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Guaido Returns To Venezuela, Announces That Maduro Government Will Face More Sanctions


Guaido Returns To Venezuela, Announces That Maduro Government Will Face More Sanctions

Guaido returns to Caracas Airport. Click to see full-size image

On March 4th, US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido returned to Venezuela, undeterred from his “route” and with the US backing him and threatening a retaliation against his possible arrest.

It should be reminded that Guaido was prohibited by the Venezuelan Supreme Court to leave the country in addition to having all of his assets frozen. In leaving the country he broke the court ruling and should, according to democracy face justice.

“We’re back home in the streets of Venezuela! We #4Mar returned to our country to mobilize with the Venezuelan people. We are still firm and determined on our route. There’s nothing to celebrate right now, but a lot of work to do.

Thank you all for the affection and the immense warmth with which we were greeted. I call on the country to mobilize again this Saturday #9Mar. All the support we have received and the backing we need will depend on us being on the streets. We’re doing great, Venezuela!”

He called for more protests on March 9th and said that Venezuelans will have to take the streets to justify all the support they have received and to earn all the backing they need.

Guaido didn’t travel to Venezuela from Ecuador by himself, he was accompanied by the ambassadors of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, USA, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Portugal and Romania to ensure that Venezuelan authorities do not arrest him.

“We thank the ambassadors of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, USA, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Portugal and Romania, who accompanied our arrival to Venezuela in a demonstration of the firm commitment of the world with our Democracy.”

He also tweeted that he was eager to be “embraced by the sea of supporters” that await his return.

Furthermore, TASS reported Guaido warned the Maduro government would be further sanctioned. “The number of international sanctions against the regime will only increase,” VPI TV channel quoted Guaido as saying.

Al Jazeera political scientist Carlos Eduardo Pina had the following to say regarding Guaido’s return:

“His return can be understood as a [direct] challenge to the institutions controlled by Maduro. The most likely scenario is that the Chavismo will retreat tactically, allow the entrance of Guaido, but argue that all this is part of a mediatic [media] show, and that at the end of the day the president in office is still Nicolas Maduro.”

Furthermore, due to the backing of the EU and US, Guaido runs amok and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s options are limited. “Under other circumstances Guaido would have been immediately arrested,” Pina said.

Finally, US National Security Adviser John Bolton also announced the return of Juan Guaido to the country, saying that his “safety must be guaranteed.”

Previously, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in an interview with ABC’s News Week said that upon returning to the country Guaido must face justice.

 “He can just come and go. He will have to face justice, and justice prohibited him from leaving the country. He has to respect the laws,” Maduro said.

There has been no response to his return as of the early hours of March 5th.




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  • Xoli Xoli

    This small boy is instigating violence in Peaceful Venezuela. If Gaido was not illegally appointed then there would be no violence.This action of Trump is most dangerous action in the whole world.Outher countries will try this illegal action if outside countries support terrorist or others who want to rule just to sell resources to who ever appointed them

  • Xoli Xoli

    Guiado must be arrested forcefully USA wont do anything Russia ,China Iran and other unknown powers will also intervene

  • jako

    Maduro is showing big weakens.
    If this Guaido clown was not already arrested that only means that Maduro’s control of the country will dwindle away soon.
    Maybe it would be much better option for Venezuela that army takes over and saves Venezuela from falling into the US hands.
    Even army dictatorship is better than US puppet control and robbing of country out of her resources.
    They must do something because – the longer they wait the worse economic and military situation will become.

    • Neurasth

      I dont know. There’s a very real possibility the jews would have jumbed on the occasion to use his arrest as a casus belli for war. But I agree that not arresting him makes Maduro looks weak. Gaido can pretty much do whatever he wants unimpeded now, thats the message they’re showing.

      • jako

        What “Jews”?
        Trump, Bolton, Pomepeo and Pens are not Jews.
        You mean Jewish servants?

        Yeah we agree he looks weak…

        • Neurasth

          Yes, them, the zionist bootlicks.

    • Neurasth

      Remember how we all thought Assad was weak for not shooting down the kike planes bombing his country. Lets what and see. Buying time and not jumping the gun is not necessarily weakness.

      • jako

        I still think that this is 1st sign that Maduro will lose power (hopefully to some commander of the Venezuelan army as his replacement as 3rd option to compromise between Guaido clown and Maduro)

        Assad couldn’t shoot those Jew-jets because their air defenses were not up to the task before.
        So it was weakens not deliberate tactics.
        Now when whole system is upgraded by Russia and with S-300 in their possession… Finally they will be able to do the job better eventually.

  • Barba_Papa

    I’m sad to see that the Dutch ambassador has become part of this. I have no love for Maduro, I think he’s a brutal dictator whose policies have ruined Venezuela, but we should not get involved in this. This problem is for Latin America to fix, not yet another excuse for us to show to Washington what good attentive allies we are to them. Now if only if they were to give us a pat on the head and a cookie. That’s a good boy, Netherlands, that’s a good boy.

    I can’t say I’m surprised though. The Dutch foreign minister is basically the de facto US ambassador to the Netherlands, and when he speaks you hear whatever Washington wants him to say.

    • Concrete Mike

      Ask shell what interests they have?

      Its the corps that want this.

      • Barba_Papa

        I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. When multinationals say jump, our PM only asks how high.

  • Thunder

    dutch huh?the child hunters and eaters..k now why are you not arresting this traitor?i mean if he was told that he could not leave and he left well charge him!!you should stop living in fear and have faith maduro God loves courage not cowerdness

  • Thunder

    i agree with you jako this is a sign of weakness i am having enough problems with weak leaders as it is

  • Saso Mange

    He was trained by the USA it’s no secret.

  • Wow, announcing new sanctions increasing deprivation in the civilian population was a brilliant move. This will underscore the type of U.S. puppet he will be if he actually attains power. This will endeer him to the people.

  • John

    Ah, ……… I am going against the grain on this one. I tend to think that Guaidó returning to Venezuela is a sign that everything else to this point has failed. His return was a classically staged news event, ala the US government and friends. They believe the camera is ultimately mightier than the sword in the hands of a keen mind which wields it. Now he goes back to a place where, he can receive little to no material support. He needs to get at least 51% of the population on his side and so far, I don’t see that one happening at all. Guaidó needs to repair relationships he wrecked amongst fellow politicians in the Venezuelan parliament; good luck on that one junior ( Even amongst the diehard corrupt and criminal element, trust and confidence in ones word is everything. The ‘tool’ is noob beyond comprehension. ).

    The kid pulled a boner. He really screwed up, letting himself be used by foreign interests ( especially ones that are essentially brain dead ). He is going to run around, making noise, pointing the finger at President Maduro and the like for a short while. If this move does not get him traction, Then ‘smiley’ really is, absolutely, up the creek.

    A ‘Golden Rule’ of conflict is in play here: if you cannot destroy an enemy after you initiate conflict, you will be destroyed by them. Look at what the US is going through now. In 2014 they launched a campaign in Ukraine. This followed the 2011 initiation of the Syrian War. Russia has turned the tables in both places and guess what folks? ……… Now the US has a firestorm in it’s own backyard. One needs not to look at how things are in two hours. One needs to follow the ball over a period of years, to glean the truth. My take. I wish well to all.

    • zman

      I agree with you. His return is an attempt to instigate what he was unable to at the borders. While he is subject to arrest
      according to their law (and rightfully so), it seems as though the way Venezuela is handling this is to de-fang the snake. Which means giving the vipers no argument for interference. He can be arrested at any time, but letting him run around and waste his breath and political capital while he accomplishes nothing will further deflate his support. This will also make the cabal more desperate to accomplish something, which will likely backfire as their BS always seems to do. This is akin to letting them sink their own ship. As for the useless ambassadors that accompanied him? I would have preferred to have seen them denied entry and booted out immediately. The Dutch and their bootlicking ways are no surprise here, they’ve been bent over for years. MH17 showed that. It’s no surprise that the Dutch are as brainwashed as the rest of the world, if not more so. They seem to really believe the propaganda BS about Maduro, even though they should know better.

      • viktor ziv

        “America is number one country in the USA”, as for the Dutch people goes they can’t decide; “I live in Netherland, I’m from Holland and I’m Dutch” – guotes from one American standup comedian. Venezuelan has constitution above all laws, if someone goes against it, he/she is public enemy number one, period.

      • TiredOfBsToo

        All of those ‘Ambassadors’ meddling in Venezuela’s affairs can hardly ever complain when their affairs are meddled in by outside actors; essentially, they are saying to the world that it’s ok to meddle in their affairs of state as well. As for Gweedo, when the Empire gets tired of no progress with him in overthrowing the government, he will simply be murdered by the Empire in a false flag operation. I suspect that’s why Bolton and other psychopaths are warning the legitimate government of Venezuela about upholding Venezuelan law when it comes to Gweedo. Imagine what would’ve happened already to a person, from any of those countries whose ambassadors accompanied Gweedo to Venezuela, were to declare himself/herself/itself the leader of their respective country.

        • BMWA1

          Maybe it was just a coincidence that 11 or 12 ambassadors, all supporting the US position on Gweedo, happened to be on that flight after a weekend junket in Ecuador, then recognizing him perchance on the flight, well one thing led to another….

  • Jim Bim

    Venezuela should kick the ambassadors of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, USA, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Portugal and Romania out of Venezuela, for interfering in the internal affairs of the government and openly supporting coupe attend against a sovereign state.

  • Selbstdenker

    is it only me, or does this Guaido guy somehow look like Obama?

  • goingbrokes

    “The world is watching”. Be off Bolton, no one believes you.
    Yes the world is watching the puppet monkey Guaido commit treason against Venezuela, and we want him arrested!