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Guaido Supporters Failed To Establish Control Of Caracas Airbase. Clashes Continue In Nearby Area


Guaido Supporters Failed To Establish Control Of Caracas Airbase. Clashes Continue In Nearby Area

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Despite initial claims, supporters of US-proclaimed Juan Guaido failed to establish control of Francisco de Miranda Airbase and were forced to retreat from its gates following a series of clashes with security forces.

However, the security situation in the base and its surroundings remain complicated and a threat of attacks from armed Guaido rioters remain high.

Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez reaffirmed that the Armed Forces support the Maduro government. Samuel Moncada, the country;s ambassador to the UN, said that the situation was an “attempt by foreign powers to spark a civil war.”

Authorities described armed service members supporting Guaido as “a small group of traitors”, reinforced security measures across the capital and warned that the army would resort to force if necessary.

Measures were undertaken to take off air or limit access to local and international media outlets endorsing the coup.

Currently, rioters, including armed ones, are moving towards the Palacio de Miraflores [an official workplace of the real Venezuelan president].

Sporadic clashes continue in some places across the city.

According to reports, the number of soldiers and security officers that defected to Guaido is less than 100. Despite this a few dozens of people have already been injured in the clashes. There are reports that one person was killed. However, this data remains unconfirmed.

It appears that Guaido and his supporters would be not able to seize the power without a foreign support. Such a support may come in the form of the US-led invasion if there is a formal pretext – like mass civilian casualties blamed on the Maduro government – is created.




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