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JUNE 2023

Gulf Conflict Report: Prospects Of War Between Iran And U.S.

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The situation in the Middle East is heating up once again.

On July 19, an unknown aircraft carried out a strike on positions of the Popular Mobilization Units at the Al-Shuhada base in the northern Saladin province north of Baghdad, Iraq.

Pro-Israeli sources speculated that several Iranian-backed fighters and members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were killed or injured in the attack. They further claimed that the targeted positions had been used to store Iranian-delivered rockets.

The Iraqi military released a statement saying that two PMU members were wounded in the attack. The PMU said that no Iranian military advisers or other personnel had been wounded.

The airstrike was likely delivered by the Israeli Air Force. Israeli officials have repeatedly threatened to attack Iranian targets across the region. Mainstream Israeli-US propaganda argues that the PMU, likely the most powerful armed formation in Iraq, is an Iranian proxy force.

On July 18, the US claimed that its warship – the USS Boxer, currently positioned in the Persian Gulf downed an Iranian drone flying above it.

In response, Iran released a video of the USS Boxer, presumably filmed by the said drone. The IRGC further said that the drone hadn’t been downed, with the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister mocking the US that it may have “accidentally downed its own drone.”

The US claimed that it could provide evidence that it had destroyed an Iranian UAV, but no such information has been released. Washington did vow to destroy any Iranian drone that flew above its warships from now on.

On July 19, the IRGC seized a UK-tanker – the Stena Impero. It also detained and subsequently released another tanker – the MV Mesdar, with its sailors saying that the IRGC were professional, they boarded the vessel, carried out an inspection and let it go on its way.

The Stena Impero, however, according to the Iranian side had its tracker turned off and collided with a fishing boat, while in Iranian territorial waters. The crew of 23 is on the ship, while an investigation is carried out and their safety is ensured, according to the IRGC. The IRGC boarded the Stena Impero, using a helicopter and military boats.

The British side threatened Iran with “severe consequences” that would likely include sanctions on Iran, as well as more deployments to the Persian Gulf.

To top it all off, UK media alleged that Russia played a part in the seizure of the Stena Impero by spoofing GPS, and thus moving the British tanker into Iranian waters. No evidence to substantiate the claims was provided, but as it has become apparent simply mentioning “Russian malign influence” instantly makes it fact.

The US has continued its military buildup in the region by deploying 500 troops, a Patriot missile defense battery and other equipment to an airbase near Riyadh. The additional troops could potentially participate in clandestine operations to support the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, where it is fighting the Houthis, which Washington sees as Iranian proxies.

Despite all of this, Persian Gulf states maintained a restrained attitude. Although some Gulf countries do not like the regional activities of Iran, they understand that the United States will not be able to protect them in the case of a serious conflict. The consequences of such a war cannot be predicted, and even the United States cannot be confident of victory.

In the case of an attack, Iran could destroy vital facilities in the Persian Gulf, such as oil refineries, hydropower plants and desalination systems. The military doctrine of Iran adopted in 1988 aims to transfer any war to the enemy’s territory. For example, Iran could use Syria, Lebanon and Gaza as a launching pad to strike Israel, similar to the way it uses Yemen against Saudi Arabia. A fully-fledged war could lead to a repartition of influence and the rise of the pro-Iranian Shi’a, which would collapse the oil-rich Sunni monarchies. As a result the world might be overcome by an economic crisis, perhaps even more global than all the previous ones.

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This situation in the Gulf has echos of WW1 , that was essentially a war between monarchies that were often related, but also very jealous of each others power and fortunes.

Britain is now entering a fight that has zero benefit for the UK, win or lose.

Either way there will again be massive inflation in tandem with an economic depression if the Middle East is in flames.


a war with and in Iran is a non-starter, a conventional war that is with precision bombings, missiles und zu weiter or with other words, a waste of time. thus we enter into absurd non-conventional war and that is the use of nukes as the only means to defeat Iran. and the squatters, the world’s menace and historically over 100 years, engaged in perpetual war crimes, perpetual crime against humanity and engaged in an ethnic cleansing program involving millions, engaged in the largest theft of land in tune with adolf hitler’s lebensraum-program and the operation of concentration camp Gaza, are hot on the trot itching to use those nukes that is stored away and most likely sitting in one or two of the subs germany so gracefuly sold them, nuke capable, in the gulf of oman. and all this with the rest of the world quiet as a mouse. in fact, netanyahu is in every respect on par with adolf hitler and deserves to be taken out by the parties that are tired of the warmongering squatter. now, urgently and of paramount interest to the world’s peaceful co-existence – no squatters are needed for a tranquil era once the squatters are obliterated. and their fifth column followers as well


Why do you repeat jewish lies about the german nation who put themselves on the line to save Europe from the zionists

Hasbara Hunter

I have my doubts about the intentions of the German leadership at the time though….why did Hitler accept $40.000.000 from his Sworn Masonic & Jewish Enemies in the States…Wasn’t the German Leadership at the time part of the plans of the Cabal to Destroy Germany for once & for all? The Weimar Republic would have been the Ultimate Chance to put all the Pawns in the right position for a little Population-Management…

Icarus Tanović

Easy, easy boy, not every Jew is a Zionist, nor every Zionist is a Jew. How about Robert De Niro who thinks of him self as a Jew, and giving money to Idf? You see, some of these hippy maggots really lost their minds.

Prince Teutonic

US army is pulling out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria so military industrial complex needs a new war for it’s survival. Iran is a tougher cookie to crack but a must before a final step towards Russia…

Hasbara Hunter

The United States is already past the point of no-return an Empire in its Final Death Throes…any Conventional War will Quickly turn Nuclear…the U.S. knows this… They are a bunch of Loudmouthed Chockenshit Cowards in Desperate Search for a Country to Loot…they desperately Need more Gold & Oil…. Iran happens to own both…

Icarus Tanović

Doing great.

El Mashi

Russia will not flinch before the United States. Russia will escalate any US/Nato aggression. Russia military doctrine, any war in Europe will be transferred to war headquarters in Washington. It is a fantasy that a war in Europe against Russia will be immediately transferred to the US.


No need for immediately transfer to the USA. For start, only response is enough. USA citizens do not know how is it when bombs fall on their heads. Start with that, sow the seeds of doubt, fear, uncertainty, shake their confidence in success. USA is cancer, there are countless groups that want to see it in the ashes. They will exploit this instability for their promotion, divisions will come. With the homogeneous, oldest nations (Russia is one of them), you can not manipulate that way. When a threat comes those nations become extremely cohesive in defense.

Hisham Saber

The U.S. and her allies, are in no position to start a war with Iran. Israel would become Palestine again, with a mass exodus of Jews to the U.S., and Europe.

The U.S. and her allies will have lost their positions in the Middle East, and with it, 40% of the world’s oil and even more in natural gas. Trillions of regularly bought dollars, fresh off the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, that issues U.S. government debt, will no longer be available, All those budgets supporting weapons purchases in the hundreds of billions of dollars will evaporate. The Shia would come up on top, and actually the whole Arab world stands to gain enormously by siding with the new Chinese modal of ‘ win-win ‘ , free trade, respect, harmony, cultural exchanges for the whole world in an integrated system.

In the last decade, and counting the one coming up, China has, and is planning of spending up to 25 trillion on her gargantuan world spanning OBR Silk Roads, or the ODR Initiative. China has already inked out deals with many countries to be linked into the OBR. The Chinese even offer grants, easy term loans, free building of infrastructure, free hospitals, apartments and usually the Chinese , who have become experts in building durable roads, as they have built an intricate roadway that spans Asia, as is the marvel for the world to see, and notice, millions of miles/km of reinforced roadways, which will span the world, eventually, I would say be the end of the 21st century.

One such route is the China to Lebanon route, where the Chinese are busy building a massive port, where cargos will be destined by sea to South/Latin America, Western Africa ect. The link starts in China, then goes to Pakistan, where the 100 billion dollar China – Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC, links the two, then ether it goes north, for the northern route, it will go through Afghanistan, and adjacent countries, if it goes south, then it will be Iran as the next stop. The Chinese and Iranians, in a joint effort and much Chinese generosity, have just inaugurated the China – Iran non stop high speed cargo train line. 14 days instead of 5 weeks by sea. From Iran, plans are underway for Iraq to be next stopping hub. China has inked deals with Iraq, and China has stated that it want to build up Iraq’s infrastructure, and build the country back up. Then, the next stop is Syria, where the Chinese are already heavily involved, behind the scenes, floating Syria financially for the last 8 years, medicine, vital goods, all free, even Chinese doctors operating in Syria. again, China has expressed its desire to help rebuild Syria. Final stop and major hub will be Lebanon, where China is building a massive port, for her maritime routes.

The old way, the Jewish monetary way, backed by U.S. military power, a very parasitical model, and the cause of unnecessary human suffering, is cruel, archaic, imbalanced, cold, winner take all psyche, usurious and by all means harmful to humanity, as witnessed by the war, genocides and atrocities committed against mankind in the 20th century, or, the Chinese ‘ win-win ‘ modal, of respect, free trade, harmony among nations, bringing the southern hemisphere out of abject poverty and hopelessness. A system that brings peace, goodwill and prosperity, or belligerent and hegemonic overlord, who threatens you, dictates to you, and plunders your nations natural resource’s.

An attack on Iran would be a serious blunder, if not a fatal one.

Hasbara Hunter

I doubt a Mass Exodus of Jews to Europe & The United States….Many Jews are goin’ on Aliyah to ISISraHell because the “Climate” in Europe & the States is getting a kind of hostile…..

Take away the Financial Means of the Evil Criminal Cabal…End the way they always Financed their War-Parties

Rodney Loder

Trump gave a distanced response to Stena Impero, Iranian didn’t sigh with relief rather it was seemingly disappointment, so Iran arrested CIA operatives and that was still OK with Washington but then the Iranians de-masked CIA US recruiters and splashes their identity out, Trump if he backs down will be beset with another deliberate provocations.

Iran is ready for war, the US will be only if Trump wins a second term.

If it was Trump who ordered the hijacking of Grace 1. why Trump is turning down the heat? Maybe it was Bolton using Trump’s influence falsely, but more likely was Boris acting like Churchill did during1938.


The UK declared war on Iran with the start of the Gibraltar blockade. Being the only one that I’m aware of to publically state this doesn’t change the facts of what occurred. Whether it escalates from here to a shooting war remains to be seen. But it was obviously a hostile provocation by any standard.

peter mcloughlin

It is understandable America’s allies in the region fear the ‘United States will not be able to protect them in the case of a serious conflict’ because of Iran’s long reach. Washington must fear becoming embroiled in another Middle Eastern war, drawing it into direct conflict with a Sino-Russian alliance, making a local conflict a global one. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/

Scott Miller

No wonder you can’t get funding.

El Mashi

Once the US is expelled from the Middle East, they will join the Silk Road to China. The oil will be piped to China. China will buy ME oil in exchange for high speed rail system, 5G technology, ports, green technology and reforestation, shipbuilding as tensions decrease. Palestine will be reconstituted with a large Jewish population. Most Jews will return to their countries of origin in Europe and US. Arab Jews will morph into Palestinian Jews and integrate with their fellow Muslims, and peace will reign again.

Xoli Xoli

Israel and Turkey attack to 8nstigate war between Iran and USA.


Getting rid of Israel and Jews would go a long ways towards shutting down the Yinon plan and getting these types of problems corrected. So that the US is no longer a rabid Jew attack dog stalking the planet for it’s next victim. And we can get a properly run government in place in the US. The US and the planet need to be dejudified.

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