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Greater Idlib Ceasefire To End Within Few Hours – Report


Greater Idlib Ceasefire To End Within Few Hours - Report

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Greater Idlib ceasefire will end on September 7 at midnight as Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) didn’t fulfil any of the Sochi agreement terms, agreed upon by Russia and Turkey, the al-Watan newspaper reported, citing a military source.

The Syrian newspaper noted that the terrorist group has not yet dissolved itself, or reopened the strategic Damascus-Aleppo highway.

“The eight-day truce expires today, after which the al-Nusra Front [HTS’ original name] and its allied factions will implement their part of the Sochi agreement by force,” the newspaper quoted the military source as saying.

Several pro-government activists and sources, including the al-Masdar News blog, doubted the information provided by al-Watan, despite the newspaper’s ties with the Damascus government.

The ceasefire was announced last week by Russia and the Damascus government. Back then, there was no mention of any time limits.

HTS and its allies are violating the ceasefire on a daily basis. Even if the ceasefire doesn’t end at midnight, the SAA could be eventually forced to resume its military operations.

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  • klove and light


  • Simon Bernstein

    moderate rebels of Idlib/Aleppo need Javelins, MANPADs ASAP. it worked in afghanistan and will also work in Syria

    • Rhodium 10

      also work in Iraq vs USA occupation…manpads shot down US helicopters, planes….

    • gustavo

      It also worked in Lybano in 2006.

    • Gary Sellars

      Semen Shitstain up to his nefarious Zio-yid tricks…

  • Redadmiral

    The below comment was flagged as spam so reposting from Chrome. The cease-fire which was due to expire tomorrow has in fact been blown asunder earlier today. The SAA have repulsed several attacks from the psycho terrorists and have launched several attacks along a wide front. Hopefully this will be the battle to end all battles in Idlib and will end once and for all the terror regime of HTS and their cut throat pals. Wish SAA and its allies a swift and crushing Victory over these Yanki, Turki and Issi supported vermin…. https://www.almasdarnews.co

  • Jens Holm

    Tats no ceasefire, but a demand.