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Guest From The East


Guest From The East

By Mikaprok for SouthFront

Russian hackers ruin the humanity by diluting the financial stability of the United States.

Last week the all-seeing eye of the US-media has brought Yuri Milner and his venture fund into focal point.

Despite the fact that money doesn’t smell, our partners felt the Kremlin odour. It turns out that Yuri Borisovich borrowed from the “corrupt” state-owned banks, by his participation, whitewashing investments in the crystal-clear American economy.

Guest From The East

It didn’t turn out well.

A question arose: how much did Russian money pass through the Silicon Valley?

For ten years more than 150 companies with a residence permit from the Russian Federation were invested by American capitalists.

Vice versa there were 300 invest rounds.

Guest From The East

The most active Russian institutional investor in the United States is Bright Capital. They are just focused on biotech.

VTB Capital Investment Management, which is part of the VTB Group, put the money in four American super-startups. In particular, Avalanche Technology.

“Sberbank” put $100 million in Gett and $57 million in LendingHome. Very large one-time transactions, it should be noted.

Guest From The East

Unexpectedly, the workload was “Pharmstandard”, interested in the same biotech and traditional medicine. For example, Argos Therapeutics, Avelas Biosciences and TransMedics.

Curious point of view: Mr. Milner Fund DST Global is registered in Hong Kong, therefore technically it has nothing to do with the Russian Federation.

And he has billions of dollars in the American economy.

Among the top spots: Facebook in 2009 (terrible to imagine how much their share now costs, because they closed round B, i.e. second after seeding), AirBnB in 2011 (they are one of the two biggest investors), Twitter in the same year (the largest holder outside the US) and Slack in 2015 (one of two whales).

Money there, by the way, not only and not so much Russian. Among the DST partnerships, the lion’s share is made up of companies from British Crown Commonwealth territories. On a formal basis, it is impossible to find fault with him, so they clung to his public image.

Guest From The East

In fact, the situation is worse than that.

Private investors from the Russian Federation participate massively in syndicated transactions involving US companies, and, at least in 5 cases I know, Russian citizens sit on the board of directors of venture funds in the United States.

All this is missed in terms of the statistics presented above.

The conversation about the attempt on national security is just as justified, as in general, claims to any means passed through the modern banking system. It turns out that if you untwist the rope, a good half of the local recipient businesses will remain plastered. Yes, and the entire state of Delaware, which all these 26 years, pulling up his pants, called the state-owned company from Eastern Europe to share their super-profits.

I think that we need to move to dig deeper.

Guest From The East

Let’s begin with the provocations in media and the arrival in the US of Mikhail Chekhov 80 years ago. He “hacked” Hollywood and introduced generations of Americans the malicious ideas of their own superiority.

Thanks to the latter, we have what we have now.



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