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Guaido Announces ‘Deadline’ For Entry Of US Humanitarian Aid, US Military Commander Meets Brazilian Army Top Brass

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Guaido Announces 'Deadline' For Entry Of US Humanitarian Aid, US Military Commander Meets Brazilian Army Top Brass

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On February 12th, US-proclaimed Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaido gave a deadline for the entry of US humanitarian aid in the country, it is February 23rd “one month after Venezuelans took an oath.”

He also uploaded a selfie with a mass of protesters.

“Despite the difficulty and that we are going through the deepest crisis, we do not surrender. We’re going to be on the street! I took this photo today to show the world the faces of hope and to believe in ourselves again.”

Meanwhile, after a day of rest and insults of Iran’s 40 year anniversary celebrations, US National Security John Bolton returned to his harsh rhetoric towards the Venezuelan government and President Nicolas Maduro.

He retweeted Guaido’s post, also adding that these protesters are apparently demonstrating “to honor student protestors who have died at the hands of Maduro’s thugs.”

He also lost no time in blaming “Maduro’s Cuban Patrons.”

USAID’s Mark Green also announced additional US humanitarian aid for Venezuela, this new batch is specifically targeted at 10,000 Venezuelan school children, who will be fed by it for a month.

Separately, SOUTHCOM commander Adm. Craig Faller had a meeting with Brazil’s Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, Air Force General Raul Botelho, & service chiefs. Security issues and the US commitment for future cooperation was part of the discussion.

It may be that attempting to enter Venezuela only from the Colombian border is not enough, after all one of the points of entry for US humanitarian aid as per Guaido himself is the border crossing with Brazil.

Meanwhile, the starving school children on February 12th went out on a march, as per Maduro’s twitter account. They celebrated National Youth Day in the country.

Maduro had an interview with BBC. In it he spoke of the political war that the US extreme right is waging against Venezuela. He also accused the Bank of England of Robbery.

He also asked BBC’s Orla Guerin: Are you an objective journalist or you only come here to verify your war campaign, the BBC’s war campaign, and the western campaign against Venezuela? The transcript of the exchange is the following:

Meanwhile, Venezuela’s oil minister Manuel Quevedo, who is also the head of the state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela SA said that the country wants to sell more crude oil to India. He also said that US sanctions have resulted in a $20 billion loss to the country’s economy.

John Bolton issued a warning to all companies and countries that support “Maduro’s theft of Venezuelan resources.”

But finding customers in Asia may be difficult, analysts said, as Washington uses its political and financial clout to pressure countries to stay clear of dealing with PDVSA.

Barclays bank addressed the issue in a special report on Venezuela.

“Considering all the difficulties that Venezuela faces in delivering oil to other markets and the legal, reputational and financial risks confronting traders or counterparties that do business with it under the current conditions,” the bank wrote, “it seems unlikely that all production can, in short order, go to other markets.”

On February 12th, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said that Moscow is raising the issue of joining the International Contact Group on Venezuela “at least” as an observer.

“We raised the issue before the organizers of a conference in Montevideo from the very start,” he said. “We are interested in Russia’s joining it at least as an observer,” the senior diplomat added.

According to the official, recent contacts in Montevideo within the framework of a Mexico-Uruguay initiative set up a contact group with the participation of the EU and some Latin American countries. They were, however, not backed unanimously by the international community. “Forces have appeared that call in question the expediency of these efforts,” he explained.

“However, work to establish a dialogue between the government and the opposition forces has no alternatives for us,” the diplomat stressed. “And those who are ready to help them, and we are also among them, must now get into gear,” Ryabkov added.

He said that Moscow has already come up with a series of proposals to Caracas.

“We maintain very important contact with the authorities of this country,” and are ready to “help find the way out of the situation,” the diplomat said. “I can assure you that different kinds of offers are being made and have been made to our Venezuelan friends,’ Ryabkov said.

“But the main question is what will be the result,” he stressed. “It is necessary to counter a destructive course of a certain group of states with the US at the head with a sensible alternative,” the diplomat added.

On February 13th, Russian envoy to the UN Vasily Nebenzya described the UNSC draft resolution on Venezuela as “completely unbalanced.”

“It is completely unbalanced,” the diplomat told reporters on Tuesday.

He described the current situation in general as “a very unfortunate attempt to interfere in the politics of a sovereign country.”

TASS reported it had obtained a copy of the draft resolution and it calls for new presidential elections in the country. In contrast Moscow called for dialogue to resolve the crisis.


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Russia wants to facilitate talks and concessions between the Opposition led by Guaido and Maduro. If Gauido and the Opposition reject it and still call for US military intervention, that proves once more that they could care a less about the welfare of the Venezuelan people and only want war and bloodshed – and to give away their country’s gold and oil to the USA… stooges and dogs. Let’s hope they can negotiate and end this problems.

Promitheas Apollonious

negotiations will make it worst. You dont negotiate and give legitimacy to traitors.


Regime change, americas national pastime.


the morons from washington dc have a lot of crap to forget, like syria, like afghanistan, like the failed coup against erdogan (backed and superminded by the washington dc morons) like iraq, like north korea, like iran and like ukraine and in no such instance has the washington dc morons been able to chalk down a win – on the contrary they are all astounding failures so to make up for this, they aim for venezuela, as if that is something that will work – again sanctions, stolen gold by the bank of england, sequestered income from the citgo petroleum operation in moronistan (aka usa) and so on and so forth – latest idiocy is that they, fatso and luna bin mad bolton, will hand over the sequestered income from citgo, kit and caboodle, to guaido. for such measure there is no legal ground and should thus not be a possibility if the legal system in moronistan works. but truth be told, the legal system does not work in moronistan and neither does the constitution so all in all, moronistan is a mess of lawlesness and desperation to survive so human lives matter little or not at all.

national debt just passed 22000 biljon greenbacks – is that a howl and a larf – sure as a klucking bell is!


It is all about propaganda with the US. Meeting the Brasilian military is probably because they don’t want to do a military intervention. They know it will cause a long term mess on their border. Columbia is in the same boat. Without Brasilian and Columbian military support, the operation goes nowhere. I still don’t think the US will get their backing fora military coup.

On the fake president in Venezuela, save some pictures of him for posterity. He is walking fantasy. They are going to wipe that Obama type smile right off of his face. My take folks.

Tommy Jensen

Those in the Brazilian military brass who dont obey will be kicked out and replaced. Some suitcases with dólares may however help the Brazilian “political” situation……..LOL.

America is a winner nation and everybody wants to be like Americans……………………..LOL.


Yeah, it is joke. Thanks for the humor.


US doesn’t need Brasilian and Columbian military support to invade Venezuela. They have Marines and a Navy to ship them.


Baloney. I used to think stuff like this when I was much younger, a child even. Reality is different. If there is no local support from neighboring countries, the US can’t do squat here, unless it wants to get itself stuck in something like Afghanistan. Only, The guys from Venezuela don’t need swim to get into the US, the can walk it because there is a land bridge.

Think about it. You are wrong on many aspects o this. My take.


For starters, there’s already plenty of support from neighboring countries. And even if Colombia or Brazil managed to refuse access (which they won’t), there’re still a fair number of nearby airbases the US could ‘repo’ (i.e., former Howard AFB in Panama) to reinforce an amphibious attack. As you may recall from childhood, the US borrowed Barbados’ airport for the invasion of Grenada.

Secondly, control of the Caribbean Basin has been a major US strategic objective since (at least) the 1850s. You don’t think they’ve been planning for this shit? Pendejos like Bolton don’t care one bit about minor details like reality, or casualties on the beaches and airfields of Venezuela. They care about total domination. Don’t assume this is a bluff charge.


lol, you don’t know anything abut these countries. You are a book guy..


I’d expect a Brazilian to at least be able to spell Colombia correctly. My take.


Badgery, you don’t pay attention at all.

So, hot shot, who is the Brasilian? I expect a smart ass who thinks they know something to spell Brasil correctly. :) My take.


Thirdly, the Cubans are saying:

“Between February 6 and 10 of 2019, several military transport aircraft have flown to the Rafael Miranda Airport in Puerto Rico, the San Isidro Air Base in the Dominican Republic, and other strategically located Caribbean Islands, most certainly without the knowledge of the governments of those nations. These flights took off from U.S. military facilities where Special Operation Troops and U.S. Marine Corps units operate.”




“A proxy war occurs when a major power (USA) instigates or plays a major role in supporting
and directing a party to a conflict but does only a small portion of the actual fighting itself.”
So US needs both Brasilian and Columbia military support (especially intelligence services) in order to send arms and men (ISIS) to the Venezuelan border.
Remember! If there is no involvement from some neighbour state a proxy war can not be started: as happened for Syria where Turkey and Jordan brought secretly men and arms to support the opposition parties.


And everyone must remember that when the US states humanitarian aid, especially as defined by Elliot Abrams, that it refers to weapons disguised as aid for the violent overthrow of a democratically elected government. If the US actually wanted to provide humanitarian aid, it would eliminate the sanctions against the Venezuelan people.


Yep. and ……. I know. I really know because I live in Brasil now and understand a bit about them. It’s not going fly.

Empire's Frontiers

While it’s troubling to watch the same play over and over as citizens across the globe are starved into rebellion by the US, I will have a warm heart the day Guido is killed.

roger temple

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he is killed, but by the CIA, as a false flag to “justify” a “humanitarian” military intervention. I don’t see any full-scale military intervention on the part of other pro-us s.american countries. Macri, Bolsonaro et al. may want to do it, but the populations have had a basin-full of US intervention, coups etc, and will not stand it.

Titel Gogurion


Carol Davidek-Waller

Are President Bolton, Rubio and their best boy going to force feed and inject the Venezuelans before or after they steal their gold, cash and oil?

You can call me Al

soy, goy boy.


One can imagine the response if the Venezuelan government announces that the food from the US and allies is genetically modified and if taken will cause infertility in women and impotence in men.


all failed since the objective of the regime change operations were not obtained in either of the cases .

Raptar Driver

I would love to wipe that shit eating grin off his face.


Juan needs a longer selfie stick. Langley can’t afford decent media equipment, WTF?


The economic part of countering the anti Venezuela campaign is as important as the military part. Venezuela needs to be able to get all of it’s production to market at market prices or close to it. And to be able to get paid properly as well. What really is at stake here is dismantling the US, NATO, Israel, and GCC Jew world order here, government by government, and replacing it with a multipolar world alternative that is compliant with international law and basic morality, led by the SCO. Unlike the Jewmerican led international crime syndicate.


“Congress would not support a US military intervention in Venezuela, House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel said during a hearing on the crisis in Venezuela on Wednesday.

“US military intervention is not an option,” Engel said. “Congress decides when, where and how the US military is used around the world, and Congress would not support military intervention in Venezuela.””

– US Congress will not support military intervention in Venezuela: official –



– China refutes report of contact with Venezuelan opposition –


“Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying made the remarks when asked for comments on The Wall Street Journal reporting that Chinese diplomats had contact with Venezuelan opposition representatives in Washington.

“Recently, some media have been cooking up fake news. I don’t know what the purpose is,” said Hua at a press briefing. “We hope relevant media will report news abiding by principles of being objective and fair.”

As for the current Venezuela issue, China advocates seeking a political settlement through dialogue and consultation, Hua said.”

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