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Greater Idlib: Turkish Military Established Another Post, Two Militants Killed In Landmine Explosion

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Greater Idlib: Turkish Military Established Another Post, Two Militants Killed In Landmine Explosion

Turkish forces are seen at Mount Barsaya in northeast of Afrin, January 28, 2018 / Khalil Ashawi / Reuterss 

On October 13, the Turkish military completed the construction of yet another post in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The London-based monitoring group said that the new post was built near the town of Benin in the southern Idlib countryside. The post oversees a road linking the government-held town of Ma’arat al-Nu’man with the town of Ariha, which is held by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies.

Turkish-backed militants maintain a strong presence around Benin. In the morning, two militants of the Suqour al-Sham Brigades were killed near the town in a landmine explosion.

The Turkish military began building the post around a week ago. At around the same time, a similar post was established near the town of Afes in the southern Idlib countryside, only a few hundred meters away from Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions in the town of Saraqib.

Turkey has been reinforcing its troops in Greater Idlib for a few weeks now in what appears to be an attempt to deter the SAA and its allies.

Recent reports revealed that the army is planning to launch a large-scale ground operation in the region in response to the repeated violations of the Russian-Turkish ceasefire agreement by HTS and its allies.


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The longer they wait, the stronger turky and the terrorists will be. Stupid from President Asad !!!


The number of turkish military posts is irrelevant. Once a full ground and air campaign begins they will all be overrun.

Chris Gr

The bad thing is that we were saying the same thing in Afghanistan but the Taliban came victorious. These groups like Taliban or HTS have some secret support.


How, pray? The SAA isn’t capable of such action and the Russians unwilling to engage Turkish forces.
You may not like it, but that’s the reality. At least at the moment.


You have zero understanding of the conflict as it currently stands. The SAA & allies can ground hts into dust while the turkish fools sit back and do nothing.

Syria & allies have all the time they need. They control the airspace, ground & seas. What does hts control? Nothing, which is why they are being reduced to dust.

Multiple nations get to test state of the art weapons systems on hts/ turk backed garbage. An excellent opportunity.

Last edited 8 days ago by block
Peter Jennings

We may all find out very soon just how much the Turkish admin want Idlib for their own. Once they start to lose soldiers en masse, Idlib might lose it shine.


turks will see their soldiers who are used for terrorism be blown to pieces and they can either continue to support this corrupt jew controlled erdogan government of theirs until they are all dead or the turks can get rid of this corrupt government all together the choice will be theirs

Last edited 9 days ago by farbat

Gay Mullah gay c*** stupid brainless Shia dick sucker..will see what’s gonna happen.what Irani terrorist and Hezbollah terrorists.doing anywhere near Turkish borders you don’t have to be there we will f*** you up we will blow you up … You are f****** Iranian Shia terrorist cunt. Israel should bomb you all day long. I personally support Israel


Oink oink, shittila.
Change name, you insult the Huns, UNHUMAN GENOCIDAL.
Back to Mongolia by fomeet, BEASTS!


Dumbo flying again


Shut your cake hole fagtilla the clown.


Filthy stenchttila. Go tend to your donkey you disgusting dimwit.

Chris Gr

Those people are writing idiocies. Turkey is only against Assad not against Iran or Hezbollah.


hahaha the turks are so miserable fake they just claimed in their pathetic usual lying nature to have arrested “iranian agents” in van the same van i was warning them about which will be iranian if they mess with us which btw interesting how easily turks are trapped in mistakes they listen to me single person and get mislead so badly and have now to explain themselves about their evidenceless criminal operation hahahaha revolution will come to turkey and dont expect that lies about supposed iranian agents is going to fix the internal mess you turks have started for yourselves we know very well that you werent capable to disarm an iranian plot against turkey if there was one even if you wanted to but truth is you dont understand your own citizens worries and desires you foolish dictator daesh tea bag throwing turks

Last edited 9 days ago by farbat

It’s idiotic to compare a third world country like Iran with Turkey, do you know that? ^^

The Oracel

Turkey is a third world country as well but has no resources like Iran does.

Now that Iran is a member and ally of the Russian / Chinese trade block it will be a first world country in 10 years tops.

Turkey will always be a third world country.


the turks used to come on iranian channels and such and blabber nonsense about 40 million i had an idea and called it from nakhjavan to van and basically annoyed them a little myself and they went nuts it seems because i basically took the time with a buddy of mine and went on all their channels and news and repeated from nakhjavan to van and they went nuts which just shows how bad they are at what they are doing


if simplest social engineering and psychological warfare works on turk turk intelligence aka mit of turkey than they are really clueless and hopeless

Last edited 9 days ago by farbat

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Die already stenchttila. You disgusting odorous idiocy belongs on cnn or bbc.


i start to believe that turkey is more foreign controlled than i ever thought because it seems quite incompetent on its own there are many examples i noticed this being true over the last years specially their pathetic industry their reaction to problems internally their economy finance and of course their military and intelligence all in all turkey seems to be a burden more than anything


i again as usual point to professor of economics and expert of turkish economy which basically is screaming for years now alert alert danger danger but erdogan would behead him if he would dare to get involved in turkish internals the same is true about most of turkey the people are simply annoyed and becoming utterly hopeless for a change the truth is i believe turkey basically is behaving unsustainable because in some way it is aware of it being on stolen land the same is true about americans or the zionists they all behave quite ruinous basically being passive towards the damage they cause over the longterm

Last edited 9 days ago by farbat
Idlib's coming home

i genuinely hope that you’re a turk. otherwise you have serious mental issues. oh wait…



Peter Wallace

We have been hearing about this impending ground assault for a year or more now. Turkey has made a massive buildup in Idlib since then and to think the SAA will simply walk in is a little optimistic. Just because one wishes it to be so doesn’t make it so.

Alexander Kovalchuk

We’ll see

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