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Greek Coastguards Attack Migrant Dinghy And Shoot Into Water Amid Border Mayhem (VIDEO)

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According to Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, the number of migrants leaving Turkey to cross to Greece via its northwestern border Edirne as reached 130,469 on Tuesday morning.

RT reports (source):

Disturbing video has emerged of Greek coastguards beating a dinghy full of migrants and opening fire into the water off the coast of Bodrum after Turkey warned it would stop preventing migrants from crossing the Greek border.

In the footage, which was distributed by Turkish authorities, one of the guards can be seen pushing the migrant dinghy away with what looks like a metal rod.

Migrants can be heard shouting as the guard uses the rod to beat them back while another shoots into the air, before the coast guard vessel speeds away.

In a statement to journalists, a Turkish official said Greek coastguards “performed manoeuvres aimed at sinking the rubber boat.”

The shocking video comes shortly after reports on Monday that a child died when a boat carrying 48 people capsized off the Greek coast.

Until now, Turkey had been preventing migrants from crossing into Greece under a deal signed with the EU in 2016. The decision to let them cross came following escalating hostilities in the Syrian province of Idlib where more than 30 Turkish soldiers were killed by a Syrian airstrike last Thursday.

Police fired tear gas at migrants attempting to cross the land border on Monday after Athens promised that it would implement a policy of maximum “deterrence” at its border and accused Ankara of using migrants “as pawns to exert diplomatic pressure.”

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This isn’t shocking. Immigration is war and Erdogan is intentionally fanning the flames of war.

Lazy Gamer

Set the camp up. Make this an orderly process. However I fear, there are lots of people vested in destroying the boundaries, culture, and population of a state.


No-one wants them

If previous waves of refugees hadn’t abused the welcome they received it would have been different. Any government that welcomes future ones now will eventually be thrown out by the voters.


Only give refugees who make it to Europe what they give refugees in Turkey. A tent to sleep in, some food to feed them, and nothing more. Once the rest hears from the advanced guards that the days of getting free houses, welfare, healthcare, education all at the expense of the Western taxpayer are over and they will get exactly the same treatment they’re getting in Turkey they will stop coming. It’s the promise of the good life that drives these people, not actual safety.

Simplekindof Man

This is obvious deterrent tactics,so that other should think twice before attempting the crossing.

Peter Jennings

Are conditions that bad for the ‘millions’ of refugees in Turkey that they have to risk their lives crossing the med?
In all probability these ‘refugees’ are merely migrants and terrorists fleeing Syria with their families whilst they though they could.

130,469 in one day? It seems Erdogan has been storing the ‘refugees’ to use them later as bargaining chips. So much for humanitarianism.
Meanwhile the Turkish refugee factory operates at full tilt.


Peter, you could be correct.

Constellation 2023

No, it’s unhumane European governments who didn’t keep their promise to help Turkey, so the Turkish government has no choice but to let them go. They can’t be held against their will. Plus, the whole mess in Syria is a making of the West. Turkey isn’t going to take it from Europe anymore. Let Europe deal with a problem they helped cause and didn’t solve!

big lebowski

These are just immigrants into Turkey that are funneled to the border.
I don’t know about Europe (how exactly did Europe cause the problem?), but Greece certainly hasn’t.

Peter Jennings

I agree that the trouble in Syria was/is caused by western gov’ts. However it seems that Erdogan has taken up where they left off, so he too can bear the brunt of the refugees he is currently causing.

It does seem unlikely given that the Turkish admin is so publically and enthusiatically assisting terrorists in Syria that ordinary Syrians should want to flee to a country who is now responsible for making their 9 year nightmare last even longer. The Syrian people want to go home, not to europe.

Either Erdogan cares about the plight of the Syrian population or he doesn’t.

big lebowski

They are not Syrians and they’re not refugees.
Mostly Afghans, Moroccans, Afghanis and sub-saharan Africans.

Black Waters

Sink them.

Simplekindof Man

Von der leyen officially thank Greece for being “the shield of Europe”
Now that’s refreshing….

Constellation 2023

Barbarian Greeks! They forgot the days of WWII when millions took refuge in Syria from the Nazis and Communists. The noble people of Syria took care of them, gave them shelter and food, and even provided education to their children. Following the war, the Greeks returned home or left for a third country of their choice. Yet their grandchildren are scumb of the Earth today and don’t care about how the Syrians helped them during their difficult days.

big lebowski

Syrians can ask for asylum in foreign embassies in Syria and/or Turkey.
Or even come with their passport and visa to the border.

Many European governments (including the Greek one) will accept most of them, as they’ve already done with tens (if not hundreds) of thousands.

Jihadis, criminals or plain immigrants without a passport might as well drown.


Big Lebowski ταινιαρα !




At last they are trying to do their job = securing the sea border against any invasion. Shooting the invaders would be much more effective.

big lebowski

It’s one thing to talk tough on an internet forum.

Would you shoot at them if they were in front of you?


Yup, I just read about it, in our MSM in Norway, the nation of mountain monkeys and sheep f…. chimps, but whats I understud from the coments, there is an event before this happens, that the Greeks is showing, what happened right before this shooting of warning, witch alone is nothing unusual, happens even up here from time to time, but Turkish ship escorting the so called Refugee wessel, witch the Greeks are blaming NGOs for been behind, signaling to the other side, etc, etc and the sole reason for an Norwegian Nurse been attacked by the Greeks and whined about eh….. everybody is an Nazi, etc, etc, you know the drill.

It was the Turd ship that created this, nobody else, and blames the Greeks for doing nothing to help the “sailores” since they capsiced in open sea, yeah, the reason for bringing them in, like the fleet right outside Libyan territorial waters, and as soon the rubber boat is outside the border, the NGOs ships are there to rescue the poor “refugees”, this have been ongoing for years, people die, and somehow I am blamed for everything, this f…. have no shame, they should be hanged, for trafficing and all the misserys witch it brought with it, all the way back to the regions this people comes from.
Dying in the bushes, because of fairy tales delivered by Sore-ass ascosiates and western backed NGOs, and when people die, even there I am blamed for everything.
You cant argue with insane people and an MSM rotten to its core, pushing politics witch will desimate our world and people, we should start to throw this criminals in jail, and sink their ships, period.

While ignoring what the Turds are doing, and the western MSM is tripping around like balet dancers, and feeds us hard core social porn, and of course, how racistic we all are.
Yup, Greeks and Turds, uh…. but the Turds are pushing this, and everybody knows that, only the MSM pimps the “refugee” narrative relentlessely, and thats why, its dead silent, despite the MSM barrage, the situation is gone into an halt, and I agrees with the Greeks on this one, keep em out or sink their wessels, its no other viable option and throw the western NGOs out, kick as far you can, and sink, or even better, torpeed them, be an good sport and give the fish an brand honking new ref.



Just a push back to Turkey.
The boat was not sunk or any such attempt made.
If the coast guards wanted it sunk they could do it with out such struggle.
We have the sovereign right to protect our borders, our country and our people.
We have enough immigrants already. No more are welcome.

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