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JULY 2022

Greater Idlib: Ammo Depot Hidden In Urban Area Explodes Injuring Several People (Video)

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On April 5 noon, a series of large explosions rocked the town of al-Kastan in the southwestern part of Syria’s Greater Idlib.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), an ammo depot hidden in a civilian building in the town’s center was the source of the explosions. The depot was reportedly run by a local arms dealer known as Abu Rida al-Susi.

The explosions injured eight people, including three members of the White Helmets organization. One of the wounded is in a critical condition.

A local director of the White Helmets told Enab Baladi, a pro-opposition outlet, that the source of the explosion is still “unknown.” The statement is a clear attempt to cover up criminal activities in Greater Idlib.

Al-Kastan is located in the countryside of Jisr al-Shughur city. Earlier today, the Turkish military established three new posts in the region.

Jisr al-Shughur city and its countryside are under the control of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP). Most activities in that region, including arms trafficking, are coordinated or even directly controlled by these terrorist groups.


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Liberal guy

Terror mercenerys infighting

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

More butcher regime violations of the ceasefire. Turkey will have no choice but to use those outdated but hopefully effective HAWK missiles.


You’re such a fucking liar. You are truth incapable. Is it genetic?

Guy Metdrapedes

Delete your account.

Marc Fischer

“Butcher regime”?? Sounds more like the Zionazi entity to me. By the way sperm-brain, are you an asylum escapee, or is that just your normal facial appearance (profile pic), that you have become comfortable with?

Jens Holm

I agree in the term. But the rest is inflation or worse.

Séamus Ó Néill

Time for detox, your confused and demented ramblings are getting worse !


Schwartz, you are a German Jew , aren’t you ?


He’s a grade A idiot


The brave White Helmets were killed in the line of duty whilst they desperately tried to save the chemical weapons that were donated by their Western sponsors. They all deserve medals. :)


Just stop at “killed in the line of duty” and I’ll be happy. They’re in their neckbeard heaven now (sounds like hell to me)


This is the result of imbecilic terror thugs being employed by US imbeciles.

Jens Holm

Knowing so much, You must have sold it to them:)


I wonder why White Helmets were near an ammo depot? Must have been a pure coincidence.

Jens Holm

You wonder because You insist in being stupid and biased.

The main task for the white helmets are to replace the collapsed structure for ambulances, firebrigades and healthcare. Most users of them are the civilians having nothing else.

Of course it no coincidense if reascue teams try to rescue wounded people as well as trying to lock down fire in ammo.

Séamus Ó Néill

Your inane ramblings and the absurd figments of your imagination, almost always opposing both fact and logic, are getting both tedious and boring. Any two year old child could explain to you that the “White Helmets” are an integral part of the Jihadi/American war against the lawful Syrian government forces. They have been caught umpteem times planting fake evidence of chlorine/sarin gas attacks and have been observed, on video, allegedly administering aid to sufferers of these fake attacks…miraculously not needing any protective clothing themselves !

Jens Holm

Of course they are – iddijot Yourself.

So You say a jihadist area has no need or right for ambulances, firebrigades and hospitals.

Iddijot Yourself.

I know the picture. No bakeries, no hospitals or small centers. Ypu vertainly are heroes. Most people there are civilians ypp.

But morons like You dont care.

The real care woud be to remove Assad and get changes, that font let Johadists grow.

The same for Turks and their 100 years old traume acording Kurds. Not even moderate Kurds elected with 7 million votes can get a seat in teh Ankara Parlament – as if they were PKK.

So people like YOU = OUT YOU MORON.

You tell me I am 2 years old too, which show Your own level very well. You even tell I am facts as well a logic.

I dont.

You see those white helmets attacking Assads with ambulances, bandages and even water. You are the ignorant moron in this.


Séamus Ó Néill

You’re obviously someone of very limited intelligence, You don’t seem to be able use reason or apply sense and logic. I’ll not perplex your “brain” any more…you deserve to be left in peace !

Jens Holm

I have other priorities. One is to keep the civilians alive too. Do Assad help them by support.

Not at all. 42 NGOs boycutted Assads and gave nothing to that part of Syria until at least UN could come in with food and medical care.

And what happens next and right now. Those in the Johadist are and here a lot of non figting civilians dont get any medice as well as against pain and anestesia.

Its systematicly stolen from UN for free.

Should any support regimes like that. It has been going on for decades. Is Jihadisme better ??? Hard to compare pest and cholera.


Aha, sure you brainwashed fool. Did George Clooney tell you that, or was the warmongers in Washington, Tel Aviv and London.

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