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Greek Authorities Seize Ship Carrying Explosives En Route To Libya

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Greek Authorities Seize Ship Carrying Explosives En Route To Libya

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On January 10, the Greek authorities seized the Tanzanian-flagged ship “Andromeda” that was carrying explosive materials on its way to the Libyan city of Misurat, according to Reuters. The Greek authorities reportedly found 29 containers carrying ammonium nitrate, non-electric detonators and 11 empty liquefied petroleum gas tanks while inspecting the ship after it had been intercepted near the Greek island of Cretet.

Greek Navy Rear Admiral Ioannis Argiriou told reporters that the materials that were sized on the ship could be used “for all sorts of work, from work in quarries to making bombs and acts of terrorism”.

The investigation revealed that the ship was loaded with the explosive materials in the Turkish ports of Mersin and Iskenderun. Moreover, the ship operators hid its real destination by providing a fake path toward Djibouti and Oman.

The Libya city of Misurat is under the control of the Libyan Government of National Accord (LGNA) that’s mainly backed by Turkey and Qatar. The LGNA is also linked to several terrorist organizations including the Shura Council of Mujahedeen in Derna. This could mean that the explosive materials were indeed meant for military use by the LGNA-linked armed groups.

Since the outbreak of the Libyan civil war in 2014, Turkey and Qatar had shipped tons of weapons to the LGNA via air and sea routes. However, many of these weapons shipments were intercepted by the Libyan National Army (LNA) that’s backed by Egypt and the UAE.

These weapons and explosives shipments are considered a direct violation of the European Union and United Nations arms embargoes, that prohibited the sale, supply or transfer of arms to Libya since 2011.

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888mladen .

Turkey Qatar == Muslim Brotherhood


Back in the early 80’s the US tried to overthrow the Syrian Government of Hafez al Assad. The CIA used the Muslim Brotherhood to stage an uprising very similar to the recent American efforts to overthrow Assad Jnr. Hafez slaughtered them all, and the uprising failed. Some have suggested that if Basher had used his fathers ruthless methods, many lives would have been saved.


….Turkey again, Turkey always. Sweep them out and peace will increase in the world

You can call me Al

I go with the US from their Turkish base.


410tonns of explosives …..Libya has an embargo of weapons sales…..imagine what was going n in Syria all those years……a huge festival for arms dealers

chris chuba

If this was an Iranian ship heading to Lebanon it would occupy about 2 pages in the U.S. State Dept’s annual, ‘Iran is the #1 sponsor of global terrorism’ report.

John Brown

The real questions are who owns it and where did it come from?

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