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JULY 2020

Guaido Supporters Failed To Establish Control Of Caracas Airbase. Clashes Continue In Nearby Area


Guaido Supporters Failed To Establish Control Of Caracas Airbase. Clashes Continue In Nearby Area

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Despite initial claims, supporters of US-proclaimed Juan Guaido failed to establish control of Francisco de Miranda Airbase and were forced to retreat from its gates following a series of clashes with security forces.

However, the security situation in the base and its surroundings remain complicated and a threat of attacks from armed Guaido rioters remain high.

Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez reaffirmed that the Armed Forces support the Maduro government. Samuel Moncada, the country;s ambassador to the UN, said that the situation was an “attempt by foreign powers to spark a civil war.”

Authorities described armed service members supporting Guaido as “a small group of traitors”, reinforced security measures across the capital and warned that the army would resort to force if necessary.

Measures were undertaken to take off air or limit access to local and international media outlets endorsing the coup.

Currently, rioters, including armed ones, are moving towards the Palacio de Miraflores [an official workplace of the real Venezuelan president].

Sporadic clashes continue in some places across the city.

According to reports, the number of soldiers and security officers that defected to Guaido is less than 100. Despite this a few dozens of people have already been injured in the clashes. There are reports that one person was killed. However, this data remains unconfirmed.

It appears that Guaido and his supporters would be not able to seize the power without a foreign support. Such a support may come in the form of the US-led invasion if there is a formal pretext – like mass civilian casualties blamed on the Maduro government – is created.




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  • Xoli Xoli

    Soldiers must forcefully arrest defectors and lock up.cordon of streets and arrest through tear gas.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Defecting traitor does not love mother land but a clear sell out to USA,France and British exploitation.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    “It appears that Guaido and his supporters would be not able to seize the power without a foreign support. Such a support may come in the form of the US-led invasion if there is a formal pretext – like mass civilian casualties blamed on the Maduro government – is created.”

    Well, the US regime are are experts at that sort of thing; look at what they did in Ukraine when they hired mercenaries to shoot and kill both pro and anti government people. The CIA, from which Pompous came, has been running the US government regardless of who gets elected since WW2. The only individual to make the mistake? of believing the US government was headed by the President and that the role of the government was for the betterment of the country’s people, found out the hard way who the real head of the country was. That individual was JFK and the lesson taught him by the CIA was his assassination.

    • occupybacon
      • Gary Sellars

        Don’t be stupid. Troops responded to sniper fire, but you want them to resort to using nothing but harsh language?…

        Svoboda are just a bunch of poorly disguised racists and Nazi scum.

      • TiredOfBsToo

        Nope, I was referring to the guys paid by the US regime to come to Ukraine to shoot at both sides from hotel windows.

        • Luke Hemmming

          You are correct. Veterans today published a few articles about this. It was an Italian journalist that was able to interview 3 Georgian mercenaries who told him that they were paid to shoot from a hotel into the crowd that confirmed most people’s suspicions. Seems some commenters on here are very ignorant of this or just trollers.

      • Sinbad2

        Yeah I saw a video of one of those guys in Ukrainian uniform, getting a kicking from a mob.
        You could hear him crying out in a southern drawl, I’m an American citizen.
        Those guys in your vid are probably all American.

      • AM Hants

        Ukraine and the Maidan? Now who funded it and why did they need Georgian Snipers? Plus, what else did the Government Forces and Nazi Battalions, get upto, over in Ukraine, fully funded, trained and supported by the US, Canada, UK and Poland?


        BOMBSHELL: Georgian Mercenaries Admit Being False Flag Snipers in Kiev’s Maidan 2014 Coup…https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=georgian+mercenaries+hired+for+the+maidan+ukraine&&view=detail&mid=6ADDD98F46FAE9EC4EFF6ADDD98F46FAE9EC4EFF&&FORM=VRDGAR


        Top 5 Revolutions Backed by George Soros… http://gulagbound.com/12652/top-5-revolutions-backed-by-george-soros/


        U.S. Officials: Ukraine Military Fired Short Range Ballistic Missiles At Rebels;

        ‘…BARBARA STARR, CNN PENTAGON CORRESPONDENT: Officials confirmed to me a short time ago that U.S. intelligence over the last 48 hours has monitored the firing of several short range ballistic missiles from territory controlled by Ukrainian government forces into areas controlled by the pro-Russian separatists. Now this would be a significant escalation. Short range ballistic missiles.

        These are missiles that go perhaps 50 miles, but have warheads of up to 1000 pounds. We are talking maximum lethality. We are talking about a weapon that can kill dozens of people at a time potentially when it hits. We do not have the exact launch point. We don’t have the exact impact point.

        In fact, the U.S. is holding this information right now fairly tightly officials say because they are on awkward position. These are the so- called good guys firing these ballistic missiles, Ukraine government forces. No reaction from Kiev yet. No reaction from Moscow.

        The U.S. isn’t — it’s not even entirely clear right now that the U.S. is going to ask Kiev to not fire these weapons again because they are saying that the Ukrainian government has a right to defend itself. But make no mistake this is a military escalation on this battlefield at a time when everybody outside of Ukraine and Russia at least wants to see it ratchet back.

        They want to get those observers and inspectors to the crash site of MH-17. It looks now like the fighting is only escalating with now today this additional information that short range ballistic missiles, thousand-pound warheads have been fired — Carol…’



        Funny, how the Atlantic Council, NATOs administration, think tank, is heavily funded by Soros, together with so many other NGO, scattered all over the world and financed by various nations tax payers. Doesn’t he do well?

      • Sinbad2

        Posting the Americans in Ukrainian uniforms again?

    • AM Hants

      Have you seen a recent article on Ukraine, from the Stalker Zone?

      Interesting, especially when you consider that Ukraine and Russia, never ratified their borders, in accordance with international law, since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. So where does that leave Donetsk now? Does she go back to pre-1917 borders, meaning she goes home to Russia. Crimea, is sorted either way. Together with the borders of EU nations and Ukraine. They ratified their borders. Porkie, tore up the 1997 Ukraine Russia Friendship Treaty, which is the only documentation to show the borders are recognised, whilst Ukraine and Russia are members of the CIS.


      US Bases Near Russia




      • TiredOfBsToo

        Hadn’t seen the article you mentioned but did find the map interesting. I also find it interesting that Putin has given passports to the Republics. While I don’t expect much change in the attitude of Ukraine with the newly elected President, he has no powerful backers, I don’t see much of a chance that Ukraine will remain intact. With the continual degradation of the country, I expect it to break up along the lines from which it was constructed.

  • Rob

    The Invision and aggression of Jews on Venezuela clearly indicates that who has created ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Israel and why.

  • Gary Sellars

    Looking forward to seeing Guaido swinging from a lamp post….

    • BMWA1

      “CNN has been taken off the air in Venezuela by the Maduro regime”

      ALREADY a good result of the Gweedo pre-ejaculatory coup!

      • John Whitehot

        ha ha ha ha

      • TiredOfBsToo

        Great news for freedom loving people in Venezuela and an example for all freedom loving people everywhere.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      same lol

    • Sinbad2

      It seems Maduro does not have the balls to use the power his people gave him.

      • 1691

        It seems Maduro is smart enough not to give the americans what they want.

        • Sinbad2

          Yes I misjudged the situation, it seems Guido has fallen flat on his face.

    • d’Artagnan

      Guaido is openly fanning terrorism and sedition which is totally unacceptable by any standard. One of the reasons for Bolton’s urgency in destabilizing oil rich Venezuela is to take over the oil fields to replace Iranian oil before the impact is felt on US economy.

  • Xoli Xoli

    It is beter to kill one thousand to safe the motherland rather then allow one thousand to destroy a country.

    • Gary Sellars

      No, its better to kill ALL of the 5th column filth.

    • occupybacon

      You mean one thousand of Maduro militia? :)

      • Gary Sellars

        Have you just started your shift? or are you heading back to your hab-cubicle soon?

      • Daniel Miller

        Arent you the retard whom claimed the Kuznetzov will be scraped?

        • Luke Hemmming

          Yes occupybacon IS A retarded troller.

      • Gary Sellars

        Suck it buddy… yer coup will FAIL and the loyalists will decorate Caracas with traitor body parts :-)

      • Luke Hemmming

        You sir…are an Idiot.

  • Rodney Loder

    The defecting Soldiers are reported to number well the 100 mentioned in the article.

    They appear to be saying they were tricked, a likely story for a traitor to tell, I heard Eric Prince is tooled up ready leap into the frey but he’s had second thoughts not wanting to be fried.

    If Bolton orders anyone in they will be shot between the eyes if their lucky, have a good day Trump and seek mental health help if you can possibly spare the time, insanity is very demanding, we’re all aware of that sad fact.

    • AM Hants

      Eric Prince, whose Sister is Trump’s Secretary for Education and his Blackwater Mercenaries, who got sold onto Monsanta. Funny, how they were up and running in Ukraine, including during the times of the Maidan? What did he get done for in Iraq, with regards Mercenaries and war crimes?

      Only trouble, they are not used to Russian and Chinese Forces, backing the democratically elected leader of the sovereign nation, at the invite of the elected Government. Didn’t work out well for his boys, over in Syria, now did it? So no doubt they will face similar in Venezuela.

      East Ghouta, Syria. Report of Chinese analysts examined by Russian leading Middle East expert… https://vimeo.com/263728681

      Regime Change Programme



      • Rodney Loder

        Ron Paul is saying Guaido is probably worth more to Trump dead than alive.

        The Rwandan Genocide began with an invasion from Uganda, when initially the leader of the Tutsis was Fred Rwigyema, but he couldn’t be trusted to set up the Tutsis to be massacred and so justify the invasion of Congo D.R. on behalf of the World Bank CIA and Mitterrand, so they murdered him almost immediately and replaced him with Paul Kagame.

        This is likely going to happen to Guaido, because he’s become an embarrassment to Washington.

        • S Melanson

          Guaido will meet the same fate as Diem, the hated US puppet ruling South Vietnam. The manner of death may be like Mussolini and so indeed, his end could be as a corpse swinging from a lamp post – poetic justice.

          • Rodney Loder

            Mudaro has begun the legat process for him to be charged, interesting the way Guaido was calling this the final phase, seemingly Trump will have to invade or find a new boy in Venezuela.

      • Astrid Watanabe

        Very interesting, the report on East Ghouta. The US vociferously complained of that “savage bombing”, blaming Assad. Later, the Kurds reported that the terrorists brought their families to live in occupied Afrin, Those families turned out to have come from East Ghouta. I remember reading an article about those families complaining that they had to live in bombed out houses in Afrin, and that Turkey did not provide well for them, and they wanted “to go home but could not because Assad was still there.” I’ll try to find the links.

        • Astrid Watanabe

          The article I mentioned above was in middleeasteye.net, titled “Syrians displaced from Ghouta suffer in Afrin and long for home”, subtitle “Good homes and work opportunities are in short supply in northern Syria, to where thousands have fled from Government assaults”. As anyone can see, that website gives the US mainstream point of view.

  • jm74

    Repetition of the start of the Syrian conflict, one would have thought that the Venezuelan authorities would have anticipated such a move. Now that the scum have identified themselves it is due time to arrest them no matter if they are hiding in foreign embassies and if they are not handed over then close those embassies and throw their staff out. Time to get tough; reminds me of the saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”!

  • Len Zegelink

    100 defectors wow .haha.

  • AM Hants

    How does Soros and friends start regime change?



    Only, this time Russia and China are officially in Venezuela, working with the elected, legal Government of the day, not, some NED funded and trained puppet.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    These people remind me of anti-fash in the USA. They make up 1% of the population yet they think they are the majority and deserve to topple a democratically elected president lol.
    1%, obviously the majority do not side with either of these two zionist camps.

  • J Roderet

    Juan Gaydo may eventually become the mayor of Miami, but he will never be the Venezuelan president. This coup is almost as big of a failure as Obama’s failed coup against Erdogan in 2016. The world’s peoples are waking up and not falling for this CIA/Mossad BS anymore.

    • Gary Sellars

      Guaido will be a long term resident of Sabaneta prison. He’ll make loads of new firends, but he won’t recognise them as he’ll be looking the other way :-)

  • Sorna Karbaschi

    I strongly suggest that everyone read this Article
    The eagle has Crash Landed

    By Immanuel Wallerstein

    the link below


    • Sinbad2

      Old news dude.

  • abuqahwa

    Oh-oh next will be “weaponising” indigenous grievances to justify overthrowing the government ? Meantime tune into Comedy Hour as brought to you by BOPOP (Bolton Pompeo Pence) Productions, starring Wan Cluedo. Latest episode : “How I called a coup and nobody came ” More to follow , Acedimi just hired 5 000 extras .

  • John

    running out of gas already, pfffft.

  • abuqahwa

    The plan was to seize the airbase then fly in USAF C-130J transports loaded with “humanitarian medical supplies” aka weapons and SF “advizers” Failed again losers !

    • Sinbad2

      The US would want to knock out the Venezuelan air force before the US bombs, because Venezuela can strike the US.
      Guido is an obvious traitor, and all who follow him are also traitors.

      When the US tried this in Syria in the 1970’s Hafez al Assad killed all the traitors and their families.
      The Americans were stopped, because nobody dared to work for them against Syria.
      Maduro should take a stand before it is too late.

  • Lena Jones

    Another ziocon failure lol!

  • Lena Jones

    Antifa + ziocon mercenaries = fffffffffailure lol!

  • Bob

    This could either way – Venezuela arresting Gaudio for plotting and inciting armed insurrection against government forces – or US responding to Gaudio’s imminent call for US military intervention. Although the real US domestic groundwork – via lock-step State Department and MSM hysteria – to manufacture domestic public support for yet another interventionist aggressive war hasn’t reached full throttle yet. This project may start in earnest now.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Shut down internet close internet call immediate state of emergency are Guiado and through the jail keys away in the ocean.

  • Lena Jones

    Let me guess: now that the first armed coup was a failure, the cia-mossadist Guido will start his ‘car bombs’ in Caracas campaign. Predictable!

  • Lena Jones

    So Maduro made a Guaida out of Guaido :-)

  • d’Artagnan

    US is blatantly interfering in a sovereign country via its agent Guido. The legitimate Venezuelan government should arrest this usurper and it is incumbent on Russia, China and rest of the independent world to stop US aggression or Venezuela will be the next Libya of South America.

  • John Whitehot

    all the claims that the military joined Guaido forces were refuted when it surfaced that the units in question were lead out from an airbase under a different order, and then returned to their posts when they understood that they were actually being assembled to start an operation against the state.

    Under all aspects, the coupists were trying to lie these men into fighting against the government, and failed.

    This news was already around on yesterday afternoon, although few reported it, if not as a “flash” in-between dozens of other reports – yet it’s probably the relevant point of the story of this failed coup attempt.

    Guaido can tell he has military support all he wants, but he failed to put together any significant force, and also to provoke the military into unrestrained violence against protesters (whose numbers where very little in the footage seen around).

    I hope the events of yesterday have another important significance, that is, that countries have developed tactics to counter the”regime changing” playbook made by the CIA.

    • FlorianGeyer

      We remember that the attempted US Turkish coup against Erdogan revolved around the shared NATO airbase.

      A you rightly say ,John, an airbase in US control enabled a rapid US buildup of troops and equipment.

      The lesson in all of this must surely be to ensure that the elected governments leadership of troops within such bases is a top priority. Perhaps with regular rotations of trusted units.

      • abuqahwa

        Correctly spotted. The plan was obviously to seize the airbase then fly in US assets aka “humanitarian “aid etc.. Fail.

      • John Whitehot

        “A you rightly say ,John, an airbase in US control enabled a rapid US buildup of troops and equipment”

        the reports did not specify this particular aim of the rebels – I believe that the airbase wasn’t the objective so much as the unit(s) of the army stationed there (paratroopers?), which the opposition tried to lie into fighting for them and from which it got a “go to vigorously fuck off” response.

        The US would probably have more advantages using airbases in neighboring countries like Brasil, rather than accepting all the implications of having its planes deployed directly in Venezuela (which would equate to a declaration of war and basically fubar things completely – if they could even be more fubarred than they currently are for the US and their tool).

        Nonetheless it could have been used to rapidly accept mercenaries like Blackwaters and the like, although these are forces that aren’t keen to fight without complete air-superiority and against a military that is able and willing to defend their home.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Some Blackwater types are also trained military pilots, and the US has a history of using unmarked aircraft.

  • Ayauhteotl

    The german mainstream media euphorically celebrated the sparking riots. Now we know the truth, but they refuse to inform about Guaidos failure and the true nature of this coup

    • abuqahwa

      Western MSM are deliberately distorting reality – using backdrops of PRO Venezuela marches/rallies while voiceover of Guaido to mislead viewers into thinking he has popular support.

  • Hassadnah Abraham

    this terrorist Juan Guaido works for US interest, he will destroy this oil rich country like Libya, Iraq and Libya and caused millions of death to Venezuelan. He must be killed before he cause the destruction.

  • Sinbad2

    If anyone thinks that American efforts to take over Venezuela are for humanitarian reasons, maybe the recent admission by the US that it plans to steal Syrian oil will make you think again.


  • abuqahwa

    No doubt this was carefully planned and orchestrated by BOPOP (Bolton/Pompeo/Pence) Productions (speciality B-grade comedy) but flopped. In all seriousness the US plan was to fly in to the Caracas Airbase, at the “request “of Guaido once it had been seized as he promised. Major fail Wan Cluedo, another box-office for the BOPOP team.