Group of Ahrar al-Sham Fighters Defects To Faylaq al-Rahman In Eastern Ghouta


Group of Ahrar al-Sham Fighters Defects To Faylaq al-Rahman In Eastern Ghouta

Faylaq al-Rahman members

A group of Ahrar al-Sham fighters defected to Faylaq al-Rahman in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The SOHR added that in total 120 Ahrar al-Sham members defected with their weapons. The Arabin area in Eastern Ghouta is witnessing a major tension between Faylaq al-Rahman and Ahrar al-Sham as a result of the incident.

Some experts believe that Ahrar al-Sham fighters joined Faylaq al-Rahman in order to support the group in Ayn Tarma area and Jobar district east of Damascus.

Last weekend, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a large attack in these areas. Another reason may be that Faylaq al-Rahman is one of the groups that rejected the de-escalation agreement in Eastern Ghouta, and it is backed by the United States.

Meanwhile, the SAA targeted Faylaq al-Rahman positions in Ayn Tarma area and Jobar district with more than 124 heavy Burkan rockets. At the same time, Syrian Air Force warplanes bombed Faylaq al-Rahman’s fortifications in two areas.

On July 30, 50 other fighters defected from Ahrar al-Sham and joined Faylaq al-Rahman. Faylaq al-Rahman is in a very complicated situation despite the US support becaue as Jaysh al-Islam, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Ahrar al-Sham are now working against it in Eastern Ghouta.



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    hopefully the terrorists belonging to different groups will kill each other