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Greater Idlib: Local Gunmen Attack Turkish Border Post Following Shooting Incident (Videos)

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Greater Idlib: Local Gunmen Attack Turkish Border Post Following Shooting Incident (Videos)

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On May 21, heavy clashes broke out between Syrian gunmen and Turkish border guards near the town of Atimah in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

According to opposition sources, local gunmen attacked a Turkish border post in response to an attack in which a child was shot by Turkish service members. The victim, who sustained severe wounds, was reportedly guarding a sheep herd near the Turkish border line when he was shot for no reason.

The Turkish border post was targeted with machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and hand grenades by gunmen from the town of al-Lataminah, the hometown of the victim “Amjad Kamal al-Sadu”.

Two local gunmen were injured in the clashes, which didn’t last for too long. As for now, there are no reports of any losses on the Turkish side.

The attack forced Turkish border guards to retreat from the post. Later, a force from the al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib, was deployed to protect the post, per the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Turkish border guards killed or injured hundreds of Syrians, including many children, in the last few years. While some were shot while attempting to enter Turkey illegally, many were targeted just for approaching the border line.

This hostile behavior is generating much resentment against Turkey in Greater Idlib. Some radical groups, including the so-called Sarayat Ansar Abu Baker al-Siddiq, usually responds to attacks on Syrian civilians by targeting Turkish troops in Greater Idlib.


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john wooh

Now the Syrians see the true face of the neo-Ottoman occupier.

These local gunmens got my respect brave people.

how about uniting Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Libanon to one country?

Putin Fartsmeller

The neo-Ottomans are just like our AngloZionist US/NATO business partners, the live off false flags and forged justifications. That’s why we learnt how to properly deal with them: showing them our big guns with pride and vainglory on Victory Day parade and then offering them cheap pipeline gas to ensure their compliance with our multipolar new world order.

Our diplomatic offensive won in Syria by partitioning Syria with all of our partners. Such mutually beneficial cooperation.

john wooh

have to abmit i laughed a bit when i read what u wrote, is it u the frustrated ukrainan former called supreme blyat ?

Last edited 1 year ago by john wooh
Putin Fartsmeller

No I’m the frustrated ukrainian called shylockracy, an insufferable, depressed and unemployed nato troll obsessed with the ziocorporate Putin (truth is, im super secretely gay for him and his ass). I hate diplomacy and I have a boner for war, especially the nuclear kind. I alwayz complain non stop about “bUsiNesS aND pArtnERshIp” like the dense mofo I am. I act like I’m against israel and NATO but I spend more time mocking ziocoroporate Putin than my supposed enemies. Thats how you know where my real alllegiance lies (in satanyahoo)

JensFromThe Block

‘…obsessed with…Putin …truth is, im super secretely gay for him and his ass…’

Finally – you admit to your deeply unhealthy fixation on President Putin – good for you. Your therapist will likely see this as a major breakthrough, in you accepting your deep and troubling issues.

Last edited 1 year ago by JensFromThe Block
Putin Fartsmeller

Not so fast. When I smoke crack the next time It’ll be forgotten very soon and I will continue trolling!


hahahaah the morons turks massacred the armeninas to get instead arab inbreeds

The Objective

There’s no going back people. Sunni Islam is in ascension again after a century of weakness. You can rant all you want, but there isn’t stopping this march to greatness again. https://www.yenisafak.com/en/video-gallery/news/turkey-hits-another-defense-milestone-with-indigenous-volkan-m-fire-control-system-3572801

john wooh

Stop using the Sunni Card most Arabs are Sunni but they cant stand Turkey!

How much money did Erdogollum and his family stole from u dumb delusional sheeps who follow them blind.(billions) His Party AKP lost Istanbul and Ankara (even with cheating).

60% of turks are secular and educated they hate Actor Erdogollum, Muslim Brotherhood is a british invention and still they are the head of it.

You live on stolen Lands and stole history from others, this time there is no Atatürk oder Lenin to save you.

What happens when Greece/Cyprus Arab States(Lybia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq etc.) Armenians and Kurds attack you together ???


We the people have learned from the tactics and strength of ISIS terrorism.. So there is not much respect for the great powers….

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