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TheGuardian Calls Al Nusra Militants “Rebels”, Mix Them with “Opposition”

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TheGuardian has released an excelen example of “independent” media coverage of the Syrian conflict. The “Syria rebels clash with Kurds in Aleppo as peace talks approach” reads:

Rebels fighting to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad have clashed with Kurdish paramilitaries in Aleppo, in some of Syria’s most intense fighting since a truce brokered by international powers came into effect late last month.

Reading the article, we should believe that some “Syrian rebels”, mostly moderate, are clashing with Kurdish YPG units in Aleppo. But then:

TheGuardian Calls Al Nusra Militants "Rebels", Mix Them with "Opposition"

Jabhat al-Nusra is designated by by the United Nations Security Council and many other countries as a terrorist organization.

It looks like TheGuardian’s next step will be to report about “democratic activists” from ISIS…

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4ft. up

What sane person takes The Guardian serious?


The Guardian is in a fiery smoking tail spin. They explain their readers anger at them in comments by saying they’ve been overrun with Russian Trolls. No Guardian, you’ve been overrun period.

David Kennedy

I was a long-time, loyal reader (more than 60 years) of the Guardian, essentially because it was a ‘serious’ newspaper that gave balanced accounts, mainly centrist-left, of most issues. Initially it espoused Assange and, later, Snowden, only to reject them later. At the same time, it moved firmly to the corporatist right, becoming yet another echo-chamber of Western government pronouncements. Why this change, you may ask?. Well, after the visit from an arm of Britain’s secret police (MI5), during which it was made to physically destroy its computers carrying Snowden’s collection of secret material of the US’s spying activities on its own population in the ‘Land of the Free’, the Guardian lost its courage and no longer discerns between right and wrong in the corridors of power. It has simply joined the right-wing, anti-Russia bandwagon in purveying manifestly absurd Western propaganda – on Ukraine, on M17, on Putin and Russia, on Libya, on Israel, on Syria, on the Middle East and Central Asia and, indeed, the wider geopolitical situation. To its credit, it still espouses the environmental movement, presumably until Big Brother orders them otherwise. I gave up reading it 12 months ago. I couldn’t bear to suffer it any longer..

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