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Greater Idlib: Militants Block Humanitarian Crossings Opened Under Russian-Turkish Agreement (Photos)

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Greater Idlib: Militants Block Humanitarian Crossings Opened Under Russian-Turkish Agreement (Photos)

Saraqib crossing. Click to see full-size image.

On March 25, Syrian authorities reopened two humanitarian crossings with militant-held areas in the northwestern region of Greater Idlib.

The first crossing is located near the town of Saraqib in the southern Idlib countryside, while the second is located in the western countryside of Aleppo, in the town of Abu Zindain.

The two crossings were reopened under an agreement brokered by Russia and Turkey a day earlier. Another crossing located near the town of Mizanaz in the western Aleppo countryside should be reopened soon.

The humanitarian crossings saw no movement whatsoever as they are still blocked by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the de facto ruler of Greater Idlib.

The Russian-Turkish agreement was met with a backlash from opposition supporters in Greater Idlib who organized a campaign against opening any crossing with government-held areas. Furthermore, Abdurrahman Mustafa, head of the Turkish-backed Syrian Interim Government, declined to acknowledge the agreement.

“We affirm that this news is not true in its entirety and that the Syrian Interim Government will never give up on the fundamentals of our blessed revolution and will never deviate from the demands of our proud people,” Mustafa wrote on Twitter.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense, which is a part of the agreement, is yet to release a statement on the matter. HTS is also still silent.

The agreement could to be another trick by Ankara, which is yet to fulfill any of the commitments it made to Moscow under the March 5, 2020 agreement on Greater Idlib.


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Raptar Driver

This is why you don’t make deals with the turks.
What the F. is wrong with Putin?
Should we call him Putin the prostitute?

Diana Cornwell

He’s worse than that. Putin is presently Erdogan’s principal ally. Putin has the Turks’ back.

cechas vodobenikov

writes the fascist CIA employee schlyha

Raptar Driver

Writes the Marxist FSB employee Duh.


… This will basically gives Russia an additional justification to support a full military offensive by the SAA to liberate Idlib from Erdoganian occupation. It also even further paints the Erdogan Republic as an unreliable negotiatior, NOT THAT WE ALREADY DIDN’T KNOW THAT SINCE ABOUT 10 YEARS AGO!

Diana Cornwell


Ataturk promised the Bolsheviks that Turkey would become a communist state like the Soviet Union in order to get Russian gold and guns back in…

That’s more than a century ago.

Instead, the Turks went fascist and finished exterminating the Armenians and Greeks by torturing and killing them by the millions.

Russians are an intractable and depraved people for dealing with the Turks.

Works for NATO.

Thanks Putin.

cechas vodobenikov

despicable anglo trash! your genocidal history and current depravity has never been matched by any civilized peoples
a decayed cultureless nothing island left in the dustbin of history

John Mason

Diana is entitled to her opinion and sometimes the truth does hurt; doesn’t it?

Diana Cornwell

Yet STILL Putin will not declare the Turkish presence in Syria and Putin STILL will not ask the Turks to vacate Syrian territory. Instead, Putin will continue to build nuclear powerplants in Turkey and back Erdogan.

Russians are proud to be betrayed by their Dear Leader Putin and we NATO nations are elated to have a traitor like Putin in Russia’s leadership.

Putin, you’re my hero.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

We know he is, people like you need a strongman to tell you what to do.

And BloJo will never be likened to a strongman, the podgy git. Boris, you even elected a leader with a Russian sounding name, such is your man crush on Russia.

Raptar Driver

Remember who put him into power.
Yeltsin did.
And who put in Yeltsin in power?
Putin is our man.

Diana Cornwell

I recall reading somewhere that the reason Yeltsin appointed Putin, was that Putin has no character or will of his own. Very true when you realize that Putin is always acquiescing to what the Zionist oligarchs, Israel, America, the Turks, want.

NATO is elated to have Putin as a partner or an “enemy” LOL

Raptar Driver

Good observation. I fully agree.

johnny rotten

Without hostages they has to run like hell in turkey, human shields are the only way to keep going, this says everything there is to know about headchopper morale.


Erdogan says Turkey wants region to become “island of peace”*
Turkish president tells party congress he is determined ‘to increase the number of friends and resolve hostilities in the region’.


*He obviously forgot to say “TURK controlled region as” island of peace” :


Thank you very much for being equal to yourselves, which basically is a bunch of retarded, thoughtless Salafist savages with no subtlety whatsoever even for your own interests. As usual you’ll give the needed impetus for the military solution to prevail.

PS : I’m in the military camp when it comes to you Hallal virgin fanboys. So keep up the great fuck-up and invite more PGMs and thermobaric warheads in your camps.


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Are you kidding SF, talk about pulling the wool over someone’s eyes.
The Syrian Interim Government was originally Turkey’s love child, but since 2015 this Syrian opposition Government has become Turkey, Russia, and Iran’s answer for all of Syria’s problems, but Assad doesn’t think they’re the answer to anything, Assad still calls them Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, and he calls them that because that’s what they really are.
But Russia, Iran, and Turkey all designated them as moderate opposition forces, and they also say this group will be included in the Syrian political process [pursuant to resolution 2254 and the Astana agreements], so during the next Parliamentary elections Assad’s Government will actually be vying against them for votes, so bullets now but ballots later. :[
On a side note the US massively sponsors this group, so they actually get funding from both Turkey and the US, and on top of that they’re politically endorsed by Russia, Iran, Turkey, and the US, so they really are the Golden boys of legitimate Syrian moderate opposition [but only in a mad mans world].
And yet hypocritically here’s the leader of the legitimate moderate opposition saying this on his twitter account,

“We affirm that this news is not true in its entirety and that the Syrian Interim Government will never give up on the fundamentals of our blessed revolution and will never deviate from the demands of our proud people.”

In other words he’s saying the Jihad’s still on and the overthrow of Assad is still on the agenda, wtf, talk about letting the cat out of the bag, that’s not what moderate opposition should be saying, is it.
I keep saying Russia and Iran backed the wrong side when they included the Syrian interim Government in the political process, they should just ditch them and re-designate most of their component groups as terrorists, the Syrian National Army [SNC], the Free Syrian Army [FSA], the National Front for Liberation [NFL] and the Syrian Liberation Front [SLF].
Btw HTS doesn’t belong to the Turkish backed Syrian interim Government, HTS belongs to the Syrian Salvation Government, a totally separate opposition Government, and since 2017 they’ve been steadily taking over territory from the Syrian interim Government. HTS and the Salvation Government now control 75% of the northwestern occupied territories, and the Turkish backed Syrian interim Government only controls 25%.
LOL, HTS has given up Jihad and now seeks to be included in the political process [even though they’re designated terrorists], but ironically this guy who actually leads the Turkish backed moderate opposition, says he doesn’t want to be included in the political process, he just wants to keep doing what he’s always done, which is fight a Jihad to overthrow Assad.
Which is fair enough, at least he’s being honest, which means Assad’s term of Muslim Brotherhood terrorist is totally justifiable now, but it also means the Russians and Iranians should also start to think about changing their designations for the group. How hard can it be to scratch out moderate and write in terrorist, especially after what he’s just said to the whole wide world on twitter.
Russia should’ve learnt by now the Muslim Brotherhood hates Russia just as much as they do any western power, Israel, the US, the Arab Monarchies, they’re all the same in their eyes, just infidels who don’t obey Sharia law [or in the Arab monarchies case pervert it].
Since Russia’s had so many bad dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood over the last few decades, Georgia, Chechnya, Syria, Libya, and recently Azerbaijan, you’d really think they’d know better by now, obviously not quite yet, but this recent statement from the Muslim brotherhood mad man might help the Russians change their minds, possibly even start them making some much needed revisions in terminology, I can only hope.

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