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Greece Delivers Patriot Air-Defense Battery To Saudi Arabia (Photos)

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Greece Delivers Patriot Air-Defense Battery To Saudi Arabia (Photos)

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On September 14, the Hellenic National Defence General Staff announced that a unit of the Greek Armed Forces had set off to Saudi Arabia to deliver a MIM-104 Patriot anti-air-defense system.

A farewell ceremony was held for the unit in the capital Athens. The ceremony was attended by Defense Minister Nikos Panayotopoulos and Chief of Staff Konstantinos Floros.

Floros described the move as a “historic moment” and said that the cooperation between Greece and Saudi Arabia is meant to ensure “stability and security in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.”

According to the Greek news outlet Ekathimerini, the 120 service member strong Hellenic unit will operate the Patriot Battery. The unit will stay in Saudi Arabia for an undetermined period of time, and will be used to strengthen Saudi air defenses.

The deal to lend Saudi Arabia a Patriot battery was signed in April during Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and Panayotopoulos’ visit to Riyadh. The deal was hailed as a step forward in Greek-Gulf cooperation.

Greece Delivers Patriot Air-Defense Battery To Saudi Arabia (Photos)

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A recent report by Newsweek revealed that the US had withdrawn a THAAD [Terminal High Altitude Area Defense] missile defense system and Patriot batteries from Saudi Arabia over the last few weeks.

The US move came amid a surge in missile and drone attacks launched from Yemen by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) at Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s agreement with Greece was apparently activated because of the US move. Despite its vast resources, the oil-rich Kingdom is still incapable of securing the means it needs to defend itself.


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Chris Gr

I, as Greek, don’t agree but don’t disagree with that. Saudis are Wahhabis but Houthis are with Iran and Turkey and therefore are a threat to us.


No wrong, Houthis are with Iran, but not with Turkey at all. Saudi’s are looking to Turkey to provide Syrian Islamist mercenaries to fight under KSA in Yemen against Houthi’s. There is something else underlying Greek actions here.
BTW, Wahabbai’s are the worst kind of extremists, it’s KSA state policy to destroy archeological and architectural ruins that predate Islam’s origins in 7th century, so as to remove pre-Islamic history. They are so extreme they can’t even accept, or act as responsible custodians to, the bigger historical fabric of the region they inhabit.

Last edited 8 days ago by Robespierre
Chris Gr

Totally incorrect. If you remember Cold War, all these were allies against the Nasserists. Now after they won they are fighting each other. Turkey and Iran support the Muslim Brotherhood everywhere. Maybe Iran supports Assad but they still support Hamas and their Lebanese and Jordanian counterparts. Also, Iran supports the radical Saudi cleric Salman al Ouda.

jony boy

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Last edited 7 days ago by jony boy

Re Chris go back to school. you still got lot to learn

Chris Gr


Call me AL

They are not with Turkey, just the opposite. Looks like you Greeks have sold your soul to the US AGAIN.

Peppe il Sicario

And to Israhell!! The Greeks have literally lost any bit of national sovreignty and if you take a look at Athens, it’s become a proverbial Third World sh*t-hole.

Chris Gr

Obvious troll is obvious. Those that rule Athens don’t care about the wellbeing about us Macedonians.

Peppe il Sicario

Your Zionist-loving sell-out whore government is the biggest threat to you! Wake up!!!

Chris Gr

Our government is terrible but Israel should be supported because it is in our interests. Palestinians are Turcophiles.


So you hoping Israel will defend you this time.. not the British or American will come and help you. re Chris Persians are coming back start running

Chris Gr

Persians and Turks will win in the beginning and lose in the end.


what are you talking about?
houthis are mostly shia ally with iran and almost against turkey! turkey is supporting saudi puppet government because they booth are from muslim brotherhood party even there were rumors turkey want to send syrian wahabi mercenaries to help them in maarib saudis even using turkish karayel UAV in their invasion against people of yemen!
houthis are people who just defending their homeland against coalition of brutal invader animals….taking part in pure crimes against humanity and genocide that is happening in yemen is an eternal shame….houthis proved that they are no threat for anyone but who invade their home and looks like greeks sold their souls to wahabi criminals
besides what is the threat of iran for greece? iran is the natural rival of turkey in the region who defeated turkey plans in syria and iraq and had no problem with greeks in thousands of years!

Chris Gr

Totally fun. Iranians alongside with Turks, Kurds and Iraqis slaughtered Assyrians in the past.

Chris Gr

MBS is monarchist, on the other hand, Iran supports the Wahhabi/MB imam called Salman al Ouda. And the Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood wanted the Houthis to attack the concert of Shakira in Saudi Arabia.


Explain how are they are threat to you?

Chess Master

How are Houthis with Turkey?

Chris Gr

Houthis-Hezbollah-Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood-Turkey-Iran-Pakistan-Malaysia


Greeks have become JEWusa bitches

Chris Gr

Traitor pseudo-European/American basement dweller who supports the mullah regime.


What happened to the Greeks that resisted the Persians and the Nazis recently?
They have become bitches for empire now?
I can’t have any respect for my orthodox brothers?

Chris Gr

Iran supported Bosnian mujahideen against Serbia.

Peppe il Sicario

You can’t compare 1999 to the world today. I bet Iran regrets that near-sighted move, but then again, Serbia has dealings with Israel so, what are we to conclude? The average Serbian knows how corrupt and two-faced their governments are.

Last edited 7 days ago by Peppe il Sicario
Chris Gr

LOL Serbians and Jews have good relations.


Why should Christian Greece cover Muslims, why didn’t Turkey send a battery of its new S400 defence system to its Sunni Brothers. Obviously money has changed hand here.


They bend down 24/7 for money typical greek.

Chris Gr

Ottomans and Persians (half Turks) are known for bending over.

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