews) for transferring Western Industries to them!

            Have u seen what Germany said lately to China? Germany is pissed! China copied their tech, sells it Back to Germany (as a product) 10 times cheaper but also BANS Germany’s company (the company who invented the tech) from selling in China!

            You literally barrack for a nation who has been propped up by globalists, the Globalist Intelligence agency (CIA) and a nation who steals, copies and pays criminals to transfer western tech!

            You must feel proud of yourself!
            i wish you and China good luck in your endeavour to enslave the world in a “president for life, communist, digital spy grid, social credit system, no constitution nor bill of rights world!”

            Worth cheering for yeah?
            You idiot!

          • Robert McMaster

            I was just reading at The National Interest how China seems to be mastering the ability to manufacture first class jet engines. The article says that they benefited from stealing plans to the U.S. F-35. I wrote back what I write here. If that was so how did the Chinese know to avoid all the dead end, crapola and bad things about the F-35. Which apparently the U.S. itself it numb to? That would make the Chinese super smart and the Americans dumber than ever. The truth is neither the Chinese nor Russia need or can use much of anything from the U.S. anymore. They have better engineers, more discipline and plenty of loot. The U.S. rapidly is falling behing in every sector.

          • Justin

            Russia is awesome so u will not hear me say anything bad about the Russians! They have a proven track record and they would never copy!

            As for China… so u admit they copy? because u said “much of anything anymore”!
            Do u know they bought the Su-35’s just for their supercruise engine? did u know that? They ordered only the engines! Russia said “no”! Then they ordered 4 Su_35’s, russia said “no”! So they ordered 24 because Russia knows they will copy!
            So are u saying that China doesnt steal industrial and military tech and then re-make it 10 times cheaper via slave labour? U know about the slave labour right? U havent seen how they make diodes? u havent? its on video! Wow…. so u support this then yes? OK! Nice to see where u stand on “humanity”!

            As for the F-35, i think u have seen all of the “unknown” aircraft attacks right? Yeah u seen it! Dont lie! i know u seen it! You know whats going on!

            I dont think the USA uses super advanced weapons against muslims with AK-47’s and a toyota land cruiser!

            Listen, you and i are on the same team! u just dont know it!
            i know it!
            You hate jews and the CIA and bla bla bla and so do i!
            Problem is that u dont know anything else! I DO!
            So look, when u finally wake and understand how the world really works, come talk to me ok!

            Remember, im on your side! But youre not!

          • Robert McMaster

            Perhaps we do see eye to eye on many things.

          • Justin

            How is it clear as day?
            Where are their Stealth bombers?
            Where are their supersonic strategic bombers?
            How long has the f-22 been around? its been in service for 15 years!
            Have the chinese been to he moon?
            Have they done space walks?
            Did they invent their own supercruise engines (hint, they cant!)
            Why do they need to buy Russian RD-170 rocket engines?
            Why did they copy the Su-27? Are they not ashamed? They dont care if they copy? What do the Chinese people FEEL about copying? Its a national culture to copy? Does this develop PRIDE?
            What is the purpose of a military parade? PRIDE? Flying copied panes?
            Copied Tech? Stolen tech? Western industries and factories in their country? Could make their own shit?
            military parade increases morale? Why would they need to increase morale?
            Worst financial year in 50 years?
            Are World wide Sanctions coming?
            let me tell u….. China will be sanctioned after the next US election! Take it to the bank! COLLAPSE!

            China broke the rules of the WTO! u cant trade and copy and monopolise and industry for which u stole the intellectual property for!

            And here u are admiring them!

            and u dont even feel disgusted by it! your want for “winning at all costs” outweighs youre own logic and morale!

            Shame on you!

          • Robert McMaster

            Yeah. The F-22. Only built 180. 122 still around. Only half of those are operational. Stealth was a dead end. Junked up planes everybody can see. China’s new bombers are in production along with three new fighters. They’ve got the money and the engineers. And the U.S. makes crap everything.

          • Justin

            im not buying this shit on China!
            Here’s the knowledge i have on the f-22!
            they made 170! They have 170! Not enough pilots (but thats being fixed now)! They were supposed to have 320 but Obama put an end to that!
            They have F-35’s though!
            Stealth is not disproven! Perhaps the F117 was caught but thats very old tech dating back to the 1980’s!
            As for China, did you know they have 45 Trillion in Debt?
            This is a fact! Yes the USA has 23 trillion in Debt but their GDP is 24 Trillion! China’s GDP is 7 Trillion and the Debt is 5 times the GDP! This is not made up crap! China’s economy is a false economy! There has been a lot of information released on this! Yes they can do things cheaper but can they do them better? They are copied! Plus they could not get the engines right for their Stealth jet which by the way, was detected! its not even stealth! Like not at all! A SU-35s is more stealthy than the J-20 and thats NOT a stealth Aircraft!
            China will be BEGGING Russia for the SU-57!
            Why do u think China bought the SU-35?
            China does not have the ability or expertise to build highly technical aircraft from scratch! This takes 100 years of EXPERIENCE!
            I think u give China far too much credit! China will fall from the inside! Their nation is bleeding right now! Not just from debt but from a political revolution slowly bubbling up!

          • Robert McMaster

            You are right about Obama shutting down the F-22 production line. But I am right about the numbers of air ready machines. Stealth is Dead. All that moeny and time wasted and planes junked up with crap. The Russians just laughed their way around this minor problem. Note that Russia will be building their top line radars for China. They can swap a lot of stuff. And will.

            China makes things. And sells them. The U.S. bloat-o just parasites. I notice you did not observe that Russia has no national debt and Chinese assets far outweigh their liabilities. The U.S. debt will never be paid off and the time has come to reconcile the books.

            I would be very pleased if a political revolution developed in China. From the working class against the rule of the state bureaucrats. But this is not on the horizom. Civil war is on the horizon the America, the UK, France…

          • Justin

            i disagree!
            You are not taking into account the new monetary system called “SDR’s”!
            Also u dont know the true debt of China! i just told u it is 5 times their GDP! Where do u think China develops its so called “Wealth”? Why do they devalue their currency? Do u understand why Chinese people flee and buy houses in countries like Australia (pumping up housing prices) in order to keep the value of their wealth? I dont think u fully understand what is going on! What is happening is a global financial crisis! China is far worse than the USA! U will notice that since Trump came in, the US is taking its manufacturing away from China and pumping it into central America and India for cheap labour! India will be a problem to counter China!
            Russia has oil and Gas and will always be OK! China only has rare earth minerals but Australia is replacing them (if u are up to date on the news). Thats why Australia had a state dinner at the white house!
            Remember China is operating due to Western Industries! But since they dont play fair (intellectual property theft and banning the actual inventors of this tech to compete in China) China is going to be banned from the WTO! Im taking global sanctions! This means many many millions unemployed in China PLUS the currency dying PLUS the US will make oil prices rise PLUS the Honk Kong Riots showing the rest of China how to protest!
            i can bet u my house China is going to fall in 2021! i mean seriously fall like the soviet union did in 1989 /90! im talking bread lines etc! i can promise u that the Communist party is going to be slaughtered by its own people!
            i dont think u understand the corruption in China! if u think its bad in the USA, u wouldnt believe how bad it is in China!

            But what matters more is WHY do u support China? What has China done for u? They are a Dystopian society! Why would u want them to take over?

  • thomas malthaus

    So many assumptions made and the article has no author attribution. Do you suppose the Israelis pulled this off and the Saudis were ordered to play dead and disable their air defense systems.

    Iran doesn’t want a war, but many seem to insist they’re inviting one.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Anything is possible, yet I like to think the brave Houthis did the deed.

      They are a Legend in current time.

      • ruca

        I don’t think the Houthis would take credit if they did not do it.

        • FlorianGeyer

          I agree.

          • russ

            The worst credibility of the US air defense would be #1 that the Houthis did it. #2 that Iran did it. #3 that Israel did it. If the Houthis or Iran did it we need to stand down, our systems are worthless… If Israel did it that’s a different problem which first needs exposing.

  • Xoli Xoli

    If Human life of Huthis are not recognized but earthly world oil then sudden destruction will follow. Stop killing Yemeni people just to please Israel and USA NATO

  • RichardD

    The Houthis are getting some serious high tech help to get past US provided air defense systems. And even if it was Iran or Iraq that carried out the attack. And I’m not convinced that it was. It doesn’t matter. The US systems are inferior. And the Israeli systems are clones of the US systems.

    Which means that a regional coalition with SCO equipment and financial support is capable of clearing the IDF out of the occupied territories by force on an as needed basis. And keeping NATO, including the US, out of it. As long as they stay within international law and UN resolutions. Which shouldn’t be difficult to do against a perennial scofflaw like the baby rapers.

    • PZIVJ

      Arabian air defense is probably positioned to protect the refineries from the Persian gulf side.
      So obviously the attack did not come from there. WOOPS :)

      • RichardD

        I read elsewhere that they took out the Patriots first and then hit the oil facilities that they were guarding. All of the attacks that I’m aware of have originated from Yemen. So that’s probably where the Patriots were positioned to defend against.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    whomever did this deserves the Nobel prize

  • alejandro casalegno

    Is a small………very small sample of a real war with Iran…………USA and the saudis are not ready for this.

    • russ

      Was I Iran and am attacked by US?Saudi forces, Israel would get over half of my missiles. They are the real culprits of this provocation.

      • Justin

        The plan may in fact be to allow them to destroy each other and allow the UN to come in and take control. The UN = Globalists. Maybe these nations are just puppets and a war is their way of getting the oil. Saudi is wealthier than Iran. They have missiles too. Plus they can afford to PAY other nations to fight for them. In the end, those who hold and control the oil after the ashes have settled are the true winners. And they are the true players too

  • Sorna Karbaschi

    The new footage, of attack on Aramco Oil field.