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Greek Orthodox Church Resists Constantinople’s Attempts To Push Forward Recognition Of ‘Independent’ Ukrainian Church


Greek Orthodox Church Resists Constantinople's Attempts To Push Forward Recognition Of 'Independent' Ukrainian Church

IMAGE: romfea.gr

Eminence Simeon (Koutsis), the Metropolitan of the Metropolis of New Smyrna, has called on hierarches of the Greek Orthodox Church to avoid making hasty decisions on the Ukraine question.

In a special letter, Metropolitan Simeon addressed the Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Jerome, and members of the Holy Council and Synod describing his position on the “Ukrainian issue”. The full text of the letter was published by the Greek web portal Rompheus.

The letter shows a concern over actions of the Kiev government in the religious sphere and warns that the recognition of the non-canonical ‘independent’ Orthodox Church of Ukraine may lead to the split of the Orthodox World.

However, in fact, such a split already happened due to actions of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople that contributes every possible effort to push forward with the Western-backed project of the non-canonical ‘independent’ church in Ukraine. The Greek Orthodox Church that historically has especially strong links with Constantinople is facing an especially harsh pressure.

If Constantinople achieves a success and ‘convinces’ the Greek Orthodox Church to recognize the non-canonical Ukrainian entity, this will only sharpen the existing tensions within the Orthodox World. Actions of Constantinople are slowly destroying the Orthodox Church as a tradinioal religious system and contributes to its fragmentation.




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