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Greek Mirage Fighter Jet Crashed Near Skyros Island Returning After Turkish Jets Interception


Greek Mirage Fighter Jet Crashed Near Skyros Island Returning After Turkish Jets Interception

Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets

UPDATE: The pilot is dead.

A Greek 2000-5 fighter jet has crashed near Skyros Island into the eastern Aegean Sea after after intercepting Turkish jets, state TV ERT said on April 12.

According to ERT, the fighter jet was part of a two-plane patrol that had just intercepted Turkish fighter jets.

The pilot is missing.

Coastguard and navy vessels have been dispatched to the area where the plane is believed to have come down.

Greek fighter jets are regularly scrambled to intercept Turkish jets who enter what Athens considers Greek airspace over the Aegean Sea.



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  • FlorianGeyer

    It must be Putins fault.

    Macron has the intelligence to support that. :)

    • skinner15

      But he can’t share it with the world as the Russians would know how he found out.

      Apparently, some Brit spy was sat in a room watching Russian agents smearing nerve agents over door handles in preparation for the Skripal attack.
      The Brits sure don’t mind dropping that guy in it, but won’t tell us how they know anything else!

      • FlorianGeyer

        It gets more surreal and childlike with every passing day and the British taxpayer is obliged to pay these fools:)

    • Vitex

      Macron has intelligence?

      • FlorianGeyer

        He says he has ,Lol, ergo he must have surely ?

        mmmm maybe not.

  • BL

    Russia should help Golden Dawn rise to power in Greece and form a military alliance with them. The illegitimate terrorist genocidal state of Turkey has ambitions to reconquer the Balkans and ethnically cleanse the indigenous Greek people even more than they already have.

    Turkey is a fake state, its people are ethnic Greeks, Armenians, Anatolians, Kurds, etc whose language has become Turkified only a few centuries ago following the Mongol invasions in the region. These people have been brainwashed by Jews to think they are actually the same people as the Turko-Mongol tribes who invaded their ancestors, they have been brainwashed to base their entire identity on genocidal Mongols and to constantly think about invading and committing genocide against their neighbors. Just go observe a typical Turkish nationalist conversation and observe the extreme level of brainwashing, lack of rationality, and delusion. It’s truely comparable to the idiocy of the average Murican.

  • χρηστος

    A victim in a daily war between 2 NATO ‘allies’. Shows how credible Turkey is.