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Great Victory: HTS Militants Recapture Three Southeast Idlib Towns From Themselves

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Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) announced on February 7 that is militants had “recaptured” three towns in southeast Idlib.

The only problem with HTS’ claims is that the towns, Maharim, Khawari and Tall al-Nabariz, have never been captured by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Furthermore, the army has not launched any ground attack to capture them yet.

The terrorist group also said in a statement published by its news network, Iba’a, that the three towns are located in the southwestern Idlib countryside, while they are in the southeastern countryside of Idlib.

Great Victory: HTS Militants Recapture Three Southeast Idlib Towns From Themselves

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

HTS’ false claims are clearly nothing more than a propaganda stun meant to rise the morale of the group’s desperate supporters.

In the last few weeks, HTS lost two of the biggest urban centers in southeast Idlib, the cities of Ma`arat al-Nu`man and Saraqib, to the SAA. The army also inflicted heavy losses on the group killing and injuring hundreds of its militants.

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This is more yet proof that MI6 and the CIA are in control of Terror Propaganda in Idlib :)

Even the terrorists themselves in their captagon fuelled state of euphoria would not believe this propaganda shite, that the majority of the dumbed down UK and US populations will believe.

Its almost as infantile as the UK Scripal saga.

Ishyrion Av

Yes, but they are kind of stupid. I mean… geography?!


In the age of the SatNav, geography is soooo old fashioned.

Its all about the ‘destination’ without taking notice of the journey.

Stupidity is a badge of honour :)

Gary Sellars

in the US & UK, stupidity is a prerequisite for patriotism.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

THIS is now absolutely true. I’m 62 and born and raised in the US. Your statement wasn’t always true but, since about 2003 or 2004, it HAS been true – Stupidity is a prerequisite for patriotism. Well put.

Gary Sellars

Agreed – it didn’t used to be, but it is now.


Patriotism is the love of ones country.
Nationalism is a love of ones ethnicity.


Could you please explain this a little.

Toni Liu

They stupid as rock, even they didnt know their own territory properly


The important point for USA-UK is that their citizen believe these nonsense news, and (incredible) they believe them.


They do, yet is that so important these days when opinions opposing the state are largely ignored anyway?


the opinion the populatons the western are the bollock!

Assad must stay

Hahahaha don’t worry SAA will capture them from you soon HTS :)


Syria should just roll with it and say “In response to recent HTS assault, we will reclaim these alleged territories from the jihadis” :D


It looks like the IDF yet again used the cover of air traffic to launch an attack

James Kira

khamenei = bagdadi

neither are zionist but are evil offshoots of the sufyani.

When japan bombed pearl harbor the zionists used it as an excuse to test out an atomic bomb on civilians.

khamenei keeps silent about russia as an excuse to hold power in iran, while russia is a hurt bitch condemned by its white counterparts, yet takes it out on Rebels instead, just like china crushes Uigyrs for no reason other than chinas hatred and disbelief in anything Abrahmic(as).

southafrikafront is a psyop to incapacitate iran on the world front, and install syrian girls and useless indonesians to support their cause. (like palestinians living in kikerael).

James Kira

More than 10 years ago on ShiaChat, I said that Taliban are Taloqan, AlQaeda is Petra, Sheik Osama(rh) is AlYamani, and Seyed Qutb(rh) is AlQutb, and I cited The Five Definite Signs from Imam Baqir(as).

So now to any iranian apostates who have left Islam, go join your assheadist axis fake christian allies, just like the apostates who joined the zios.

“All apostacised except 3” – Imam Sadiq(as)

In this day and age the entire world has apostacized from Islam and Allah(swt), except AlQaeda, Taliban, and HayatTahrirAlSham my 三好.

James Kira

Turkey is Sufi Influenced and therefore has Hadith from Imam Ali(as), aka AmirulMomenin, aka The Commander of The Faithful.

The Highest Fiqh of Sufis is about AlQutb the only of which could be Seyed Al Qutb(rh) Ibn Al Qutb(rh), even vetted as the top 3 most prominen5 world scholars by that sectarian apostate geezer khamenei before he became senile.

So Turkey has to decide, defend its Faith or give in to the axis who are the new version of zionism, a bunch of self chosen materialists who couldnt gaf about Faith and the thousands of Prophets(as) before us who preached Faith and Fear of God(swt).

Rebels have lost faith in Turkey, meaning they expect from Turkey to Man up if it wants to join us, but it will not deter Our Faith in Our Creator(swt).

But should Turkey step up, then Pakistan will also, then Malaysia, then Qatar.

Could Axis be the Muslim Christian Alliance? No thats like saying zionists are the tribe of Prophet Israel(as).

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