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Greater Idlib: Financial Officer Of Turkistan Islamic Party Wounded In Assassination Attempt (Photos)

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Greater Idlib: Financial Officer Of Turkistan Islamic Party Wounded In Assassination Attempt (Photos)

TIP terrorists in Syria’s Greater Idlib. Illustrative image.

On June 25, the financial officer of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) was wounded as a result of an assassination attempt in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The terrorist, commonly known as “Sheikh Jawdat,” was driving on a road in the vicinity of the town of Salqin near the Turkish border when his Hyundai Santa Fe SUV blew up. While he was severely wounded, his wife and child, who were with him at the time, sustained slight injuries only.

Most opposition sources said that the explosion was the result of an explosive device. However, some claimed that the terrorist’s SUV was targeted by a drone.

The TIP is made up mainly of Chinese Uyghurs. However, the available information indicates that Sheikh Jawdat was one of the few Syrians fighting in the ranks of the terrorist group. The terrorist was allegedly the top financial officer of the group.

TIP terrorists are active in the southern and western parts of Greater Idlib. The group is a close ally of the region’s de-facto ruler, Hay’at Tahrir al- Sham.

China is known to be chasing after the TIP, which is responsible for terrorist activities on its territory. A recent report said that China is arming the Syrian military to battle the TIP in Greater Idlib. The report goes as far as speculating that Beijing may soon intervene militarily in Syria against the terrorist group.


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jens holm

The Urigurs in Syria are not even from China. I dont believe much of the article.

Nice pics if I was a car repair man. Those people create long time jobs.


Why you always needs to write a commentary ? And if you never believe in S F , don’t stay here. Do you belong to a troll farm ?

jens holm

Debate is to know and by that be able to compare and decide. By that You has kept Yourself stupid, if You only read one source.

And if You see me as kind of enemy, I will say – as enemy – that its a main rule to know Your enemy to be able to attack and defend.

And no I dont always are against, what written by SF and besides that, there are many authors for the many articles.

This is a matter of information level as well. SF bring articles tellings things I do not know about. Fx – as Western – I know most of the western weapons from WW1 and also today. But I only has known all the main Russian ones.

In History its same thing for ME. Parts of the ME has been kind of dark for me, which are details along the norhern parts of Eufrat and Tigris, parts of Iran and the Southern parts of Caucasus.

I belong to the ones,which want to know and learn all my life and by that can write here and seveal other places not narrowminded as You might think I should.

My english also is improved a lot in the writing part even its a strange mix with verbal common shart but advanced too.

jens holm

You do no factchecking as I do. Thats why you name me as Troll and do Your best to remain in dark created by others being a helpless tool for them.

I make long expalnations and give links adn You dont belive in those links even many sources says exact same thing.

Southfront and others by that can learn You bananas grow in Greenland and because Your Grandfather cant fly and a stone cant fly, Your Grandfather is a stone.

Thats a very big problem here. People are been told and then there only is nasty confrontations based on ald far out data a lot created as devastating hard core nationalisme of the worst kind.

Thats why I think SF is up against just as many parts of the whole world. The media in itself takes over and becomes more important then the massages in it(McLuhan)

jens holm

If more wrote in a sober way, I would comment less.

So many comments here are only mirrors for own purpose and in a modernized version “selfies”.

There is no debate in that. None wants peace at all. Its like peace is not even a possibity for all the garcling and shouting mini macho roosters.

People here cant even make peace among friends:( It seemes to be against their honor and respect loosing their little faces, which actually are only big mouthes as if there were no tefones and walkie talkies.

🚨 Troll Police 🚨

You live in Hjørring right? Is there a coffee shop right beneath your flat? We’re going to pay you a visit if you don’t stop your relentless shitposting.

jens holm

I live in Denmark.

You should not write here. Your threat is not even connected to anything at this site. You are easier to find then me. We should just look for an almost human with a tail and red behind.

Evaporate muHAMmed.

🚨 Troll Police 🚨

Oh I know you live in Denmark. I also know that you use an outdated GPU, the NVIDIA GeForce 510, dont you think its time to upgrade?
Your ISP is ASOM-Net.
Your resolution is 1920 x 1080.
Its so easy to find this out, but you know NOTHING about us, except that we’re COMING TO YOU.

You could be one of the Jenses in Hirtshals as well. Just tell in which town you live, and I promise you we won’t hurt you. Remember, if you don’t tell us, we can find you either way.


It’s their job/role – going back many years multiple different people have used the primary Jens Holm account handle – the quality of English radically varies in posted comments from competent to straight up Google translations. Likely this account name, and its multiple users come from a Hasbara troll media room – like the big one located in Herzliya outside Tel Aviv. The trolls on shifts there are paid or working as part of their scholarships etc.

Last edited 1 month ago by PlanetWaves

Thank God the white helmets were there LOL!!

Ccp eats batshit

Dead Chinese and Muslims ?


Only a complete terrorist coward would travel with his family putting them at risk of military action. Typical of western backed foreign garbage in Syria.

jens holm

Typical primitive comment using coward, afraid, tears, cry a river and like that. About 90% of the incommers are muslims from muslim countries and more then 90% of the incommeers from west are muslim emigrants or their filthy children.

Its typical for this site that using facts and statistics is out of order, and thats were the level unfortubnatly is.

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