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Guaido Says Arresting Him Would Be “The Last Mistake the Regime Makes” As US-backed Coup Attempts Continue

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Guaido Says Arresting Him Would Be "The Last Mistake the Regime Makes" As US-backed Coup Attempts Continue

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The US wishes to form as broad a coalition as possible to ramp up regime change efforts in Venezuela, US National Security Adviser John Bolton said during CNN’s State of the Union on March 3rd.

Meanwhile, US-Proclaimed Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaido is to return to the country on March 4th to lead protests against President Nicolas Maduro’s government. In returning he is risking arrest, as he was prohibited from leaving the country by the Venezuelan Supreme Court.

In his travels abroad he visited Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Ecuador and thanked them all for their support.

He also once more called on the Venezuelan military, claiming that many have defected, but it is necessary for all of them to join the opposition’s side, because the chain of command is broken.

He also alleged that armed groups are gunning down unarmed villages simply for demanding humanitarian aid.

Additionally, he warned that there is a plan in place if the “usurper and his accomplices” are to arrest Guaido. There is a “clear route, with clear instructions to follow by our international allies and brothers of Parliament.”

In a lengthy Twitter broadcast Guaido also warned that “If the regime dares, of course, to kidnap us, it will be the last mistake they make.”

Shortly after Guaido called for the protests and issued his warnings and allegations, John Bolton also reiterated US support for him. Bolton warned that any threats or acts against the US-Proclaimed President’s safety would be met by a strong and significant response by the US and allies.

“We are trying to rally support for the peaceful transition of power from [Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro to [self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela] Juan Guaido, whom we recognize as president […] I’d like to see as broad a coalition as we can put together to replace Maduro, to replace the whole corrupt regime. That’s what we are trying to do”, Bolton said during CNN’s State of the Union.

When asked if the “U.S. support for other brutal dictators around the world undermines the credibility” of his argument, Bolton said, “No, I don’t think it does. I think this is separate.”

He explained that the Trump administration is not afraid to use the phrase “Monroe Doctrine” in its aggressive Venezuela policy, referring to the U.S. foreign policy from an earlier era calling for its leadership in the Western Hemisphere through interventionism in the domestic policy of other nations in the region.

“In this administration, we’re not afraid to use the word ‘Monroe Doctrine.’ This is a country in our hemisphere,” Bolton said. “Part of the problem in Venezuela is the heavy Cuban presence. 20,000 to 25,000 Cuban security officials by reports that have been in the public. But this is the sort of thing that we find unacceptable and that’s why we’re pursuing these policies.”

Separately, in an interview with Bulgarian newspaper Trud, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Moscow is monitoring talks of US military intervention in Venezuela.

“Russia opposes any and all interference in the internal affairs of other countries. In Venezuela, we support efforts – including those by representatives of the region – to foster dialogue between the government and the opposition. We continue to do so now… The result that Russia wants to achieve is peace in Venezuela. It can be achieved only through a respectful, inclusive, intra-national dialogue”, Medvedev said.

The prime minister added that all those who cared about the peaceful future of Venezuela should make effort to promote dialogue. He condemned US recognizing Guaido as legitimate Venezuelan president and damaging global dialogue.

“Washington’s efforts have led the discussion of the socioeconomic situation, the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the presidential election in Venezuela, away from constructive dialogue to a completely different place. This, unfortunately, is often followed by chaos, unrest, and the complete destruction of the economy and trade. We have already seen this more than once in other countries.”

It also to his belief that increasing the intensity of political passion only goes against the people’s interests.

“Statements come out of Washington about the possibility of military intervention. There are provocations on the borders. All this is very alarming and suggests that the policy of overthrowing any undesirable governments in the spirit of the Monroe Doctrine is once again becoming a priority for the United States.”


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Zionism = EVIL

It is time this stupid looking CIA monkey Gauido had an unfortunate accident at the Colombian dopers embassy. Perhaps, MBS and Kushner can organize that :)


And where is Gauido hiding right now ? LOL

Zionism = EVIL

With his Jew masters and fatass Pompeo.


Sinister, dark lurking eyes… Perhaps he’d got an overdose of ‘western democracy’ in a CIA-Lab and this drove him insane.. Anyways treason against one’s very own people is an American brainchild…


he’s a gullible fool that thinks the morons from moronistan (aka usa) will send troops to save his sorry ass when he returns to his homeland that he is actively betraying – in europe we call people like him a quisling synonymous with being a traitor. vidkun quisling, hitler’s man in norway, was put up against the wall and shot to death, about what should and ought to happen to guaido together with fatso and bedbugcrazy bolton, abrams and a few others.


It wouldn’t surprise me if the US assassinates Guaido to make Maduro look bad and use it as an excuse to invade. Guaido is just a pawn, the US/CIA will have a backup leader.

Promitheas Apollonious

To hit venezuela maybe they can from a distance. To invade Venezuela as things stand now only if the big countries of south america create an army along with the americans and attack venezuela can be done. The governments maybe be willing to do this but I doubt the people will go along with their governments.

Muriel Kuri

That’s what will happen to him – one way or another, he’s the CIAs tool.

Promitheas Apollonious

I hope the venezuelans have the guts and give him exactly what he deserve.

Saddam Hussein

Maduro has to arrest him. If he doesnt do anything it would make him look weak in the eyes of his people.


Well Saddam you and Gaddafi are the last one to give advice’s :-))

Dick Von Dast'Ard

He doesn’t need arresting, he needs exiling.


nah beheading better, publicly


Only possibility of a coup is internally soldiers defect to betray their mum’s and Dads. To invade Venezuela need forces larger that that used in Iraq …no possibility of such happening nor do I believe US dare to invade with the puny forces Air force alone will not work


Sure NK is watching. NK has a very good relationship with Venezuela.

Lena Jones

Guaido: bastard son of Obama. Looks like him, acts like him, same rotten core, same arrogance.


Yes, he does look like Obomber! Good observation. But I doubt anyone can be quite so rotten… ;)


Yet the world & UN remain ghostly silent. What nonsense. Only Cuba sent its troops to support, where the hell is Russia & China army? They both have huge geopolitical interest, investments & loans in Venezuela. Who will trust them as ally in future for protection.

Brother Thomas

It would be the last “mistake” he is around to see.


Wow.. Is this man a Venezuelan or an American?

Pave Way IV

Neither. He works for the IMF – the loan shark arm of the globalist financial cabal. Basically, the banks of the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan.


Somebody is paying for this charade, probably with stolen Venezuelan state funds. You can add that to Guaido’s rap sheet when it gets to that stage.


He should be arrested. https://www.pressenza.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Guaido-Puppet.png

Jacob Wohl

USAF and Navy on standby to help the people of Venezuela.


What’s going to happen when they get shot down and sunk by missiles that they have no defense against, who will buy obsolete US mid products then?


The F-16 shoot down reports officially meet the US federal standards to initiate a investigation. Do you want more of these?

“The US State Department is investigating claims Pakistan improperly used a US-supplied F-16 jet against India this week, Indian media claims. The jet has been a bone of contention between the two nuclear powers.”

– US looks into claims Pakistan misused F-16 fighter, as media war over Kashmir clash heats up –


“”We are aware of these reports and are seeking more information,” a State Department spokesperson said. “Due to non-disclosure agreements in Foreign Military Sales contracts, we cannot discuss the specifics of end user-agreements contained within,” Lt Col Kone Faulkner, a Defense Department spokesperson said.”

– India Shares F-16 Evidence With US to Highlight Misuse, Says Brigade and Battalion HQs Were Targeted –





Forgot Canada (war of1812).

Anja Boettcher

How are you, Jako?


Not so good I suppose. If one crosses certain point of no return, one can’t possibly ever get well. I had too much empty talk, I’m deleting this profile… Good buy Anja and good luck to you.

Anja Boettcher

Well, it’s a US-platform – and it is destructive solely to stay online, too. Jako, it’s a dangerous world – and we, the already older, at least parents of young grown-ups, need to support the younger ones to speak up against war, fascism, confrontation and madness of concentration of wealth in few corporate hands. Here I see promising developments of young people – they are again in the streets. I can observe it at school, too. Climate devastation, wars, IT communication control and lack of true eye-level cooperation are part of the agenda.

Here are at the moment weekly more than a hundredthousand kids in the streets – and they are growing and really furious. Look that great video – it pleads for not voting for governing parties in the next EU election, as they are messing up our whole lives. It got more than 7 million viewers in 4 days and has caused great panick among CDU and SPD politicians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y1lZQsyuSQ

Jako, I hope all the best for you. But we need to fight. Maybe we loose, but if we do not fight we are all defeated anyway – and human civilization will be at its end. We mustn’t bow to the evil – and forums here, well, these are mostly embittered old fascists, mostly from the US. Glad to have made you acquaintance, Jako. All the best to you and yours. Kind regards, Anja


You won’t debate the issues, because you’re a scam and a fake.

Jacob Wohl

Ok, as you wish. Let’s see you try to attempt a tenth of what I’ve accomplished :)


That’s a dodge. You didn’t address the issues that I raised.

Jacob Wohl



You’re an idiot.

Len Zegelink

you are scum .you bastard .its time for china and russa cme in venzueala .you are a usa cock sucker .

roger temple

Yeah, by dropping bombs on them. Some help! Bollocks to you. You people don’t want to help anybody, you just want to grab their assets. All your doo-gooding slimy talk about democracy and human rights is a disgusting smoke-screen………which doesn’t screen anything any more. Lliars and hypocrites.

Dušan Mirić

Don’t worry “Gvido”. CIA is going to kill you – for fun

Muriel Kuri

They’ll kill him for the false flag they need. That’s what happens when you make deals with the devil or play with snakes – you’re gonna lose!


Arresting him would give people someone to rally around. He needs to disappear, the US used to take people it didn’t like for a helicopter ride, and throw them out over the ocean?


I agree what a few people say below about a false flag possibility. It seems that to get together an “international coalition” (again!) they will stage an arrest of Guaido by bogus security troops and a rent-a-mob to tear him to pieces publicly. The video is then aired everywhere and the one world government will put together again an international force to rampage a country, so they can return a “lawful democracy” to Venezuela. This seems like the name of the game, what do you think?


Dialogue, bah. The opposition wants to get power by foul means that they couldn’t get by the ballot box. If they can’t get it by a coup, they’ll try to get it by just talking about blackmail. If they want power so bad, how about they persuade the public to vote for them? If they can’t, because the public realize they’re just a bunch of quislings, then I don’t see what’s to dialogue about.

Lena Jones

On retrospect, Lebanon had the right idea on how to get rid of yanks on a fake ‘peace mission’ in their country: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1983_Beirut_barracks_bombings

They also had the right idea on how to get rid of the evil invading jews of israel: a militarized Hezbollah!

Are we all seeing the effective pattern here when dealing with the evil zio-judaic invaders?

Xoli Xoli

Let not that stupid President wannabe boy bullshit Venezuela sovereign laws.Arrest the chaose investigator power hungry boy.He is not a legitimate President he is fat fuck useless dotart Trump self imposed rubbish foolish child puppet spy and chose maker fake presenter not President.

Xoli Xoli

Guiado is USA puppet who wants to instigating Venezuela people to fight each other for him to let USA and Britain to loot gold and oil.Arrest that rubbish boy. There is no time for kiddies party it is serious war were blood will flow by his foolish protest instigating.

Xoli Xoli

Hands off Venezuela Guiado,mosquito Bolton,fat fuck Trump and homo Pompeo. We dont want ethnic division,Rukban refugee concentration camps.We dont want USA,France,British, Germany base in Venezuela. Let Venezuela solve its own problems. Let Trump stop his racism and find black people slaughtering by white Police office issue in USA. Let President by chance foolish France Macroni make reforms to stop violent protest in France. Let British pound protectionists white supremacist May solve running away from European union.Merkel must learn from Germany slavery by USA and Britain during ww1 and WW2. NATO is a terrorist’s create look how bombs are.exploding in Iraq,Libya Syria Ukraine countries that this NATO thief’s have apparently liberated.

Xoli Xoli

Stealing gold,oil gas and other natural and mineral resources and ethnic disasters ethnic divisions is USANato specialist false democracy.If USA NATO enters Venezuela by mistake of Guiado infrastructure will be destroyed de escalation zones will be created for terrorism purposes.Over crowded Saudi ,Qatar,Emirates jails will be emptied to cause terrorism in Venezuela.Elders,wife,children,disabled will not be safe from USA NATO bombing. Venezuela will not be rebuilt.Then Colombia and Brazil’s nightmare will follow from USA NATO agression.

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