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Growing Crescent Of Political And Economic Instability In South America

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Growing Crescent Of Political And Economic Instability In South America

After a period of neglect, the US has reestablished its control over most of Latin America in the last 10 years

If the first decade of the new millennium was claimed by a new generation of national liberation leaders across South America and resulted in the ‘second independence’ of many countries, the second decade belonged to the forces of international capital and their local collaborators who reconquered almost all of the lost territory utilizing a combination of old-fashioned military coups and new ‘fifth generation’ regime change methods spearheaded by the US.

Of the almost a dozen countries whose leadership had committed themselves to the path of national independence from the political and economic dominance of the US and international capital between 1998 (starting with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela) and 2008, only two remain; Venezuela and Nicaragua (and Cuba of course, which the US still has not been able to subdue despite 60 years of economic blockade and countless coup and assassination attempts against its leadership).

The resilience of these countries in the face of the incessant hybrid warfare regime change plots spearheaded by the US lies in their hard earned experience in dealing with such strategies and the commitment of the armed forces as a block and a large majority of the people to the revolutionary cause and national independence from US domination. In the case of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez had been a career military officer. Even so, he barely survived a US backed coup attempt in 2002, after which he made good use of the experience gained to counter the many subsequent regime change plots, acts of sabotage and unilateral punitive measures imposed by the US.

In the case of Nicaragua, the political leadership had learned all of the tricks in the US’ sabotage and regime change text book during the 1980s and 1990s following the overthrow in 1979 of the US-backed Somoza dictatorship which had ruled the country for decades, and also can count on the support of the armed forces in their efforts to preserve the country’s independence and resist hostile external attacks acting in tandem with local collaborators or dupes. (See, in particular, Preparations for the Final Phase of Regime Change in Venezuela)

The other countries which had embarked to greater or lesser degree on projects to increase national independence and capacity and reduce inequality and poverty, including Brazil, Paraguay, Honduras, Bolivia and Ecuador, in the end proved to be easy prey for reconquest as their political leadership did not anticipate the full extent of the power, resources and ruthlessness of their external enemies and the domestic collaborators acting in tandem with them (including within the military, the police, the judiciary, the political opposition, the media, as well as ensconced within many other key State and private sector institutions). In the case of Argentina, the changeover from ‘national liberation’ to ‘US aligned’ political leadership occurred in what could reasonably be described as an open political and democratic process when Mauricio Macri won the presidential election in 2015.

While Mexico and Argentina have elected presidents in the last two years who have pledged to adopt a more independent course and favour programs for poverty reduction and the elaboration of national economic and social development strategies, as well as adopting independent foreign policies that at times clash with those of the US, their objectives and policies are much more mild than those adopted in many countries in the region during the first decade of the new millennium. Even so, there are indications that plans are being laid by their opponents to instigate coup attempts at the first opportune moment. LINK

In Mexico, the government of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador faces the additional challenge of governing in the midst of rampant organized crime and wars between the major cartels which developed over the previous two decades. (Mexican cartel CJNG releases statement saying state cartel is behind killings in some provinces, Mexico the evolution of the drug wars and the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion)

The case of Colombia, which along with Chile remained firmly committed to its bilateral relationship with the US throughout the period of change that took place in many other countries in the region, exemplifies how the alignment has become entrenched over time. According to successive US and Colombian governments since at least the 1960s, the purpose of the military alliance is to protect democracy, human rights and free markets in Colombia as well as throughout the Western hemisphere.

According to critics, the alliance serves to advance US economic political and military interests in the region and locks Colombia into strategic subordination to the US, in return for which the US supports Colombian economic and political elites against all threats and substantive criticism. An essay in the Historic Commission, established jointly by the FARC-EP and the Colombian Government during the peace negotiations in Havana, Cuba, states of the bilateral relationship:

When one analyses the causes of the social and armed conflict in Colombia, the factors and interests that have prolonged the conflict, and the impacts it has had on the civil population, it is apparent that the United States is not simply a minor external influence but has been a direct participant in the conflict due to its prolonged involvement during much of the twentieth century. Public awareness of the participation of the United States has been deliberately minimized by its covert nature; in accordance with this strategy, many of its activities in Colombia have been “planned and executed in such a manner that they can be hidden, or at least enabling plausible deniability of responsibility for such actions.”

These activities are conducted in the context of a relationship of subordination, understood as a relationship of dependency in which the national interests of Colombia have been placed at the service of a third party (the United States), which is perceived as being endowed with political, economic, cultural and moral superiority. It is an unequal and asymmetrical relationship that has assumed a strategic character, as the very existence of the Colombian republic is thought to be inextricably linked to its condition of subordination to the United States, due to which it is more appropriate to speak of a strategic rather than a pragmatic subordination. According to one Colombian defender of the relationship of subordination: “the most efficient way to guarantee our national sovereignty is to maintain ourselves as a dedicated ally under the protective umbrella of the United States.” The association of imperialist dependency with national sovereignty is indicative of the contradictory reasoning and logic of its supporters.

Understood as “subordination by invitation”, the relations between the United States and Colombia require an examination of the active role of the people in power that have maintained the condition of dependency, particularly given the fact that “there has been a pact between the national elites for more than one hundred years, for whom the subordination has produced economic and political benefits.”

These benefits are administered through practices of patronage that permeate all of the political and social institutions and structures in Colombia. The utilization of patronage through international networks and relations is readily apparent in all sectors of the State, the Army and the Police, for whom the foreign support and the military budget are private bounties that confer them power and privilege, creating a military caste that is considered to be untouchable.

A full copy of the essay is available HERE.

While in Colombia there are occasional investigative reports in some of the flagship periodicals (in particular El Espectador and Semana) of very high quality that question or criticize some aspect of the prevailing economic and political conditions (for example, the massacres perpetrated against communities around the Cerro Matoso ferro-nickel mining and smelting complex, or extensive corruption and abuses of power within the Colombian military), as a whole the corporate mass media narrative conforms entirely with the situation described above (led by the two main television channels, RCN and Caracol, which are the dominant if not only source of information for around 70-80% of Colombians). (See, for example, The multinationals among the untouchables of the Colombian conflict)

Although the mass mobilizations of previous years were brought to an abrupt halt by the pandemic in both Chile and Colombia, the non-Establishment political opposition has grown steadily in size and organization over the last few years. This was clearly demonstrated in Colombia by the 2019 provincial-municipal elections when opposition figures won convincingly in most of Colombia’s largest cities and provinces. (Colombia results and trends from the territorial elections)

In the presidential election held the previous year, a former member of the M-19 guerrilla group (Gustavo Petro) won over 40% of the vote in the run-off vote, a result that would have been unthinkable 5 or 10 years ago.

Such emerging trends were also apparent in the responses to the news of the US troop deployment to Colombia last month. Senator Iván Cepeda maintained that the US intervention represents an attack on Colombia’s sovereignty as well as the troubled peace process, and moreover brings with it the threat of involving Colombia in an international war. Cepeda stated:

“If you want to fight drug trafficking, you should investigate the role of ‘Uribismo’ in the political arena, and military commanders’ relations with the Gulf Clan and the Envigado Office (described in the Operation Bastón report). For this, hundreds of US military personnel are not required, but rather that the Office of the Prosecutor General fulfil its duties and obligations…”

The Cumbre Agraria, Campesina, Etnica y Popular (Agrarian, Farmers, Ethnic and Popular Summit), one of the main protagonists in the national strikes and blockades that have brought the country to a halt on numerous occasions over the last few years, also condemned the planned deployment:

“As another example of the country’s surrender to foreign interests, the anti-national government of Iván Duque announces the arrival in Colombia of the SBAF Mission, a US military brigade for the alleged purpose of combatting drug trafficking. This decision is one more step in the direction of greater dependence of the Colombian armed forces on North American guidelines and a severe blow to our national independence.

It also means greater involvement in the plans to attack the sister Republic of Venezuela, which have increased significantly in recent months.”

(Venezuela: US Maximum Pressure Continues, More Details Of Failed Mercenary Attack Revealed)

In Bolivia and Ecuador, the mass protests of last year were also squelched by the pandemic. In the latest move of the ‘transitory’ coup regime in Bolivia and the ruling party in Ecuador to preserve their grip on power, officials are moving to prohibit the political parties of Evo Morales and Rafael Correa from participating in forthcoming elections. In Bolivia, a recent report has suggested that forces behind the current regime are also preparing a wave of violent mob actions that will be attributed to MAS to justify the measure. LINK

While trenchant Venezuela critics (basically the entire corporate mass media complex) will disagree, the disqualification of the leadership of several of the largest traditional political parties in that country can be distinguished, as the political parties themselves were left intact and only leaders who announced they would boycott all elections (unless Preident Maduro resigns and transfers all power to them), and who joined the repeated attempts to incite the military to instigate a coup with US-backing, have been prohibited from participating in the forthcoming legislative elections.

In Brazil, it appears that President Jair Bolsonaro has survived the mounting calls for impeachment that threatened his presidency over the last few months. There are several possible explanations. After alienating them during the first years of his presidency, maybe he has decided to offer political and administration posts and resources to enough factions in the National Assembly to assure their support against an impeachment process. Maybe those political factions have decided to postpone an impeachment process in accordance with their own calculations, given the instability this could cause. Or, maybe they were ‘persuaded’ not to instigate impeachment proceedings by the military.

A recent report suggests that a three-pronged pincer movement is being formed comprising armed politically and ideologically motivated forces from within the military, the police and local militias throughout the country. It is unclear whether they intend to launch a pre-emptive strike against their political opponents, or whether the measure is intended as a precautionary measure against possible loss of power whether through the electoral process or social rebellion. (Brazil are extreme right-wing elements stealthily preparing an extermination of their opponents, Recent political developments – pressure continues to build against Bolsonaro)


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Lone Ranger

Its the Monroe Doctrine. Banana republics, United Fruit Company, nothing new only a rehersal.

Trap Is Not Gay

More like sabotaged countries.

All “democracies” under the JewSA umbrella have stagnated, did you notice?

Only the JewSA is allowed to have nukes, space programs, etc — nobody else.


Maybe you will like these links explaining a lot, particularly the map on this first link

DIVERGENT INTERPRETATIONS IN THE ANTI-IMPERIALIST CAMP – PART 2 — The US military project for the world by Thierry Meyssan https://www.voltairenet.org/article197541.html

— International Coalition massacres Syrian civilians with banned weapons by Bashar Ja’afari https://www.voltairenet.org/article203784.html

— Global war on “terrorism” https://www.voltairenet.org/mot203.html?lang=en

MADE BY THE USA — Manufacturing “Failed States” by Edward S. Herman https://www.voltairenet.org/article175898.html

— The School of the Americas By Larry Romanoff

Global Research, November 09, 2019

Region: Latin America & Caribbean, USA Theme: History, Militarization and WMD

An integral part of America’s brutal colonisation of undeveloped nations is the little-known US Army “School of the Americas” located in Fort Benning, Georgia, which trains Latin American military officers and soldiers to subvert their governments and kill hope in their own countries. https://www.globalresearch.ca/school-americas/5693503

Kill the Culture, Destroy a Nation ============================

What Was Behind Trump’s Recent Threats Against Iran’s Culture and Other High Level Sites?

By Timothy Alexander Guzman

Global Research, February 17, 2020 Region: Middle East & North Africa, USA

Theme: Intelligence, US NATO War Agenda

In-depth Report: IRAN: THE NEXT WAR?

During the Gulf War of the 1990′s, U.S. troops in Baghdad looted important museums, destroyed historical artifacts, some were even found outside of the museums and on the side of roads, many of ancient artifacts and pieces of artworks were stolen. For example, in the city of Hillah, several museums were looted. Then when the George W. Bush Jr. regime came to power in 2000, they blamed Iraq for the September 11 attacks afterwards and accused Iraqi President Saddam Hussein of harboring “weapons of mass destruction” which of course, all turned out to be another manufactured lie by Washington that began another war on Iraq and then the looting of Iraq’s museums continued. There was an estimated 35,000 small and large artifacts that was stolen from the National Museum of Iraq, a tragedy for where the ‘cradle of civilization’ began.

Etc., etc… https://www.globalresearch.ca/kill-culture-destroy-nation/5703881


May I advise you to have a look about nuke weapons, the US already had 1’000 military nuke accidents….

On this documentary it was probably the most frightening, almost killed 10 Millions in-between Boston and NY (it should have occurred to calm down the Jews…)

Next Tuesday they will have another documentary on the Nuke Bomb


Last Tuesday ARTE TV had a good “Thema”documentary with mostly interview in English !

A 1980 nuke weapons problems in Arkansas and the US.

It would have been as strong as WW2 all weapons X3

Little Rock, Boston and New-York population gone….

Nothing will have left 70 Milles around the missile…

The US already had 1’000 Nuke Weapon “Accidents”

Most of the documentary is is on a Russian Officer who had refused an order to launched a missile on the US by s fake mistaken alarm. He “saved” the World…. !

The World never been as near as an Apocalyptic End… !

Most scary interviews are in English with US Military

and Officials … !


Trap Is Not Gay

The unfit USA wants servitude, not improving the world.

The problems are always the excuse, but it’s pretty different “solving a problem” from YOU in charge – that’s making an excuse. A problem doesn’t require YOU leading by force.

If something we’d have to prevent the nuclear accidents, NOT lick the ass of the USA – two different things.


If they blast themselves by accident it’s the best could happened…


Une video en Français et Allemand

que vous devez absolument voir et transmettre

si vous vous souciez du COVID-19



The links you sent are broken.


Tray again




Thank you. I’m using a VPN so I’ll try different IP addresses.


Hello Zarathustra,

in case you understand German or French, there is a punkt schlubs for the COVID-19 Media HOAX

Une video en Français et Allemand

que vous devez absolument voir et transmettre

si vous vous souciez du COVID-19



I have yet to learn German or French, I only recognize certain words. I have however seen that same video you recently linked to me with English subtitles.


Funny, when seeing your name first came in mind is German with Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Richard Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra and Iran with Cyrus II the Great imposing it to his Hebrew Colony to write the catastrophic Torah virus with Zoroastrian guide lines !

I have admiration for Iran and any Culture with Great Art, Architecture and Food !

The US went out Barbarism straight to decadence without to pass by Civilisation ! The US only civilised is the Blacks with Jazz !


You clearly don’t know your history.


The Hebrews were psychotic long before Cyprus.


The Hebrews were psychotic long before Cyprus. You clearly don’t know your history. You cite Thus Spoke Zarathustra and you don’t even try to be a metaphorical tight rope walker. Marxism is abhorrent, keep in mind that Marx liked America and despised eastern Europeans.

Yuri Bezmenov “Deception Was My Job” Full Interview 1984: bitchute[]com/video/4tEf9R9RiJEA/

— He also made up BS entitled “Black Is Beautiful”

Historical Lie: Soviet Communist Agents Had No Influence On U.S. Foreign Policy During World War II. Communist Infiltration Of America Was A ‘Conspiracy Theory’: wearswar[]wordpress[]com/2019/01/06/historical-lie-soviet-communist-agents-had-no-influence-on-u-s-foreign-policy-during-world-war-ii-communist-infiltration-of-america-was-a-conspiracy-theory/





Enligt me, what’s typically American aside Jazz and nasal accent ?

What’s the US Cowboys Culture specialty aside :

Warmongers “Genocides” for Land-Grabbings, Neocolonialism for Pilfering’s thanks corruption Holdups, Kidnappings, Gangsters, Gun-Totting, braindrain, Chewing-gum, Coca-Cola, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Mush-mallows, Roundup, Air, Water, Soil, Food Pollution….

71% Of Military Age Americans Too Sick To Join, Study Says https://www.naturalblaze.com/2018/03/71-percent-military-age-americans-too-sick-join.html

CIA/Mossad Hollywood special effects to forget facts are stubborned ! https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/89-of-our-senators-and-congress-hold-dual-citizenship-citizenship-with-israel/ Slavery, Apartheid, Plutocracy discriminations said “Democracy” (lol)

1231 was the Uri/Switzerland first votation 1535 Geneva voted the Republic and Social Services 1536 Geneva voted mandatory free school for all

The Simulacra Democracy https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/10/26/the-simulacra-democracy/

Fake U.S. History: How “American Exceptionalism” Hides Shame, Creates Stupidity and Dangerous Imperialism https://www.globalresearch.ca/how-us-american-exceptionalism-fake-history-hides-shame-creates-stupidity-dangerous-imperialism/5698387

School of the Americas: Training Torturers & Secret Police for US-Backed Dictators Since 1946 https://www.globalresearch.ca/school-of-the-americas-training-torturers-secret-police-for-us-backed-dictators-since-1946/5647471

Colonial History, Gunboat Diplomacy and China Bashing https://www.globalresearch.ca/history-gunboat-diplomacy-and-china-bashing/5716432

Colonial Drug Trafficking and the British Empire https://www.globalresearch.ca/colonial-drug-trafficking-and-the-british-empire/5716926


Once again you’re confusing world-wide American “pop-culture” with “America” and don’t seem to realize that everything you just mentioned is carried out by every other country throughout the course of history. You seem incapable of separating *ews, *ewish influence and *ewish collaborators from real White people or any other gentiles.


Permanent denials is the Philippines US incrusted Damaged Culture destroying definitely what was the “Pearl of Asia” thaïs uncountable atrocious “Genocides said “Liberations” (lol) ================================================= https://www.globalresearch.ca/kill-culture-destroy-nation/5703881

Kill the Culture, Destroy a Nation

What Was Behind Trump’s Recent Threats Against Iran’s Culture and Other High Level Sites?

By Timothy Alexander Guzman

Global Research, February 17, 2020

Region: Middle East & North Africa, USA

Theme: Intelligence, US NATO War Agenda

In-depth Report: IRAN: THE NEXT WAR?

During the Gulf War of the 1990′s, U.S. troops in Baghdad looted important museums, destroyed historical artifacts, some were even found outside of the museums and on the side of roads, many of ancient artifacts and pieces of artworks were stolen. For example, in the city of Hillah, several museums were looted. Then when the George W. Bush Jr. regime came to power in 2000, they blamed Iraq for the September 11 attacks afterwards and accused Iraqi President Saddam Hussein of harboring “weapons of mass destruction” which of course, all turned out to be another manufactured lie by Washington that began another war on Iraq and then the looting of Iraq’s museums continued. There was an estimated 35,000 small and large artifacts that was stolen from the National Museum of Iraq, a tragedy for where the ‘cradle of civilization’ began.

Just last month, if you remember, U.S. President Donald Trump had threatened Iran in a barrage of tweets that his regime “have targeted 52 Iranian sites (representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago), some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture” and that they “Will Be Hit Very fast And Very Hard” so much for his support of the Iranian people Trump had claimed in the past. Trump did not follow through with his threats, perhaps slightly disappointing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

But first, we must ask ourselves, why did empires of the past including the Mongol empire who invaded Iraq in 1258 that begun the destruction of Iraq’s priceless artifacts? There were revolutionary movements throughout history who also chose to commit ‘Cultural genocide’ by destroying ancient artifacts, artworks, history books and even force the people to speak the invading empire’s language. By destroying a people’s culture you erase their history, language, art, everything that makes them who they are. Destroying a people’s culture allows the powers that be to shape the present according to their liking, and then the future belongs to them, not to the people who they conquered. Ancient artifacts for example, embody beliefs, ideas, and sometimes they can even represent the characteristics of a people’s history. Milan Kundera, a Czech-born writer who was living in exile in France once wrote something that described what was behind Trump and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s sinister plan. “The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long that nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was… The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.” Powerful words. Frantz Fanon, a psychiatrist and political philosopher from the French colony of Martinique in the Caribbean authored a groundbreaking book into the depths of colonialism titled ‘The Wretched of the Earth’ which is reminiscent of what Israeli settlers practice in reality today:

The settler makes history and is conscious of making it. And because he constantly refers to the history of his mother country, he clearly indicates that he himself is the extension of that mother-country. Thus the history which he writes is not the history of the country which he plunders but the history of his own nation in regard to all that she skims off, all that she violates and starves

However, it’s fair to say that Trump’s threat of attacking Iran’s cultural sites on his twitter rant runs much deeper. In regards to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, there are several documents and statements that have been made by hard-line Israelis that wanted to destroy Arab culture, history and identity and at the same time, jeopardize the future of education for children in the Middle East who will not know anything about their past since the creation of the state of Israel. Back on October 28, 1956, Menachem Begin, a former leader of the Zionist militant group Irgun, founder of the Likud Party and Israel’s sixth Prime Minister was quoted as saying “You shall have no pity on them until we shall have destroyed their so-called Arab culture, on the ruins of which we shall build our own civilization.” Despite that fact that on December 1948, the United Nations had passed ‘Resolution 194′ that essentially called for the return of Arab refugees and that “holy places, religious buildings, and sites in Palestine should be protected and free access to them assured, in accordance with existing rights and historical practice.”

In June 1967, three days after The Six-Day War, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) destroyed the 770-year old Moroccan Quarter known in the Arab world as The Harat al-Magharibah (The Moroccan Quarter) in the Old City of Jerusalem in order to occupy the sanctuary and construct it for Jews only. The Moroccan Quarter was originally founded by the son of Saladin in the late 12th century. Israel’s efforts was to expand the alley and create a new path to the Western Wall so that Jews can have easy access to pray to the newly conquered area. IDF actions was the start of a long campaign to eliminate Arab culture and replace it with Israel’s perception of its historical and cultural footprint in the region especially Jerusalem. The Institute for Palestine Studies headquartered in Ramallah published an article on the history of the Moroccan Quarter back in 2000 titled ‘The Moroccan Quarter: A History of the Present’ explains how the Israeli government has re-constructed the Arab section of Jerusalem which has taken place in different forms since 1948:

‘Western Propaganda is Paid for in Syrian Blood’

Israeli attempts at re-configuring Arab Jerusalem have been varied over the past half-century. Appropriating the built form in Palestinian owned areas of the city has most often meant seizing Arab structures, homes, and neighborhoods, emptying them of their Arab inhabitants, and substituting new histories, new communities, and new meanings in place of old.

Entire neighborhoods and thousands of Arab homes were taken over by the nascent Jewish state in 1948. Occasionally, however, the Israeli state has sought to demolish and to physically erase particular areas of Palestinian habitation that obstruct Israeli visions for exclusive rule in what mainstream Zionism regards as Israel’s “eternal” and “unified” capital

According to the study “The Harat al-Magharibah (the Moroccan Quarter), first constructed over 700 years ago in the age of the Ayyubids and Mamluks, was on the eve of the June 1967 War home to approximately 650 people and 100 families. The neighborhood as demolished by the Israeli state in the days immediately after it conquered East Jerusalem.” The study also concluded that “This former space represents a site where practices of ethnic cleansing and wholesale dispossession have been combined with Israeli discourses of “the sacred” as well as others which promote exclusivist, transhistorical notions of Jewish entitlement to the city.” The study also described what were the characteristics before 1948:

The Character of the Neighborhood before 1948 The structures that comprised this neighborhood over the course of seven centuries were familial, religious, and social and were built mainly of stone and brick. Clustered densely together, these modest one and two story buildings enveloped a network of narrow alleyways that snaked through this largely poor neighborhood.

Its population became increasingly diverse in the centuries after the quarter‘s inception. Historically, most families resident in this quarter traced a genealogy back to the Maghrib. Pilgrimage or oppression in former lands brought many to Jerusalem. Over the course of several centuries, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Arabs from Palestine and elsewhere also took up residence in this quarter

Today, part of the Israel-Palestinian conflict is the destruction of Palestinian cultural history and replace it with Israel’s historical claims in Palestine from more than 2,000 years ago. However, Palestinian culture and history was not the only target of Israel. It seems that the Islamic State (ISIS) is taking its marching orders to destroy Arab culture from Israel as they also destroyed numerous archaeological sites with explosives and even bulldozers that deliberately targeted important cultural sites in Iraq and Syria. ISIS is doing what the Israeli hardliners would want and that is to destroy Arabic culture, history and its identity and deprive future generations of that knowledge. According to one of Israel’s mainstream news websites, Haaretz from December 7th, 2014, ‘UN Reveals Israeli Links With Syrian Rebels’:

The observers have continued to file reports to New York, which were relatively mundane; but their content changed in March 2013, when Israel started admitting injured Syrians for medical treatment in Safed and Nahariya hospitals. The Syrian ambassador to the UN complained of widespread cooperation between Israel and Syrian rebels, not only treatment of the wounded but also other aid

Soon After, the destruction of Syrian cultural and historical sites began. One example I would like to point out was the incident on May 2015, a site called Palmyra, located in the desert in the eastern part of Damascus which was in essence a historical part of the Roman Empire. At one point in history, Palmyra was a wealthy metropolitan city and at its peak around the 3rd century, Queen Zenobia lead a rebellion against the Roman Empire but failed to win its freedom. Rome re-conquered Palmyra and then was destroyed by Rome’s army in A.D. 273. By the 20th Century, Palmyra became one of Syria’s main tourist attractions. The Islamic State invaded the modern town of Palmyra and its ancient ruins and practically destroyed it. ISIS even executed Khaled al-Asaad, a Syrian archaeologist who managed excavations and hung his headless body on a column (a tactic to put fear on civilians). Another site destroyed by the terrorists with explosives was The Temple of Baal Shamin which was a 1,900-year-old ancient temple. The destruction of Dura-Europos, a fortress founded in 303 B.C was another site that also sacked. It was called Dura by the Seleucids on the intersection of an east-west trade routes along another trade route close to the Euphrates. Dura controlled the river crossing on the route between the cities of Antioch and Seleucia on the Tigris. Dura was also considered border city that included Hellenistic, Parthian and the Romans built above the right bank of the Euphrates river and in close proximity to the village of Salhiyé in Syria. By 113 B.C., the Parthians had conquered the city and occupied Dura until 165 A.D. although there was a brief occupation by the Romans around 114 A.D. Under Parthian rule, Dura became an important provincial administrative center until the Romans decided to invade and permanently occupy Dura-Europos by 165 A.D. and expanded their territories reaching the eastern Mesopotamia, but was later destroyed by the Sassanians in 257 A.D.

Besides the fact that different cultures have intermingled at one point or another over the centuries, many interesting findings have been made including temples, inscriptions and tombs which many were looted by the US and Israeli backed terrorists during the height of the Syrian Civil War. According to ‘The 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and its two (1954 and 1999) Protocols’ under ‘Article 4 – Respect For Cultural Property’ clearly states the following:

The High Contracting Parties undertake to respect cultural property situated within their own territory as well as within the territory of other High Contracting Parties by refraining from any use of the property and its immediate surroundings or of the appliances in use for its protection for purposes which are likely to expose it to destruction or damage in the event of armed conflict; and by refraining from any act of hostility, directed against such property

Raphael Lemkin, a lecturer on comparative law at the Institute of Criminology of the Free University of Poland and Deputy Prosecutor of the District Court of Warsaw wrote ‘Acts Constituting a General (Transnational) Danger Considered as Offences Against the Law of Nations.’ One of the sections ‘Acts Of Vandalism: Destruction of the culture and works of art’ described as an act of vandalism:

An attack targeting a collectivity can also take the form of systematic and organized destruction of the art and cultural heritage in which the unique genius and achievement of a collectivity are revealed in fields of science, arts and literature. The contribution of any particular collectivity to world culture as a whole forms the wealth of all of humanity, even while exhibiting unique characteristics.

Thus, the destruction of a work of art of any nation must be regarded as acts of vandalism directed against world culture. The author [of the crime] causes not only the immediate irrevocable losses of the destroyed work as property and as the culture of the collectivity directly concerned (whose unique genius contributed to the creation of this work); it is also all humanity which experiences a loss by this act of vandalism.

In the acts of barbarity, as well as in those of vandalism, the asocial and destructive spirit of the author is made evident. This spirit, by definition, is the opposite of the culture and progress of humanity. It throws the evolution of ideas back to the bleak period of the Middle Ages. Such acts shock the conscience of all humanity, while generating extreme anxiety about the future. For all these reasons, acts of vandalism and barbarity must be regarded as offenses against the law of nations

A people’s culture, history and identity is what makes a nation. If an invading force has its way, destroying the culture would serve as a stepping stone that would solidify their complete conquest of the land they occupy. Trump is already ignorant of culture and history just like the majority of the elected officials in Washington. Looking back at what Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin said in 1956, Trump is obviously taking advice from Netanyahu and the Is https://www.globalresearch.ca/kill-culture-destroy-nation/5703881


Very little of what you wrote is related to the topic at hand. You claimed the US was always uncultured and yet was more civilized than the Amerindians, you criticize the westward movement whilst hypocritically being at peace with Russian colonization of Siberia, the far-east and Central Asia that involved a hell of a lot more warfare in comparison to the American-Indian wars. Not only that but 95% of those wars occurred because the Amerindians were murdering peaceful settlers, furthermore the US was a lot more Christian and held a harsher view of life because of it.

Meanwhile Russia continues to deny the Holdomor and insists the holohoax took place, they have yet to fully recover from what Bolshevism had done to them and their culture. You insist America had no culture between 1783-1918 despite it being more developed and innovative than Russia since the height of the industrial revolution.

What is with these attacks? Why did Putin endorse Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu? If Trump is taking orders from Bibi, why is Russia friends with Israel?

Better yet, Putin once claimed the counter-insurgency operations in the Caucasus were as justified as the IDF attacks against Palestinians; of course I think the counter-terrorism operations in the Caucasus are justified but not those against the Palestinians near Israel.

Iran Controlled By Masons: bitchute[]com/video/3ErR26WELzDe/



Putin is a chess player…

Why did Putin endorse Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu? Israel has 1 Million Russian Ashkenazis Khazars with 70 Millions Gulags Tortures Victims for inheritance …. Hither and Nazis SS were chore children’s in comparison ! https://russia-insider.com/en/history/bolshevism-was-basically-jewish-movement-historical-facts-lenin-andropov/ri22603?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

The Mossad-CIA Hollywood, US & Europeans Jews run medias travestite everything with lies, denials, and propaganda to favour warmongers divide to rule for money plundering’s !

The Jews weird “God Chosen” idiosyncrasy is the Humanity cancerous virus justifying it’s own destruction with the most atrocious behaviours with money obsession ! US/Israel/NATO is totally to the end infected, ready to destroy definitely any life on the Planet !

Ironically, Noam Chomsky is a brilliant far-sighted US Jew saving the US & Jews honour

Europeans used Colonialism for worst peoples and convicted embarrassment trash bin, all of it run by scrupules less Jew traders, owning the today US

NB: On this link. you have an interesting map

The US military project for the world by Thierry Meyssan https://www.voltairenet.org/article197541.html

PS: For me Humans and Environment have to be the absolute priority supported by Healthy food (Microbiota is theBrain), Education, Culture, Art… Money is an accessory alike tires for a car, not a finality !

Humanity is run by mafiosi street toughies against the Wall !


If that were the case there was no need to make it illegal to question the holocaust, or to not make it legal to criticize Joos.




Who saw the wind harvest the hurricane …. !

========================================== https://www.globalresearch.ca/crash-economy-burn-cities-infect-people-evil-plan-remake-america/5719756

Crash the Economy, Burn the Cities, Infect the People: The Destabilization Plan to “Remake America”

By Mike Whitney

Global Research, July 29, 2020

Region: USA

Theme: Law and Justice, Media Disinformation, Police State & Civil Rights

The American people are under attack, the country is under attack, and democracy is under attack. At present, the enemy is conducting a three-pronged assault on the presidency the objective of which is to remove the existing administration and install their own sock-puppet replacement. This has been the goal from the very beginning although the great swirl of events has confused many as to the true nature of what is actually taking place. What we are seeing is a dirty tricks campaign (Russiagate) inflated into a full-blown, scorched earth, winner-take-all assault on the presidency.

Ostensibly, the target of the attack is Donald Trump, the brash New York real estate tycoon who was swept into office in November 2016. The real target, however, is the office itself, the universally-recognized “seat of power” which the enemy believes should remain under the control of the people who own the country. These are the ruthless oligarchs whose octopus-like tentacles are wrapped around Wall Street, the MSM, the courts, the Congress, the Democratic Party, and powerful elements within the National Security State. They own it all and they have no intention of putting it up for grabs by honoring the results of an arbitrary and scattershot election that failed to produce the outcome they sought.

Once again, this isn’t about Trump, it’s about the unscrupulous people behind the scenes who have secretly worked the levers of power for the last 4 years in order to roll back the 2016 elections and install the candidate of their own choice. If the new revelations about Obama’s involvement in the spying operation aimed at removing Trump from office have not yet convinced you that senior-level officials (in the administration, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the DOJ, the DNC and MSM) were all actively engaged in a coup on the elected government, then you should probably stop reading this article now and put your head back in the sand where it belongs. This is for the people who know how to pick through the disinformation and figure out, in broad terms, what is actually going on. And what’s going on is a cold-blooded, take-no-prisoners power struggle, pure and simple.

The Confluence of Destabilizing Crises; Coincidence or Calculated Treachery?

At present, the country is beset by multiple crises: A public health crisis (Covid-19), an economic crisis (Ballooning unemployment and impending Depression), and widespread social unrest. All of these crises are real but–at the same time– all of them are clearly being manipulated for political advantage. The presidency is just one of many targets in this vast operation, in fact, the entire society is being leveled and made-over before our very eyes. Every institution down to public education and the nature of work itself is being challenged, revised and callously savaged. Our history, our icons, our heroes, our customs and our traditions are all under fire. We’re no longer one people sharing a mutual culture, background and ideology, but contemptable slave traders and racists undeserving of basic security, undeserving of respect, and undeserving of even our own account of how the country was formed, who assisted in its creation, and upon which principles the state was built. All of that is now being wiped clean, erased by faceless group of scheming elites who operate behind the smokescreen of media propaganda, political chicanery and, now, a “racial justice” movement.

Do you believe as I do that most of these crises will miraculously vanish just hours if not days after the November balloting? Suddenly a life-saving vaccine will appear from the ether, the legions of BLM activists will decide to pack it in and go home, and the economy will magically rebound when the Dems take office promising another round of grueling austerity followed by lavish handouts to Wall Street. Is that too cynical or are our rulers really devious enough to concoct such a plan?

That question would be better put to the tens of thousands of victims of US barbarism around the world. They’re the ones who understand the lengths to which these mercenary puppet-masters will go to tighten their grip on power to ensure that US multinationals continue to rake in obscene profits. As Harold Pinter opined in 2005 in his Nobel acceptance speech:

“The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them. You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It’s a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis.”

Only it’s not so witty when the weapons are turned on Americans themselves and we suddenly find our own tenuous existence in the globalist crosshairs. No one really expected that, but then, here we are.

Have you watched the escalating street violence in Seattle and Portland? Have you wondered why the police have stood down while black-hooded thugs destroy public property, topple monuments and launch attacks on police precinct headquarters? Have you wondered why the mayor and media continue to applaud the hooliganism and downplay the vast destruction to public and private property? Is this really about George Floyd, police brutality and racial justice or is this a premeditated insurrection executed by DNC shock troops aimed at destabilizing the country in order to get rid of Trump and usher in an authoritarian police-state?

Who is served by BLM-generated violence and destruction? Who benefits from Antifa? A comment by an anonymous reader at The Unz Review summed it up pretty well. He said:

“Antifa is supported by the State. FBI and CIA have long term contacts with them and they are allowed to operate as a street militia for Neoliberalism against people the State actually hates. The plan was to cause a civilian massacre to be used against Trump, so far that has not panned out.

It is a joke. Antifa could be rolled up in days if the State turned against them. Antifa operates with impunity on social media and chat servers because the FBI views them as friendlies. This could change if Antifa ever did anything against the System, but for now they are the attack dog of the Deep State.”

There’s no doubt that the government knows who these troublemakers are. There’s also no doubt that the riots and looting are part of a political agenda aimed at spreading chaos and racial violence far and wide in order to convince the weary public that the country is rapidly devolving into an ungovernable free-fire zone. Of course, the danger for the Democrats is that they might overshoot their goal and persuade voters that they’re stealthily spearheading the nation’s descent into mayhem. And that’s where the media comes in, it’s their job to shape the narrative by removing the Dems fingerprints from the murder weapon. So far, the strategy appears to be working.

In short, the widening social unrest is not a spontaneous eruption of pent-up indignation over the treatment of blacks in America. It’s part of a sinister political ploy to beat Trump and to discredit his mainly-white, working class supporters from the de-industrialized American heartland that have been pummeled by the Democrats immigration and free trade policies for the last 30 years, and who now represent the biggest obstacle to the globalist plan to reduce the economy to rubble, rewrite the nation’s history, and reassemble the state so that balanced budgets and the free movement of Capital are adopted as the government’s primary organizing principles. In other words, elites are prosecuting a war on America to pave the way to Capitalist Valhalla, the majestic temple of the insatiable Monopolists.

This also explains why the Dems are not emphasizing inclusion or assimilation in their cynical analysis of the BLM phenom. It’s because the Dems don’t want inclusion or assimilation, they want to use “identity” and “diversity” as truncheons to batter their nationalist opponents, that is, the working class people who used to vote Democrat but switched sides when they realized that the party would no longer give them even tables scraps for their support. Keep in mind, nationalism or patriotism (whatever you choose to call it.) is the arch enemy of globalism which envisions a borderless world in which multinationals dominate and Capital flows unobstructed to any potential source of profit or investment around the planet. A recent post by Paul Craig Roberts helps to clarify the conflict between “assimilation and diversity”. Here’s what he said:

“Multiculturalism might have worked in America if the emphasis had stayed on assimilation and had not been intentionally shifted to diversity.…It was the white liberals who destroyed the prospects of multiculturalism by teaching blacks to hate whites for oppressing them. And it was the global corporations that dismantled the ladders of upward mobility….

Multiculturalism can work if there are no strains and no animosities, but when strains and animosities are intentionally created, there is no prospect of successful multiculturalism. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the white liberal media, and the white liberal Democrats and professors are furiously at work making certain that multiculturalism in America fails. This means, obviously, that the America that they hate will also fail.” (“White Liberals Have Destroyed the Prospects of US Multiculturalism”, Paul Craig Roberts)

He’s right, isn’t he? And he’s also right to suggest that the Democrats are fueling racial animosities. They’re not feeding these polarizing feelings because they intend to improve black lives through better education, universal health care, higher-paying jobs, or basic security. Oh no, in fact they won’t even talk about these things. It’s like they don’t even exist. Instead, BLM, Covid-19 and the sinking economy are being used to obliterate Trump’s prospects for victory and prepare the American people for the shocking economic reckoning that will take place soon afterwards. It’s all part of the Great Reset, an elitist scheme to restructure the economy so more wealth flows upward to the parasite class.

The Covid-19 Scamdemic is an even more vile component of the 3-pronged offensive. The “fairly mild” infection (that kills between 1 in every 200 to 1 in every 1,000) has been greatly exaggerated by the media to scare the public, undermine normal relations, prevent physical intimacies, and inflict maximum damage of the fragile psyches of millions of people worldwide. It’s a terror campaign aimed at isolating people so they become more fearful, more dependent, and more easily controlled by the monsters who concocted this pernicious psyops. Check out this excerpt from an article by Russ Bangs at the Off-Guardian:

“Western civilization, led by the US government and media, has embarked upon a campaign of mass psychological terrorism designed to cover for the collapsing economy, set up a new pretext for Wall Street’s ongoing plunder expedition, radically escalate the police state, deeply traumatize people into submission to total social conformity, and radically aggravate the anti-social, anti-human atomization of the people…..

So far, the people are submitting completely to a (Covid-19) terror campaign dedicated to the total eradication of whatever community was left in the world, and especially whatever community was starting to be rebuilt…Any kind of human relations, from personal friendship and romance to friendly social gatherings and clubs to social and cultural movements become impossible under such circumstances. This threatens to be the end of the very concept of shared humanity..…As Hannah Arendt said in The Origins of Totalitarianism:

‘It has frequently been observed that terror can rule absolutely only over people who are isolated against each other and that therefore one of the primary concerns of tyrannical government is to bring this isolation about. Isolation may be the beginning of terror; it certainly is its most fertile ground; it always is its result…. isolated people are powerless by definition.” (“The Ultimate Divide and Conquer“, The Off-Guardian)

Indeed, the goal of Covid conditioning is to create a population of frightened, compliant and powerless people willing to do whatever wretched task is asked of them for skimpy sweatshop wages. It’s all about money and power.

We believe that the American people and their institutions are under attack and that Covd-19, BLM, and the planned demolition of the economy are part of a 3-pronged offensive designed to splinter the country, rewrite its history, enslave its people, and set the stage for an alternate system in which the bulk of the nation’s wealth will be controlled by a handful of power-mad Mandarins who will stop at nothing to achieve their ambitions.

It will take a colossal effort to scupper the plan.


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This article was originally published on The Unz Review.

Mike Whitney is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

Featured image is from InfoBrics

Vote Democrat… and Watch America Burn



I think there are plenty of reasons for why things are going sour, as for racial tensions blacks have it better than they ever have in the history of the western world. Whites on the other hand are being put into a very precarious position where we cannot defend our own interests as a people.

Blacks are the most easily manipulated group of people, the ultimate purpose of this engineered social chaos is far-reaching and was already in the planning phase in the first half of the 20th century. The election is only a sideshow with pre-determined election results. No matter who wins, Trump or Biden, the results remain the same.

Trump is no less corrupt than the “swamp” he promised to drain, of course he never intended to set things right and is no more than a morally bankrupt billionaire and political puppet.

The real reason for provoking racial tensions is apart of a wider jigsaw puzzle that includes stirring tensions between men and women, the invention of the LGBT, and anything else that divides a people and keeps them at each other’s throats. It’s a method of divide and conquer so that the masses fight each other instead of standing in solidarity against the deep state.

Social Media, Relativism And Religion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJjaQUyGkwI


I believe that all western countries are coming under assault by their own governments who are ruled by an international financial elite that is mainly situated in Europe and North America.

Are you familiar with this eerie song called “The Future” written by a Jew named Leonard Cohen? Another eerily prophetic song written by Leonard Cohen is “First We Take Manhattan”. I heard that Barbara Spectre is a big fan of Leonard Cohen. By the way, “Cohen” is a very prestigious Jewish surname; Jews who have the surname “Cohen” usually receive extra favours from fellow Jews whether that be helping them in business, or in the case of Leonard Cohen his music career.

The lyrics are included in the video description of the video I’ll send in a short bit.

From the description of a bitchute video:

Lyrics from the song “The Future” in which this toxic jew tells us pretty much everything the jews have planned for our people.

Give me back my broken night My mirrored room, my secret life It’s lonely here There’s no one left to torture Give me absolute control Over every living soul And lie beside me, baby That’s an order!

Give me crack and anal sex Take the only tree that’s left And stuff it up the hole In your culture Give me back the Berlin wall Give me Stalin and St. Paul I’ve seen the future, brother It is murder

Things are going to slide (slide) in all directions Won’t be nothing (won’t be) Nothing you can measure anymore The blizzard, the blizzard of the world Has crossed the threshold And it’s overturned The order of the soul

When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent) I wonder what they meant When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent) I wonder what they meant When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent) I wonder what they meant

You don’t know me from the wind You never will, you never did I’m the little Jew Who wrote the Bible I’ve seen the nations rise and fall I’ve heard their stories, heard them all But love’s the only engine Of survival

Your servant here, he has been told To say it clear, to say it cold It’s over, it ain’t going any further And now the wheels of heaven stop You feel the devil’s riding crop Get ready for the future: It is murder

Things are going to slide (slide) in all directions Won’t be nothing (won’t be) Nothing you can measure anymore The blizzard, the blizzard of the world Has crossed the threshold And it’s overturned the order of the soul

When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent) I wonder what they meant When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent) I wonder what they meant When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent) I wonder what they meant

There’ll be the breaking of the ancient Western code Your private life will suddenly explode There’ll be phantoms, there’ll be fires on the road And the white man dancing You’ll see your woman hanging upside down Her features covered by her fallen gown And all the lousy little poets coming round Trying to sound like Charlie Manson Yeah the white man dancing

Give me back the Berlin wall Give me Stalin and St. Paul Give me Christ Or give me Hiroshima Destroy another fetus now We don’t like children anyhow I’ve seen the future, baby: It is murder

Things are going to slide (slide) in all directions Won’t be nothing (won’t be), nothing you can measure anymore The blizzard, the blizzard of the world Has crossed the threshold And it’s overturned The order of the soul When they said (they said) repent (repent) Repent (repent) I wonder what they meant When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent) I wonder what they meant When they said (they said) repent (repent) Repent (repent) I wonder what they meant When they said (they said) repent (repent) Repent (repent)”





What do I like is Charlie Chaplin, Clara Haskil, Yehudi and Gerard Menuhin, Felix Mendelssohn, Noam Chomsky and Kafka….

To see and hear permanently self congratulating Jew lies with inferiority/superiority complex in the Medias and Show business is tiring ad nauseam !

Ashkenazi Khazars aren’t semites, but Turco-Mongols !

TELL THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL https://holocausthandbooks.com/dl/978-1-59148-141-6-TellTruthShameDevil-2nd-LowRes.pdf

US Systematic discrimination, Racism, Fascism Plutocracy and Junk-Food is disgusting !

Every human should have a Decent life access !

Italo Vernazza

To carry on with our info please see http://www.1291.one (and a white hat)…


Apparently you give two shits about unity. Instead of understanding the root cause of the problem, you deviate and claim it’s “America” and nothing to do with the *ews. If you were pro-White you would support White hegemony wherever it may be. It’s no longer in Africa, so keep it in North America and Oceania. Whilst believing all sorts of Marxist propaganda, look into your own history and the history of everyone else and you will see the hypocrisy behind “look what America and Britain have done!”.


1) I am probably a “pure” Caucasian Celtic Batave-Allobroges-burgondes and alamans with a Protestant humanist Culture with 400DC Christian roots

Everybody should have a decent life access, a center right liberal businessman against any discrimination, said Marxist Negar by simpleton Cowboy !

2) May I remember you Albert Gallatin wasn’t African, but a Geneva Citizen

Abraham Alfonse Albert Gallatin, born de Gallatin (January 29, 1761 – August 12, 1849) was an American politician, diplomat, ethnologist and linguist. Biographer Nicholas Dungan states he was: “America’s Swiss Founding Father.”[3] He is known for being the founder of New York University and for serving in the Democratic-Republican Party at various federal elective and appointed positions across four decades. He represented Pennsylvania in the Senate and the House of Representatives before becoming the longest-tenured United States Secretary of the Treasury and serving as a high-ranking diplomat.

Gallatin was born in Geneva in present-day Switzerland and spoke French as a first language. He immigrated to the United States in the 1780s, settling in western Pennsylvania. He served as a delegate to the 1789 Pennsylvania constitutional convention and won election to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. An opponent of Alexander Hamilton’s economic policies, Gallatin was elected to the United States Senate in 1793. However, he was removed from office on a party-line vote after a protest raised by his opponents suggested he did not meet the required nine years of citizenship. Returning to Pennsylvania, Gallatin helped calm many angry farmers during the Whiskey Rebellion.

Gallatin returned to Congress in 1795 after winning election to the House of Representatives. He became the chief spokesman on financial matters for the Democratic-Republican Party, leading opposition to the Federalist economic program. Gallatin’s mastery of public finance led to his choice as Secretary of the Treasury by President Thomas Jefferson, despite Federalist attacks that he was a “foreigner” with a French accent. Under Jefferson and James Madison, Gallatin served as secretary from 1801 until February 1814. Gallatin retained much of Hamilton’s financial system, though he also presided over a reduction in the national debt prior to the War of 1812. Gallatin served on the American commission that agreed to the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the War of 1812. In the aftermath of the war, he helped found the Second Bank of the United States.

Declining another term at the Treasury, Gallatin served as Ambassador to France from 1816 to 1823, struggling with scant success to improve relations with the government during the Bourbon Restoration. In the election of 1824, Gallatin was nominated for Vice President by the Democratic-Republican Congressional caucus. Gallatin never wanted the position and was humiliated when forced to withdraw from the race because he lacked popular support. In 1826 and 1827, he served as the ambassador to Britain and negotiated several agreements, such as a ten-year extension of the joint occupation of Oregon Country. He also became president of the National Bank’s branch in New York City. In 1842, Gallatin joined with John Russell Bartlett to found the American Ethnological Society. With his studies of the languages of Native Americans, he has been called “the father of American ethnology.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Gallatin


The state of those countries has a lot more to do with the people living there and the politicians in power, it is absurd to expect them to follow the same example laid out by Europe before the refugee crisis or earlier. Africa will never be Switzerland (excluding their banking system).

You will find much greater lawless and poverty in countries like Brazil than in the USA, to blame it all on the latter without taking into account anything else is a sign of extreme ignorance and will never solve the problem. This was always the case in Brazil, blaming it all on Europeans completely fails to address the root cause of the problem. Is it not strange that Haiti and Jamaica have always been poorer and less stable than in any nearby countries?

Social and monetary inequality is far greater in Latin America than in North America, you will notice that most of the time the fairer members of society are always more successful than the darker members and this has very little if anything to do with “oppression”. Brazil has far greater nepotism (as does any 2nd and 3rd world country) and the fairer races usually do better than the darker races.

Trap Is Not Gay

Latin American “governments” are basically the USA/Jews, as well as the banking system, corporations, media, military, education, etc.

Usually these USA/Jew pawn “elites” in every country have decided the future of each country.

When the people rebel the USA makes them go Cuba or Venezuela.

That’s been that way for at least 50 years, when the mediocre USA left being the nothing it was by the 50s.

Also Haiti have been under USA sabotage (read their history).

The same thing the Jew did to the USA, the USA helped to do to Latin America before.

One day Brazil will wake up like China and Russia, and the patriots will charge our price.


US is Blackmailing Switzerland since 1940….

Medias, Justice, Politics, Corruption, and Mafia robberies is CIA/Mossad organised and Controlled !

cechas vodobenikov

u despicable racist—US income/wealth disparities exceed those of all but a few African, 2 Latin American nations….the USA leads the world in both violent and non-violent crime per capita, rape per capita….


“u despicable racist” There you go sounding off with your communist lies and mantras once more.


“the USA leads the world in both violent and non-violent crime per capita, rape per capita….”

Do you homework Cechas, your claims are easily debunked. Furthermore 54% of those crimes are committed by the black residents who only make up 13% of the US population. The crime, corruption and income inequality is higher in Latin America and 3rd world countries. According to you everything is the fault of “whitey” when without us the rest of the world would still be in the dark ages.



“u despicable racist” There you go sounding off with your communist mantras once more while hypocritically being racist yourself, then bitch whine and complain whenever someone mentions verifiable facts you don’t like to hear. You lack the critical thinking ability to think or understand anything other than what your government wants you to think, you literally think the jews can do no wrong despite extensive amounts of evidence showing they are responsible for much of what you habitually blame White people for, especially if they’re American.

Please visit and settle in ghetto neighbourhoods, you will have a blast (quite literally with a bullet hole in your head or family member murdered). Then when they become gentrified the residents start complaining that there are more non-blacks living there and that it lost its run-down touch that doesn’t scare the shit out of people who visit it without being shot on sight.


Black History Month: bitchute[]com/video/rIBuLEDoaR6h/

Aspiring Rappers Blow Up a Homeless Man: bitchute[]com/video/yKzCbLlemKDB/

Black Crime Matters – with Emily Youcis: youtube[]com/watch?v=Cfvu1FY07Eg

“the USA leads the world in both violent and non-violent crime per capita, rape per capita….”

Do you homework Cechas, your claims are easily debunked. Furthermore 54% of those crimes are committed by the black residents who only make up 13% of the US population. The crime, corruption and income inequality is higher in Latin America and 3rd world countries. According to you everything is the fault of “whitey” when without us the rest of the world would still be in the dark ages.



‎6 juin ‎1944 Europe “Liberation” first month, the GI’S did more Rapes and Destruction in France the Germans ever did in France during the whole “occupation” !

UK/US History Tales can’t be more Bogus ! What’s done today in Israel, Middle-east or Afghanistan is just a vomiting Xerox ! ========================================= https://www.voltairenet.org/article204021.html


From 1945 until today – 20 to 30 million people killed by the USA

by Manlio Dinucci

It’s a fact, not an analysis, not even an opinion – the « free and open international order» promoted since 1945 by the United States has cost the lives of 20 to 30 million people throughout the world. No President, whoever he may be, has managed to slow the rhythm of this killing machine.



In the summary of its last strategic document – 2018 National Defense Strategy of the United States of America (of which the entire text is classified) – the Pentagon claims that « after the Second World War, the United States and their allies installed a « free and open international order in order to safeguard the freedom of the people from aggression and coercion », but that « this order is presently undermined by Russia and China, who are violating the principles and rules of international relations ». This is a total reversal of historical reality.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, director of the Center for Research on Globalization, reminds us that these two countries, listed today as enemies, are those which, when they were allied with the United States during the Second World War, paid the victory over the Nazi-fascist Axis Berlin-Rome-Tokyo with the greatest price in human lives – approximately 26 million from the Soviet Union and 20 million from China, compared with a little more than 400,000 from the United States.

With this preliminary, Chossudovsky introduces to Global Research a documented study by James A. Lucas on the number of people killed by the uninterrupted series of wars, coups d’État and other subversive operations executed by the United States from the end of the War in 1945 until now – a number estimated at 20 to 30 million victims [1]. Approximately twice the number of deaths from the First World War, the centenary of the end of which has just been celebrated in Paris with a Peace Forum.

Apart from the deaths, there are the wounded, who very often find themselves crippled for life – some experts calculate that for every person killed in war, ten others are wounded. This means that the number of people wounded by US wars should be counted in the hundreds of millions.

To this estimation in the study we must add a non-quantified number of dead, probably hundreds of millions, which have been caused, from 1945 until today, by the indirect effects of wars – famine, epidemics, forced migrations, slavery and exploitation, environmental damage, subtraction of resources from vital needs in order to cover military expenditure.

The study documents the wars and coups d’État executed by the United States in 30 Asian, African, European and Latin-American countries. It reveals that US military forces are directly responsible for between 10 and 15 million deaths, caused by the major wars – those against Korea and Vietnam and the two wars against Iraq. Between 10 and 14 million other deaths have been caused by the proxy wars waged by the allied armed forces trained and commanded by the USA in Afghanistan, Angola, Congo, Sudan, Guatemala and other countries.

The Vietnam War, which spread to Cambodia and Laos, caused a number of deaths estimated at 7.8 million (plus a huge number of wounded, and genetic damage affecting generations due to the dioxin sprayed by US aircraft).

The proxy war of the 1980’s in Afghanistan was organised by the CIA, which trained and armed – with the collaboration of Oussama ben Laden and Pakistan – more than 100,000 mujahideen to fight the Soviet troops who had fallen into the « Afghan trap » (as it was later described by Zbigniew Brzezinski, specifying that the training of the mujahideen had begun in July 1979, five months before the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan).

The bloodiest coup d’État was organised in 1965 in Indonesia by the CIA – it handed over the list of the first 5,000 Communists and others marked for death to the Indonesian murder squads. The number of people assassinated is estimated at between 500,000 and 3 million.

That is the « free and open international order » that the United States, independently of the White House, persist in pursuing in order to « safeguard the people from aggression and coercion ».

Manlio Dinucci https://www.voltairenet.org/article204021.html ======================================== TELL THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL https://holocausthandbooks.com/dl/978-1-59148-141-6-TellTruthShameDevil-2nd-LowRes.pdf


Asia is missing 300 Millions women thank’s Malthusian Rockefeller and all organised sterilisations…. ! Children’s kidnappings and Rapes are “Normal” expected consequences…

If you love Maps, on the link here bellow there is an interesting one about the US project for the World on the way… ================================================= https://www.voltairenet.org/article197541.html


The US military project for the world

by Thierry Meyssan

While all experts agree that the events in Venezuela are following the same model as those in Syria, some writers have contested the article by Thierry Meyssan which highlights their differences from the interpretation in the anti-imperialist camp. Here, our author responds. This is not a quarrel between specialists, but an important debate about the historic change we are experiencing since 11 September 2001, and which is influencing all our lives.


good read thx…I agree with him too.

It was the concept of balkanization, that was first coined by Zbignew Brzezinski. One doesn’t need to control a country in order to have whatever resources we want, one only needs to make sure no one else controls it, so we have the organizational and military power to take what we want.

Trap Is Not Gay

You know what’s funny?

Americans ruined South America for Jews, but Jews destroyed their precious white race.

The USA is going to be inherited by random immigrants that didn’t break a sweat.


You know what’s funny? South America was ruined before America became a country and remained ruined ever since. What you say about the US isn’t a certainty and you forget who owns most of the firearms, Russia and the rest of Europe face a similar fate if trends continue to persist. As with South Africa, Europe and America will transition into 2nd and possibly 3rd world status if that comes to pass.

Trap Is Not Gay

South America was never wealthy, but never was as degenerate as the USA (degeneracy that you force everybody to follow).

The Jew was accommodated in America (not in China or Japan, for example) because you all are deviant to some point.


1. South America had more slavery and their caste system lasted longer than it did in Europe and America, far more black slaves went there than to North America.

2. I’m not American.

3. America is controlled by jews, not white people. Especially after 1913, 1945 and 1965. Jews that appear to be white are mongrels, so are other jewish ethnic groups.

4. Jews have an ever present impulse to accelerate the spread of degeneracy and the decline of civilization wherever they’ve travelled to over the last three thousand years.

5. Your username and avatar is a reflection of some of the worst of that degeneracy, my username and avatar represents a desire to reverse that degeneracy so that mankind can reach the status of overman.

Trap Is Not Gay

The USA creates:

– BLM – Purple hair people – Cuckolding – Pedophilia advocacy (NAMBLA) – Gangsta RAP – Habouring George Soros – Legalize – Wokeness – Blacked – “Protests” for anything (parades in fact) – Christian Zionists – Fat pride – Anti-Police

The Mystery Babylon goes on and on.

Also the USA is full of niggers (because of segregation). In South America we had handsome browns that used to work hard (because of miscegenation), pretty different – but now all going onto the same boat.

Yep, South America (and the world) were ruined by the Jew’s Mistery Babylon.


Well (((who))) owns nearly all of the news and entertainment media in Europe, Oceania and both American continents? Everything you mentioned about the “USA” creating was most often promoted by jews in the Graeco-Roman world, among the upper class through secret societies throughout the Renaissance and Enlightenment, and finally throughout the course of the industrial revolution and into the modern world.

1920s Germany was a watershed moment in the jew’s promotion of degeneracy only to be suppressed and exiled after the National Socialists rose to power. This is where the jews moved their subversive degeneracy to America that after 30 years of continuous effort made a significant breakthrough as the “counter-culture” of the 1960s summerized in the words of “drugs, sex and rock n’ roll”.

Segregation only existed in the American south, sending them back to Africa like Abraham Lincoln wanted to would have solved the problem. The US is multi-racial because of its open border policies and lax immigration requirements, including the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Multi-racialism has proven to never work wherever it has been practiced, every other place on earth that is multi-racial only has small religious and ethnic minorities that in no way compares to multi-culturalism (i.e multi-racialism) in western countries.

*Cuckholding existed since the beginning of time, except it only happened when women were raped because married couples didn’t view their marriage vows as a frivolous matter.

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (Life & Times): bitchute[]com/video/ClhYS9iLgQ0R/ archive[]org/details/TheLifeTimesOfCorneliuZeleaCodreanu

Trap Is Not Gay

No, the USA is.


“So little pains do the vulgar take in the investigation of truth, accepting readily the first story that comes to hand.” — Thucydides

Who Runs Modern Hollywood: bitchute. com/video/6WhkLYVMNZ2c/

An Empire Of Their Own – How Jews Invented Hollywood: archive. org/details/anempireoftheirownhowthejewsinventedhollywood

American Media Ownership: i. 4pcdn. org/pol/1572727157280. jpg

The “Chosen People” In The Swedish Media: archive. is/tdvlD# selection-561.0-561.40

Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control by E. Michael Jones: goodreads. com/book/show/1449354. Libido_Dominandi



Trap Is Not Gay

As always, the USA.


What is Cultural Marxism?: bitchute[]com/video/C9V1PlQIyHxl/

Culture of Critique for Normies: archive[]org/details/CultureOfCritiqueForNormiesPartIIIJewsAndTheLeft_201803

Critical Theory: archive[]is/sPHZZ


Unclean Lips: Obscenity, Jews, and American Cultureby Joshua N. Lambert: goodreads. com/book/show/17920225-unclean-lips

Jewish Occupied Babylon Germany Before Adolf Hitler: archive. org/details/JewishOccupiedBabylonGermanyBeforeAdolfHitler_201905

Magnus Hirschfeld: antizionistleague. com/scrapbook/cultural-marxism/sexual-bolshevism/magnus-hirschfeld/


You Gentiles: bitchute[]com/video/eUEZNisp9Ki0/


Clip from “The Believer”: altcensored[]com/watch?v=57Dc22dORBA

Trap Is Not Gay

So much bullshit.


You still have gay clubs, strip clubs, excess of pornography, overt flaunting of one’s sexuality, etc. You aren’t a traditional society, Russia is the west in the 1990s without the “diverse” demographic or higher crime rate. You still have cross-dressers too, except they are few in number. The Russian judicial system still protects people’s right to do something like that, only that it would result in them being shunned and assaulted.

Trap Is Not Gay

Go to bed.


It isn’t my bedtime faggot.


UK/US/Jews Damaged Culture Cancer is Slavery & Genocides to Pilfer the Planet for paper Money Domination by Hook or by Crook !


Every Human and Animal should have a decent life access !

Races is a Colonial trik to justify Slavery and Genocides !

I am a Caucasian from Celtic origins alike European majority, half Batave half Allobroges

Celtics origins is apparently Anatolia – fertile crescent colonising the Neandertal – Cro-Magnon Europe !

Have a look at the human being evolution, some theory is saying a huge eruption occurred 50’000 years ago, almost erasing life on Earth ! 2’000 Homo Sapiens survived and are the today World population origins….

To have lived in 60 Countries the last 60 Years, my personal observation, it’s everywhere the same.

Differences is mostly education and Food access, maybe Switzerland is the best on these aspects, UK/US among the worst ! “Tell me what do you eat, I will tell you who you are ! ” Chinese and Russian food the US Junk-Food better by far !

Check “microbiota” influences on running the Brain, last high tech discoveries are saying Hippocrate 400BC same…

None withstanding modern research is showing :

DNA tests can’t tell you your race

Jack Herrera

Popular Science

Fri, 27 Dec 2019 06:25 UTC

Russell Lee/Farm Security Administration/Office of War

© Spanish-American family

A Spanish-American family photographed in New Mexico in 1940. Today, they’d be categorized as Latinx, even if their origins are more complex.

It’s always a mess when Latinx folks take DNA tests. Things go alright, until we get to the “ancestry” portion, which some commercial genetic tests label as “ethnicity.”

People who identify as Latinx claim ancestry from all over: indigenous Americans, Spanish colonists, enslaved Africans, Middle Eastern people, miscellaneous Europeans, and even Asians.

This can lead to unexpected DNA results. My grandfather is Mexican, but fair-haired and blue-eyed (we sometimes call people who look like him bolillo, which means “white bread”). When he got his report back from FamilyTreeDNA, he found out he had more North American ancestry than expected. Abuelo made some weird comments — but my friend’s brother’s reaction was much worse. Also Mexican, he came into the living room with his tests results printed out. “I found I’m 3 percent black,” he said. “What’s up my n*****s?”

Thankfully, his family quickly corrected him: “You just can’t say that word!” But to correct him more fully, they would need to let him know that a DNA test, no matter how sophisticated, can’t tell him what his race is.

Etc., etc… https://www.sott.net/article/426421-DNA-tests-cant-tell-you-your-race

johnny rotten

It is false to speak of post-colonialism, the need for free resources and slave labor is part of the nature of Western imperialist capitalism, it has always been here, has never left, whoever says otherwise lies knowing that he is lying.


What Is Race Realism? altcensored[]com/watch?v=_9kaJyRQfVw

Instead of constantly blaming Whites for other people’s problems, a persistent victim mentality is a slave “morality” and a refusal for someone to take responsibility for their own actions can only keeping these designated “victims” in their place. The White guilt construct is built almost entirely on lies and most certainly an extremely biased propagation of history. Refusing to find the facts and debate people with those facts is highly dishonourable and an act of cowardice, any man or woman that stoops to such lows is a coward and with no true sense of honour.



There are several videos on the Oxford Union Youtube channel that say the exact opposite, David Webb is telling the truth here (almost 100%):


The Serbian that made these memes, can be rather off-putting: bitchute[]com/channel/galactic74/ glavasic[]com


Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) Between the 1960s and 1980s: youtube[]com/watch?v=AG_i8aabud0

Rhodesian propaganda song with footage of soldiers: youtube[]com/watch?v=Op9ocu-LT3U

I am not advocating white rule in Africa, in fact I would prefer they learn how to be more independent. Either they will learn how to be independent and successful, or they will continue to suffer because of their self-negligence and incompetence. Good on the white farmers who refuse to immigrate back to Zimbabwe under the desperate wishes of Zimbabwe’s government. All white people living in Sub-Saharan Africa should be offered immigration to Europe, North America or Oceania similar to Israel’s immigration policy of “The Right to Return” based on one’s religious-ethnic identity. Israel should also be dismantled and setup exclusive communes in Argentina or Madagascar as alternatives to living in Israel.




Tommy Jensen

You are far out. Disturbing history and white washing the white man.

I could show you how Rwanda and Kenya look like today after China has been there, and how it looked like under british and french rule.

Just look at all these European white men in key positions and power. All of them racists and organisers of oppression and countless atrocities in foreign countries a long way from their own born place, all hailed and praised by their white populations. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e7c96f7d7d6a1d213d688e9519a5b424a88dc5937e53bc891e3c857ddbb58b22.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/71d84382a8e2ba65afdd09175c6e7b91c85e9bbe5865e93c1e4c241fb02ea707.jpg . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a3ff15d852ebd99ccf5812a657e80cac5bc7a900942a2b8c241a12bb13cf981f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5147a5f78c7888f2dde6475343106738e165daa3a5982c7435bd02380ce20777.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/90df17bce7633c8967d23b0e0b7d70f61015d080923477764a5c0e83125b0822.jpg


You’re whitewashing the negro and black washing the Aryan when I have the facts, I have present the facts, and you have none other than Marxist lies via Critical Theory when all of history proves the exact opposite. I never exalted Whites from anything, I mentioned the verifiable facts and that one entire race is not equally responsible for the actions of a few.


What you perceive as “racism” is a tool of suppressing the demographic majority through anti-White racism to subjugate the targeted group of people and singling them out for extermination through self-prostrating and guilt by birth into developing racial self-hatred for their people, i.e. White people.

We’ve done enough self-prostration when we have very little to be guilty of, the only thing we are guilty for is our cowardice in allowing this to happen to us in the first place and allowing a false sense of guilt to strangle us and allow ourselves to be trampled on by the world as the jew’s scapegoat.

We have more to be proud of than anyone and without us the world would be a darker place, especially with the jews being in it.


All self-proscribed “minorities” should take responsibility for once in their lives and get over it, instead they want to blame nature’s laws on us for our mere existence. By blaming us they get to absolve all their own responsibility and no amount of self-flagellation and ethnic masochism will give them the peace in their hearts they desperately desire.

Those who don’t grow up and face uncomfortable realities, admit their flaws and work on building their character tend to think they can only have peace by working toward our destruction under the mistaken belief they will become us by exterminating us.

Ironically they think we’re better than we do ourselves in our state of self-hatred. The jew takes advantage of the situation by pitting gentiles against other gentiles to prevent gentiles from turning their attention onto jews.

“Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp whatit really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excitesenvy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.” — Joseph Sobran.

“If humanism were right in declaring that man is born to be happy, he would not be born to die. Since his body is doomed to die, his task on earth evidently must be of a more spiritual nature. It cannot the unrestrained enjoyment of everyday life. It cannot be the search for the best ways to obtain material goods and then cheerfully get the most out of them. It has to be the fulfillment of a permanent, earnest duty so that one’s life journey may become an experience of moral growth, so that one may leave life a better human being than one started it. It is imperative to review the table of widespread human values. Its present incorrectness is astounding. It is not possible that assessment of the President’s performance be reduced to the question of how much money one makes or of unlimited availability of gasoline. Only voluntary, inspired self-restraint can raise man above the world stream of materialism.” ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn .


A very good message found between the 9:58 and 25:30 time stamps:

archive. org/details/TheLifeTimesOfCorneliuZeleaCodreanu

Mirrored from the following video:

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (Life & Times):

bitchute. com/video/ClhYS9iLgQ0R/

archive. org/details/for-my-legionaries/page/n191/mode/2up?q=surely+set+up+by+their+rabbi

An excerpt from the book “For My Legionaries”:



The Philippines has the US Colonial Damaged Culture incrusted to the bones mellow ! Half a day killings and Rapes is more than One Year in Switzerland !

All numbers you want about anything are always FAKE fairy tales !


They initially took over the Philipines from the Spanish that conquered it beforehand and falsely presented it as a “liberation” of the Philippines from the Spanish. This was the same war they booted the Spanish out of Cuba.


When the US took over the Philippines it’s known to have been the First Vietnam ! 40% of the Population was exterminated mostly with Tortures I have personally seen Victor Consunji(DMCI owner), maybe Manila wealthiest tycoon CIA profiled, killing 30 natives a day with two Huey Helicopters ! The Natives had J-String, spears, bow and arrows ! The Sultan Kudarat Governor Nestor Gumana, Vice Governor, Philippines Army and Constabulary are all partnership guilty of Genocide

NB: If interested by South East Asia History, the unanimously considered reference is Alfred “Al” William McCoy Mark Twain also wrote many interesting about the Philippines, but said “In our World, truth can’t be said when alive” His heir were too afraid to publish his archives…. For the Jacqueline Kennedy Memories, she imposed her heirs not to published it before the third generation(75Years) ============================================== https://russia-insider.com/en/alexander-solzhenitsyns-critical-history-jews-russia-brief-comment-ron-unz/ri24929

Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Critical History of Jews in Russia – a Brief Comment from Ron Unz

” … given the overwhelmingly Jewish composition of the top leadership during much of (the revolutionary) period, it is hardly surprising that “anti-Semitism” was deemed a capital offense (in Russia).”

RI Staff Ron Unz Mon, Apr 1, 2019 |


Russia Insider Tip Jar – Keep truth alive!

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This is an excerpt from a much longer article by Ron Unz originally entitled Oddities of the Jewish Religion, which we highly recommend.

We reproduce it here because there is so very little written about this important book, which debunks much of what was taught in the West in the 20th century about Russia.

Throughout most of my life, Nobel Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn was generally regarded as the greatest Russian literary figure of our modern era, and after reading all of his works, including The First Circle, Cancer Ward, and The Gulag Archipelago, I certainly concurred with this assertion, and eagerly absorbed Michael Scammel’s brilliant thousand page biography.

Although Russian himself, many of his closest friends were Jewish, but during the 1980s and 1990s, whispers of his supposed anti-Semitism began floating around, probably because he had sometimes hinted at the very prominent role of Jews in both financing and leading the Bolshevik Revolution, and afterward staffing the NKVD and administering the Gulag labor camps.

It is unlikely that this ‘quote’ is authentic, rather it reflect the opinion of the memer who created it, a view which has merit.

Late in his life, he wrote a massive two-volume history of the tangled relationship between Jews and Russians under the title Two Hundred Years Together, and although that work soon appeared in Russian, French, and German, nearly two decades later, no English translation has ever been authorized. His literary star seems also to greatly waned in America since that time, and I only very rarely see his name mentioned these days in any of my regular newspapers.

Samizdat versions of major sections of his final work may easily be located on the Internet, and a few years ago Amazon temporarily sold a 750 page hard copy edition, which I ordered and lightly skimmed.

Everything seemed quite innocuous and factual, and nothing new jumped out at me, but perhaps the documentation of very heavy Jewish role in Communism was considered inappropriate for American audiences, as was the discussion of the extremely exploitative relationship between Jews and Slavic peasants in pre-revolutionary times, based on liquor-dealing and money-lending, which the Czars had often sought to mitigate.

When a ruling elite has limited connection to the population it controls, benevolent behavior is far less likely to occur, and those problems are magnified when that elite has a long tradition of ruthlessly extractive behavior. Enormous numbers of Russians suffered and died in the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution, and given the overwhelmingly Jewish composition of the top leadership during much of that period, it is hardly surprising that “anti-Semitism” was deemed a capital offense. Kevin MacDonald may have been the one who coined the term “hostile elite,” and discussed the unfortunate consequences when a country comes under such control.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, reborn Russia soon fell under the overwhelming domination of a small group of Oligarchs, almost entirely of Jewish background, and a decade of total misery and impoverishment for the general Russian population soon followed. But once an actual Russian named Vladimir Putin regained control, these trends reversed and the lives of Russians have enormously improved since that time.

America’s media organs were overwhelmingly friendly toward Russia when it was under Jewish Oligarchic rule, while Putin has been demonized in the press more ferociously than any world leader since Hitler.

Indeed, our media pundits regularly identify Putin as “the new Hitler” and I actually think the analogy might be a reasonable one, but just not in the way they intend.


Whites, Asians and South Americans were more advanced 8,000-10,000 years ago than nearly all Sub-Saharan Africans from 150-1,000 years ago. That should tell you something, there are few good excuses if any.


Mentioning the highly verifiable fact that j*ws started the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and held a monopoly over it throughout its entire existence would have been punishable by death in the USSR.



Tommy Jensen


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