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Greece Says It’s Willing To Do “Whatever It Takes” Against Turkey, Even … Negotiate

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Greece Says It's Willing To Do "Whatever It Takes" Against Turkey, Even ... Negotiate

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On July 3rd, Athens said that Greece would do “whatever it takes” to protect its sovereignty, including even entering discussion with Turkey on bilateral issues.

“If the only difference we have is on the proclamation of an exclusive economic zone, then we are ready to negotiate and sit at the table with Turkey and discuss the issue,” Alternate Minister for Foreign Affairs Miltiades Varvitsiotis said in an interview in Athens.

“But if the issue is to contest Greek sovereignty over islands in the Aegean sea, then the response is no,” the minister added. “We’re not discussing our sovereignty, we’re not giving away Greek soil and we will do whatever it takes to defend it.”

Separately from migrants, economy, tourism, the deals between Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) and Turkey, there is also another issue: Turkey’s plan to turn Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia museum into a mosque.

Erdogan has long pushed for the conversion, rebuffing criticism from the U.S. and Greece. The site, which is included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, carries a special significance for Greeks, who see it as one of the most important Christian monuments and a legacy of an Orthodox tradition dating back to the Byzantine Empire.

“Hagia Sophia is a world heritage monument… Many countries, culminating in the intervention of the US State Department, highlighted this very point, urging Turkey not to take steps which would create a huge emotional chasm between the Christians of the world and Turkey,” Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas told a news briefing.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on July 1st urged Turkey to let Hagia Sophia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to remain a museum and to ensure it remains accessible to all.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the spiritual head of some 300 million Orthodox Christians worldwide and based in Istanbul, said converting it to a mosque would disappoint Christians and would “fracture” East and West.

Completed in the year 537 in what was then Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine empire, Hagia Sophia was the biggest cathedral in Christendom for 900 years before becoming a mosque after the city fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453.

It has remained a museum since 1934, under the Kemal Ataturk, founder of the secular Turkish republic.

The biggest proponent to turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque, once again, is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


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  1. Hanny Benny says:

    if turkey attacks greece it will be bombed back to stoneage
    its a try worth ;)

    1. M.A. Lamett says:

      Just try and then forget all the Aegean islands, Rhodes, Crete and Thessaloniki. Delusional Greeks.

      1. Ishyrion Av says:

        You should worry about delusional turks. As long as they still can be found…

        1. Brother Ma says:

          Ak and Mavi Vatan ,till the white and blue Waters of The Euphrates and Lake Van respectively.. I can’t wait.

      2. FANFARONE says:

        TAF does not have the capacity to gain air superiority to achieve any of that. Your best realistic chance is to occupy a few uninhabited islands. On the other hand during the very first hours of the engagement you will have to forget balıkesir & dalaman air bases as well as foka & akzas naval stations which will be leveled by artillery fire, airstrikes and cruise missiles.

        Then you will roam freely in attaleia bay LMAO

        1. M.A. Lamett says:

          With an army which was considerably weak, Turkey liberated half of the Cyprus in 24hrs. Today it may take less I assume to finish the job. Don’t worry be happy. :)

          1. FANFARONE says:

            Yet cyprus did not even operate a navy or an airforce and their limited armed forces were in the middle of a civil war at the time. It is a known fact you Twerks are accustomed to attack helpless countries ravaged by civil conflicts ( cyprus, syria, iraq ) and you do not dare mess with real armed forces let alone a NATO one. Wobble gobble rezil budala esek glugluglu yogarlu lun ic olun koce. I dare you to try something the next months, we have prepared a number of neat surprises, until then SuS ic olun kofte boy ayran drinker LMAO

  2. Tommy Jensen says:

    We know Greece are willing to do whatever it takes to get usury loans. We have seen that many times.

    1. Ishyrion Av says:

      Tommy Jensen, I suspect you cannot point Greece on the map. So why bother talking about things you don’t understand?

    2. Brother Ma says:

      Let’s talk facts here. The biggest loaner in Europe has always been Germany who had war reparations FORGIVEN twice by the Allies . In addition ,all of Europe paid for Eastern Germany to be added back to West Germany itself. The German tax-payer didn’t; it was the rest of the EU…

      The Truth always wins on the battlefield .

      1. Ishyrion Av says:

        So much true. You forgot to say that at the reunification, Germany absolved itself of all debts.
        Nice, isn’t it? I wish I can go to bank and tell them I don’t have any debt to them anymore!
        And the loans Greece was forced to accept, well, they entered in banks and returned to Germany. And now Greece pays them with interest!

    3. M.A. Lamett says:

      This is the way Greece has always been. Hiding behind its western handlers used to do the dirty provocations of their masters. For that they always demand tips.

  3. M.A. Lamett says:

    Greece is not the biggest Turkish concern. The main issue is the imperialist forces which use petty thief little Greece to antagonize Turkey. Greece is used as an expendable cannon fodder and sadly the Greeks may not even be aware of it. Anyways, it seems Turkish powerful naval presence and military force seems to have an effect. The Greeks started to come to their senses and started talking about negotiations. That’s a good start but it looks like they need to be tamed a bit more.
    In terms of Hagia Sophia, I would like to say that it is the property of sovereign Turkey and Turks can do whatever they want with it. It was used and maintained for centuries as a mosque by the Ottomans, so I don’t see any problem to use it as such again. It is only up to the Turks to decide, so it is nobody’s business. It is also a known fact that Greece destroyed many Ottoman mosques on their territory after they gained independence in the 19th century and the western world just looked the other way. On contrary even medieval Turks did not destroy any church on the lands they conquered, but preserved and converted them into Mosques. Who is more civilized?

    1. Ishyrion Av says:

      Definitely turks are not civilized. Never were, and they are still not. Just a horde. The proof is Syria. That’s for the record.
      And who are you to talk about how great were/are tuks for Christianity they destroyed? Have you no shame to come with this gibberish? A church transformed into a mosque is a deep profanation both of the Christianity and of Christians.
      Of course turks just took the churches and raped them into mosques. This is just how much their “cultural” genius could do. Rape and steal.
      As for the mosques in Greece, if it’s true, why should they stay there? Ugly faces of the islam occupation when Christians were basically forbidden to pray? You cannot transform them in museums cause they are ugly. You cannot make them churches cause they are devilish.

      1. M.A. Lamett says:

        Yeah sure. That’s why the crusaders (fanatic christian hordes) took over Constantinople (modern day Istanbul) in the 13th century and raped orthodox christian women inside Hagia Sophia church. Go and read history to learn about civilized christian west and their very high values. Christians have no lesson to teach to Muslims and vice versa. Religions are always used to promote wars and barbarism. I am not sure if your highly biased and deranged fanatical religious brain can understand what I am saying. Get lost you delusional moron.

        1. Brother Ma says:

          Asia Minor will be reborn ,”Ak and Mavi Vatan ” ,Greek lands retaken till the White of the Euphrates and Blue of Lake Van.

          1. M.A. Lamett says:

            Hahaha…Greeks tried it in 1919 Anatolia, 1924 Izmir (Symrna), 1974 Cyprus. Always been kicked in their dirty asses. You little cockroaches don’t get it. Turkey is here to stay and even get more what rightfully belong to Turkish national interest. You will see that Aegean islands stolen and confiscated by Greece will eventually be returned to the rightful owner which is Turkey. Either by peaceful agreement or otherwise. Mediterranean, Aegean seas, Libya, Syria, Iraq, the Balkans are Turkey’s “Lebensraum” and thus considered as essential for the existential security of Turkey.

          2. FANFARONE says:

            Turkey exists no more. Erdogang has sold it out to qatari and the ikhwan and jeopardised kemal’s legacy.

            Turks do not exist either west of caucasus mnt. For example your understanding of diplomacy and geopolitics should make you something like 1/4 arapoglu, 1/4 kurdoglu, 1/4 iranoglu and 1/4 cinganoglu LMAO

          3. Ishyrion Av says:

            Relax. Is not the Greece which will make you feel the edge of the sword.
            Is Russia. Then all the western “allies”.
            Be a little patient, it comes soon.

          4. Brother Ma says:

            Read my former post on why Cyprus was even allowed to happen and ” one swallow does not bring the Summer”.

            In 1919 , Greece lost due to exhaustion and separate traitorous peace treaties made by its allies,Italy and France. Man for man the Greeks were the best fighters as they had the most experience and all the Allies knew it.

            In any case,Inonu and Kemal admitted that they only just won due to them being down to their last bullets in the Battle Of Dumlupinar.

            In Cyprus ,the Turk generals admitted they were “sweating bullets “as they knew that if the Greek Airforce attacked the Turks would be thrown into the sea. The Greeks didn’t for the reasons I mentioned in my former post.

            Ok. I notice your posts are full of “Anatolian Turk Peasant” braggadocio and low on on facts or dates.

            That tells me you are all about wishful Thinking and brainwashing rather than reason . So keep talking in the mirror … Your audience will be mesmerised with all your talk.

            Once you are not a “police- protected criminal” the nations will throw you back to Turkestan ,so I can’t wait till Russia ,America and Israel can’t protect the you.

            You will behave or you are out to the camps in Sinkiang…

          5. M.A. Lamett says:

            Where in Greece do they teach you history. In the toilet?
            Firstly Dumlupinar (Meydan Muharebesi as it is called in Turkish) is one of the greatest and proudest victories in the near Turkish history. Turks celebrate 30th of August every year and commemorate it. Your bullshit history account above can only convince fools and stupid brainwashed Greeks. Simply google Wikipedia Battle of Dumlupinar and you can read a fairly accurate account of the miserable defeat of the Greek army. Total confusion, no planning, wrong assumptions and inefficient army head quarters. Turks fought brilliantly and chased the fleeing Greeks up to Izmir (Smyrna) and further to the med sea. Greek invasion of Asia Minor ended with disaster for the Greeks. Many Greek soldiers cowardly surrendered instead of fighting. Turks did that when they were the weakest in their history (imagine what they can do now?). Here I add some pictures for you Greeks to yearn and for Turks to enjoy.
            Greek POW officers in Ankara, 29 September 1922.
            General Kimon Digenis with his soldiers being led away by Turkish soldiers following their capture.


            POW Greek generals at the Kırşehir POW camp: from left to right; Colonel Dimitrios Dimaras (commander of 4th Division), Major General Nikolaos Trikoupis (commander of I Corps), Staff Colonel Adnan or Kemaleddin Sami, Major General Kimon Digenis (commander of II Corps) and Lieutenant Emin.
            Commanders of Turkish Army, from left to right: Mirliva Âsım (Gündüz), Mirliva Ali Hikmet (Ayerdem), Ferik Ali Sait (Akbaytogan), Mirliva Şükrü Naili (Gökberk), Mirliva Kazım (İnanç), Ferik Fahreddin (Altay), Mirliva Kemalettin Sami (Gökçen), Mirliva Cafer Tayyar (Eğilmez), Mirliva İzzettin (Çalışlar)


          6. Brother Ma says:

            Like I said before Coban, i don’t need you to teach me history. I live l and breathe it for all of European hHistory and especially of the Near East.

            Itwas me who brought up Dumlupinar ,fool ,not you. You never brought up facts and figures till I exposed you for the braggart and wishful -thinker you are. I know all that you mentioned but I stand on what I said. Maybe you should read a little more widely rather the propaganda you are taught in Turkey. Maybe a bit more object IikeI am and read some information from both sides and other people. I know it’s a bit hard now that Erdo has indulged in ” book burning ” and you all jail and kill anyone who doesn’t think the same Erdo way.

            You have been a “police protected criminal nation “but the whole world is now tiring of you and soon you will behave or been thrown back to Turkestan or Arabia or Qatar or wherever you want. Yet out of Asia Minor you will all go. With The other European ‘s help or not you will be thrown out as you rightly deserve. Secular Moslem , atheist or back to Christianity. They are the only choices you will have and of course there will be a mass reacceptance of the CryptoChristians who are there even now. I have met two families here in my country who have already converted back to Christianity. It doesn’t take much,all it takes is a little security in the West and away from the interfering Yanks who have protected you for so long.

            Ak Vatan and Mavi Vatan ; by the waters of the Euphrates and Van. I can’t wait to start up travel agencies to get rich off the tourism.

        2. Ishyrion Av says:

          Crusaders were Catholics. They did what you said and worse. Pope even helped Otoman Empire to conquer Constantinople. It was too great for them to contemplate.
          Orthodox and Catholics…well, they are divided since 1054 and forever they will be.
          But there is no excuse for turks here. They were/are just savage beasts, everywhere they hold the power.

    2. Bob says:

      Reality check: The whole of modern-day Turkey was once Greek Asia Minor – and it certainly didn’t stop there – it ran all the way around the eastern shores of Mediterranean – to Egyptian port of Alexandria. You know – the Alexandria Library – the southern Mediterranean centre of learning.

      1. M.A. Lamett says:

        So what is your point. Because it was once ancient Greece (nothing to do with modern Greeks), Turks should hand it over to Greeks? With your logic, US should hand it over to native Amerindians. Why don’t you propose you genius idea to Americunts.

        1. Bob says:

          If Anatolia was Greek – then the Hagia Sophia – built as the Roman Empire’s central Eastern Orthodox Christian Church – most certainly is. It is only the truly weak, the envious, and the desperate, who would seek to claim the religious structures built by others.

      2. Hyper20 says:

        Seems you need a reality check, start with opening a map.

        1. Bob says:

          Really?…Try looking up Asia Minor, then Greek Hellenic culture, and then take look at the extent of Alexandra the Great’s advances (he stopped at sub-continental Asia).

          1. Ishyrion Av says:

            Don’t bother, the only map he knows is google map on his phone.

          2. Hyper20 says:

            So? Alexander’s empire was very short lived–only a tiny fraction in Anatolian history, before they killed eachother and the Romans effortlessly conquered them.

          3. Brother Ma says:

            Actually the Alexandrian Empire lasted a three hundred years (Egypt) ,Seleucia (Syria)two hundred , his Kingdom of Bactria in afghanistan /for Pakistan/even India for four or five hundred. Note even at two hundred ,it outlived The British Empire.

            So tell your teacher to come talk to me so I can teach him a lesson .

            What ? You can’t access books that don’t suit Islamist views in Turkey? Too bad ,too sad…
            Sucks to have a Dictator.

          4. Hyper20 says:

            Not that long in Anatolia tho.

          5. Brother Ma says:

            I disagree. 333bc ? To around 100- 50bc ? Two hundred at least.

    3. Brother Ma says:

      Many nations destroyed mosques including your Turco jihadists in Aleppo within the last ten years etc. Who is the civilized nation now?

      In addition ,if we go by what you say then the UK ,Germany and France should simply shutdown all the mosques in their lands as it is their country , right?

      Greece would be stupid to negotiate on any such matter with Turkey and if they are doing it is only because of behind the scenes pressure by its “Allies”.

      As for American pawns ,Turkey takes the cake being Uncle Sam’s deputy in the area for years.

      The sooner Israel and Turkey are broken, the better for all of Europe and European civilisation.

      1. M.A. Lamett says:

        Turkey is there to stay. Don’t worry. Turks have a glorious imperial background and countries with a great imperial history will always stay in tact. That is a proven fact of history. Nobody could ever break them apart. Like Iran, Russia, China, Britain, France, you name it. I am not sure which chickenshit little pathetic country you are from but be more concerned about your own broken little ass.

        1. Brother Ma says:

          As a Turk I think you’d be more familiar than I with having a broken ass. Seen “Lawrence of Arabia” or “Midnight Express “? Good movies …

          1. Ishyrion Av says:

            He didn’t see those. He saw only the movies when erdo acts the main part.

          2. Brother Ma says:

            Hahaha. He didn’t say a word about it! ;)

            USA and Turkey are “propaganda states “and worse than what Soviet Russia was meant to be like . All Hollywood -like internal consumption.

          3. Amorphis says:

            Do you realise how weird this sounds? You are literally saying it took a handful of powerful militaries + local tribes to kick Ottoman Empire’s ass but somehow believe Greece can do it alone?

            You are either insane and not taking your pills or one of the most irrational and trollish person on the Earth.

          4. Brother Ma says:

            You obviously know nothing of facts or history.

            The Greeks defeated Persia two e against overwhelming odds and numbers.

            The Greeks defeated Italy in 1940 against overwhelming odds.

            France had the strongest best equipped army in both WWI and II and was destroyed in a wink.

            The Houthis , Vietnamese and Afghanistan Mujahideen were able to defeat conventional armies with bare feet ,ak47 etc.

            It is called asymmetric war . Read a book!

          5. Amorphis says:

            The Finnish defeated Russia? Are you for real dude? They won a small skirmish with Russia due to Russia being busy with the freakin’ Nazi Germany.
            Yeah, Greeks defeated Italy because Mussolini is a moron. That’s why right after that, Nazi Germany steamrolled over Greece.
            The Greeks that won against Persia has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with today’s Greece.
            I do read books. I think YOU should read books, instead of writing randon irrevelant opinions.

          6. Brother Ma says:

            You weren’t very clever in school were you?

            Notice I said “defeated” in quotations. It was a war not a skirmish with very many battles etc. A war . The Winter War and to all intents and purposes they thrashed Russia.

            Mussolini a moron? So what ? The same logic can be used for the Greek Conels in Cyprus in1974. They were morons too,sucked in by their Nato- loving ways .

            Germany defeated Greece? So what? Germany smashed Russia and France almost instantly and you talk about an exhausted smallest country of Europe Greece-who Hitler lauded ,the only enemy country he did – losing against the Nazis who smashed France ,the biggest and best army in Europe?

            How old are you ? Fifteen or are you so fixed in your anti Greek ways you can’t dis US’s things with reason in a measured way.

            I bet you are a Coban from the East of Anatolia: from some hick village who maybe made it to High School and has been Indocrihated by jihadists headchoppers.

            Next time do your homework before coming here.

          7. Amorphis says:

            So you actually believe Finland could beat Russia in a full-out war?

            Let’s see how war progressed;

            1. Hard terrain, defending position, guerilla warfare; Soviets failed the first offensive.

            2. Renewing tactics, Soviets first made their first breakthrough on the Western Karelian Isthmus in the second battle of Summa,.

            3. On 5 March, the Red Army advanced 10 to 15 km (6.2 to 9.3 mi) past the Mannerheim Line and entered the suburbs of Vyborg. The same day, the Red Army established a beachhead on the Western Gulf of Vyborg.

            4. Seeing the defenses falling, Finland proposed armstice on 6 March.

            5. On 9 March, the Finnish military situation on the Karelian Isthmus (which was the only line of defense that did not collapse) became unbearable due to very high casulties.

            6. Norway and Sweden did not allow Franco-British passage, which was going to help Finland. Seeing this, Finland accepted the Soviet demands.

            So, this is, for you, Finland defeating Soviets? Holy fuck mate. Your delusions are on a whole new different level.

            I don’t give a fuck about Cyprus getting rekt due to their retardness. If you try to “prove” Greece’s strenght by comparing them to a retarded military power, I will disprove it by how they faired against a REAL army.

            Your last 2 paragraphs are not noteworthy. Your name calling is basically a poor attempt to conceal your ignorance on the subject.

            Btw, damn. I am glad world is not working by your logic. Because can you imagine? If it did, Soviets actually lost the war against Germany, as it was Germany that had to accept Soviets defeated them and had to agree with their demands.

            Are you having a hard time understanding the logic of the previous parag.? It’s yours. You shouldn’t.

          8. Brother Ma says:

            It seems to me “you doth protest too much”. It is obvious you do not understand why I put the word “defeated ” in quotation marks.

            It is also obvious you have comprehension problems as you believe I said that Russia would lose against Finland . I never did say that.

            It is well known that Finland gave Russia a Pyrrhic Victory but you would probably start splitting hairs on what Pyrrhic means.

            I do believe you have Asperger tendencies or you are just a troublemaking troll or paid shill . I don’t think you have many friends and probably believe your ancestor was a Grey Wolf as well.

            Good luck with that and maybe we will talk about another topic.

          9. Amorphis says:

            It did not gives Soviets an irenic victory at all :D:D:D Dude are you for real? There is a difference between giving a hard time against a military power with your tactics etc. that went all out on you and took you serious vs. against a military power that initially understimated you and gave casulties because of that.

            The moment Soviets took Finland seriously and renewed their tactics, they started advancing against the entire defense line.

            Well at least I now know I gotta ignore your posts as you are absolutely against anything and everything that is rational and reasonable. I pity your friends, doubt there are any anyway.

  4. Ishyrion Av says:

    Turks were always like that. A horde with no culture and no respect towards other cultures. They understand only the edge of the sword.

    1. M.A. Lamett says:

      Really. Show me just one “western” power which did not use “the edge of the sword”. I bet you believe the Americunts are spreading democracy and freedoms. You idiot, imbecile.

      1. Ishyrion Av says:

        You are the imbecile here, assuming things on the people you don’t know.

    2. Hyper20 says:

      Well come and show that “edge of the sword”, kid.
      I’ll stick that deep up in your ass, just how you pedo priest does.

      1. Ishyrion Av says:

        Don’t worry. If I see your face in my country, I’ll make you feel the edge of the sword.
        I believe muslims are number one pedophile in the world. Turks included. If you analyze the top searches on the Google by countries.

        1. Hyper20 says:

          Don’t worry kiddo, i don’t visit container sites.

          1. Ishyrion Av says:

            Joking, right? You never visited any village in Turkey??

          2. Hyper20 says:

            Have you looked around in that gypsy country of yours?

  5. Bob says:

    The Hagia Sophia was built as the centerpiece of the Eastern Roman Empire Christian Church. Period.
    Anything else is merely a hostile occupation – by those who covet its beauty, and are deeply jealous, and deeply insecure, of what its Roman Christian creators could achieve.

  6. verner says:

    I’ve said it before and I say it again – Turley should make a quick and final takeover of the rest of cyprus and the poor ass-peddling greeks could do and will do nothing about it. That would settle an old sore issue in the far end of the Med. and about Hagia Sofia, turn it into a religious place of worship for muslims in turkey and east of there, hardly anything the west can have any serious contrary views on.

  7. John Gabriel says:

    Why not sell the islands off the Turkish mainland to Turkey? If the Turks can’t pay asking price, then they can’t have those islands. Greece has so many other islands that are just as good and even better.

    War never results in any winners. Think smart and do business.

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