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Greta Thunberg: Hypocrisy And Propaganda Reach New Level

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Greta Thunberg: Hypocrisy And Propaganda Reach New Level

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On December 15th, Greta Thunberg took a “friendly stab” at Germany’s rail operator, Deutsche Bahn about her train being overcrowded.

She then said that it was something good, showing that it was a positive sign that people preferred the cleaner way of travel.

In response, Deutsche Bahn responded on Twitter, thanking her for using their services, but reminding her that she shouldn’t forget to mention the good service she received in first class.

“Dear Greta, thank you for supporting us railroaders in the fight against climate change! We were happy that you travelled with us on Saturday in the ICE 74 … but it would have been even nicer, had you also reported how friendly and competently you were looked after by our team at your seat in the first class.”

Deutsche Bahn has a bad reputation for late, canceled and overcrowded trains.

In 2019, Deutsche Bahn introduced a new online booking system that warns customers which trains are expected to be packed. However, the warning system has been criticized for its inaccuracy, with empty trains having been reported full and packed trains shown having vacant seats.

However, Greta was caught in a lie, which she later attempted to clumsily remedy. The eco-activist was returning home from the UN conference on climate change through Germany. She complained that the trains were crowded, so she had to ride on the floor for her trip.

It turned out that it was for a short while, and she, otherwise, travelled in first class.

DB confirmed that Greta had travelled first class between the cities of Kassel and Hamburg. Greta responded swiftly, suggesting that DB had overreacted to her tweet by inferring that she had criticized the company for running an overcrowded service.

This is not the first time that Greta has been accused of hypocrisy.

For the climate protests in New York, the girl went on a yacht, since it is more environmentally friendly. At the same time, the captain of the ship flew back home on an airplane.


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WTF this isn’t news

Hasbara Hunter

UN Conferences On Climate Change are Bullshit…the Climate has been Changing for as long as there is Climate….Sun a bit Closer…Sun a bit further away…okay True we ourselves have put the thermostat a bit up….The Real problems are:

1. Mass Extinction of Species…Biodiversity down the drain
2. Dead zones in the Oceans
3. Plastic Nano Particles to be found in every living creature
4. The Air we breathe Heavily polluted…Cancers & Respiratory Diseases will Rise Sky High
5. Clean Watersources Heavily Polluted Or Sucked up and bottled by Nestle & Co
6. Large Scale Genetic experiments
7. Holocaust for Livestock from Calf to Steak
8. Endless Greed will mean the Extinction of Man

Tommy Jensen



She didn’t lie, and she didn’t complain. Stop lying.


but she is right – overcrowded and toilets fit for humans and not one animal would enter a toilet on a train voluntarily so while ‘our’ politicians, bribed to the hilt by the industry, pretend to take the issue as something worth considering, they won’t do a thing.


Greta sounds like a bad Ingmar Bergman film. “How dare you?”

Tommy Jensen

All leftish are hypocrites as all their slogans are fakes and invented by Wall Streets Stink Tanks.

Peter Jennings

Check out the angry Emoji’s borrowed Tesla on youtube. It was stacked with plastic bags and supermarket contraband.

See it and share it before youtube take it down, in the name of free speech according to youtube’s social signalling Dilophosaurus.


Look up SOPH on BITCHUTE for an alternative 14-year-old view

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