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Great Reinforcement Of China’s Navy: Three Advanced Naval Vessels Commissioned For South China Sea Fleet

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Great Reinforcement Of China's Navy: Three Advanced Naval Vessels Commissioned For South China Sea Fleet

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On April 23, a solemn ceremony was held at the naval base in Sanya (Hainan island), in China. Three major vessels were commissioned into the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) fleet. The destroyer “Dalian”, the landing helicopter dock (LHD) “Hainan” and the strategic nuclear submarine (SSBN) Changzheng-18  were placed on active service.

The commissioning ceremony was attended  by Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission.

The Global Times reported, citing Chinese experts, that it was the first time for the country’s top commander to commission three large main battle vessels at the same time. Over 70,000 tons combined commissioned on a single day.

The event coincided with the 72nd anniversary of the PLAN.

Great Reinforcement Of China's Navy: Three Advanced Naval Vessels Commissioned For South China Sea Fleet

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According to NavalNews, the Type 055 Destroyer with pennant number 105, is the third ship of the class and the second one commissioned this year.

The Type 055 destroyers are the largest surface combatant currently being built in the world with a length of 180 meters, a beam of 20 meters and a draft of 6.6 meters for a full load displacement of about 13,000t (compared to the US Navy’s Ticonderoga-class cruiser and the Flight III Arleigh Burke-class destroyer both at 9,800 tons or the Royal Navy Type 45 at about 8,500 tons).

The current Type 055’s weapons fit includes:

  • A 130 mm H/PJ-38 main gun
  • 112 VLS silos
  • A H/PJ-11 CIWS with a fire rate of 10,000 rd/min
  • A HQ-10 short-range missiles
  • Decoy launchers
  • Torpedoes.
Great Reinforcement Of China's Navy: Three Advanced Naval Vessels Commissioned For South China Sea Fleet

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The Type 075 LHD has a pennant number 31. It is the lead ship of the class. The vessel was launched in September 2019 and is the third in this class to be built by the Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai. During the last years, China launches one LHD every 6 months.

The Type 075 The project is aimed  at increasing of the “vertical” amphibious assault capability, probably, taking into account the very mountainous East Coast of Taiwan.

Rumors spoke of “36,000 tons of displacement”, its “capacity of 28 helicopters”, “diesel engine with the 12,000 kW 16PC2-6B” and “four CIWS including two HQ-10 and two H/PJ-11”, the NavalNews reported.

Great Reinforcement Of China's Navy: Three Advanced Naval Vessels Commissioned For South China Sea Fleet

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The Type 094 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine Changzheng (Long March) 18 with pennant number 421 is likely the 6th or 7th submarine of the class in service with the PLAN.

The Type 094 is 135 meters long and is armed with 12 JL-2 SLBMs, each with an estimated range of 7,400 km.

The commissioning ceremony was broadcasted by CCTV. The report showed China’s speed in national defense science and technology development, highlighting China’s determination to manage the South China Sea.

Another specific feature revealed by the video of the commissioning ceremony was the highest level of military discipline in Chinese Navy. Nowadays, a rare army in the world has similar combat readiness and orderliness.


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Chinese shipyards are producing quality vessels quicker and more efficiently than anybody else.
A naval arms race would shift the balance of power decidedly in China’s favor since its manufacturing and shipbuilding capacity exceed those of US.
China could produce an average capacity of 150,000 to 200,000 tons per year, on this occasion 3 ships totaled about 70,000 tons.

Laurent Parodi

Yes and for 2021 you can add 1 more type 075 helicopter carrier, 3 more type 055 cruisers and 9 type 052D destroyers.
220000 tons of ship in one year.

Alekai Mordechai

10 years ago, indians were profusely saying that China’s doing only Ctrl C and V to manufacture every hardware and still can’t match up to india’s imported items.

Fast forward 2021, they’ve stopped saying that seeing how limited indians are at this moment. In everything for that matter.

Indians are more into optics than getting actual things done!! Time and time again they showed just that!!

Not to mention the recent creation of “QUAD” and how inept they were in helping india in its recent COVID-19 crisis, that begs the question how capable are these QUADs as a whole if China decides to lash out?

Only way out would be limited denial and ops that would sting PLAN’s operational capability. Maybe tops 6 months and rest of QUADs ops will diminish in effectiveness.

Ivan Freely

It’s one thing to be optimistic but India’s arrogance is baffling.

Alekai Mordechai

Least grounded people I’ve come across.

Folks from Northern part i.e – Gujrat are the most snobbish and the most unaware kind.

There was this indian kid, extremely opinionated and biggest critics of Arabs and Muslims. More like an RSS kind of that time. He even said, these Muslims or Christians shouldn’t have come to their country, and should rather leave.

Long and behold, the same individual applied for jobs in Saudia Arabia, Qatar and UAE. Asked him why is he applying to earn a living in Muslims nations. He looked at me flabbergasted and his face turned red! He never talked to me ever since.

Dunno where he is now!!

Jihadi Colin

Look, North India is literally a totally different psychologically, culturally, and economically, place than South or East India. We call it the “cow belt”. Gujaratis are the worst of the lot. Chicken hawks and absolute opportunistic scum.

Wonder why “Proud Hindu” suddenly stopped trolling here, by the way. Maybe because we’d bring up his gibbering globetrotting genocidal gangster Gujarati God Modi’s absolute ineptitude with the health care system imploding like an eggshell struck by a hypersonic missiles.

Alekai Mordechai

Most indians I’ve came across are over sensitive. TBH South or East also has the same disease. One from the south acts like creep and hypersensitive and one’s from East acts like condescending jerks with no back bone.

Sikh people seemed grounded and stoic. People you can actually get around with a bit!!

You don’t seem any better either, judging by the “we” you used!

Jihadi Colin

You’re welcome.

Alekai Mordechai

Come to think of it, even some Pakistanis have that same disease. High self worth despite lack of actual worth while contribution.

I think its a regional.

Jihadi Colin

Very perspicacious of you.


Bringing India up is a joke, sadly. India is entangled in the bullshit of “democracy” and business as dictated by terrorist Ziocorporate globalism, that’s good for call centres, real state, credit/usury, and megamalls, not so much for national progress.

If they could have developed such vast manpower for their own progress they’d be 3/4 as powerful as the Chinese and would not need the investment of Monsanto and the like. But China is far above India up the globalist pyramid.


Totally agree.jes look at the covid disaster in India.Comparing chalk and cheese. Every where you go in India is a shithole


Indians aren’t fit to clean Chinese toilets.

Putin Apologist

Yes, the “Chinese shipyards are producing quality vessels…” but the question that remains; Does the Chinese Navy know how to use them effectively in battle on the high seas?

I’m reminded of the “Toyota War” in Africa, when, in 1987, the Chadian military equipped with little more that AK47s, RGBs and Toyota pickup trucks defeated the far better equipped Libyan military which had Soviet supplied tanks, IFVs and fighter-planes.


Lone Ranger

China has extensive knowledge, they have watched and analyzed the U.S. for decades.
Aside from that they had real life experience in Korea and Nam too.

Arch Bungle

The Asian Mind works like this:

1. If an opponent has a strength and advantage you cannot defeat, then do not oppose him on that point. Find the weakness, and oppose him there.

2. If an opponent has a strength you cannot oppose, change the nature of the game so that his strength is nullified and made obsolete.

Given this, China will adopt technologies which make naval power irrelevant, no matter how advanced and powerful the enemy fleet is.

Ivan Freely

There’s no way to tell until the other shoe drops. Regular military exercises are the only thing that maintain your skill level. You can even apply that same logic to the USN as they have not actively fought another near-peer level naval adversary. If you want to include the Soviets, it’s still over a generation since they’ve been tested.

Arch Bungle

” Regular military exercises are the only thing that maintain your skill level.”

Regular wars.


Fear not— the US Navy is busy moving ahead with purging itself of the last vestiges of White Male patriarchy, replacing it as quickly as they can with obsequious yes-men, LGBTQWERTYUIOP seamen and hashtag#badass tuff girls.

The US Navy will still pose a significant hazard to shipping though by virtue of orificers of the watch goofing on poasting to FaceBerg while their vessels ram their way thru traffic.

What China lacks for in experience, they make up for in being a serious country that follows the proven laws of maintaining and projecting power.

Arch Bungle

Let’s not take the usual course of blaming brown people for the white man’s screw ups.

Whitey was screwing up well on his own before the diversity hire thing came along.

But it makes a great alibi!

Arch Bungle

The same question can be asked about the US/UK.

Nobody knows how to fight a naval battle anymore.

It has been more than half a century since the last.

Putin Apologist

True, but the US and the UK, along with Japan, have long traditions as sea warring nations. Whereas China has no such tradition, at least not during the last four hundred years.

Arch Bungle

Every few centuries the nature of warfare changes.

The Portuguese were the first European Naval power to project influence globally … they were at least a century ahead of the Spaniards who then took the crown of a naval power from them, and the Dutch after them and thereafter the British … and thereafter the Americans …

Each successor had to catch up fast to the Naval power of the day and catch up they did …

There is an unbroken pattern here, centuries of experience just means “centuries of baggage” in most cases …

Danny Sun

Remember, last time when the West underestimated China on the battlefield was the forgotten war for the US – THE KOREAN WAR. Back then, almost every so-called military analysts didn’t think China could combat the mighty US military from almost every aspects.

Putin Apologist

After reading you profile on Disqus I see you joined on Sep 27, 2015, and this appears to be your first and only comment in over five years? I feel honored and at the same time admire your restraint.

As to your point; yes, the US has never done very well fighting land wars in Asia. The US didn’t do well in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. But that said, we’re were talking about naval warfare.

Danny Sun

:) no need to feel honored, US may have many Naval warfare experiences from the Second WWII, and small scale modern Naval operation against week countries, but they are also lack of real battle experiences when dealing with countries like China or Russia with complex modern weaponry and intelligence system. For US, it is also going to be a huge challenge. No to mention the anti-access & denial system that China spent decades to establish. Right now, China’s focuses are mainly around South China sea and Taiwan, within this range, US won’t have any chance if they deploy less than 4 carrier strike groups. Right now, US is more like showing their present rather than provoking China seriously. For China, it is just a matter of time to overwhelm US in the region of Asian Pacific.

Laurent Parodi

And the mighty royal navy wants to show its strength in the black sea and the China sea LOL.

Peter Moy

Speaking of the British Royal Navy, remember they were planning to send HMS Big Lizzie to the South China Sea in 2019 and a destroyer in 2020? It never happened. Just bluster and nonsense as they are and will always be subservient lapdogs of the reckless, infantile minded, evil freaks and mental degenerates in Washington, DC. Actions always speak louder than hubris.

Ivan Freely

Well, HMS Big Lizzie is missing one critical part. The Royal Navy might as well rename it MV Big Lizzie instead. LOL


Preparing for war.

Ivan Freely

The Chinese is simply modernizing their military especially their Navy. In the past, they only had Brown and Green water navy.


China has meanwhile the biggest navy (by number of active ships) in the world, surpassing US and Russia.


They’re also the most populous nation in the world and their economy depends on ship borne trade so by rights you would expect them to have the biggest navy in the world


Or preparing for defence against a determined aggressor with a track record of invading countries who has threatened them with nuclear war on three occasions at a time when they didn’t have nuclear weapons.

Arch Bungle

” … against a colonial aggressor with a track record of invading third world countries
who were no threat to them but were clear that they would stand up to any attempt at imperialism on the part of the US …”

There, fixed it for you.

Lone Ranger

Si vis pacem parabellum…

Ricky Miller

The Type 094 so mentioned is actually a Type 094A. The submarine is improved in quieting or noise suppression technology and has better control systems and more room for provisions in order to lengthen deterrence patrols.

Ricky Miller

You’re welcome. You can read for yourself. I got the information from an article at CGTN published April 25th and titled “China’s 3 new naval ships: What are they and why are they important?” And also from an article published April 24th at the Global Times and titled: ” 3 new world-class warships commissioned together, shoring up ‘nuke retaliation, S.China Sea security, island seizing'”
Two Chinese military experts were quoted in the articles and one observer on site commented that other Type 094’s were in the background, perhaps active boats arranged to make an impression.


Rim driven propeller is the key of their success in ultraquiet submarines imho.

cechas vodobenikov

new special amerikan subversion “Tommy Jensen” class rowboat commissioned for homosexual navy in sanfrancisco….black lies matter embassy in Oakland has lodged official complaint of “aggression” and Russian collusion”


There’s still quite a lot of “cooperation” between Russia and the US on technological fields that matter, but the “collusion” makes good headlines for Ziocorporate terrorists’ media and social networks to sell.

“Russia approves extending space cooperation with US until 2030”


RU has stated it will launch its own space station in 2030. U.S. not invited to participate as i read the announcement.

Jihadi Colin

Tommy Jensen is on our side. He just uses sarcasm a lot. He isn’t a troll.

Lone Ranger

If I was China I would only invest in SSNs and agile guided missile cruisers.
That helo carrier looks a lot like the Tarawa class, no offense.

Ivan Freely

IIRC, the Chinese built a brand new submarine shipyard in the Bohai Bay. No new subs have been produced as of yet. They did leave a module sitting outside for foreign satellites to see recently. Probably signalling that the facility is ready.

Trap Is Not Gay

China is the hope.

If China fails, the world is doomed.

Proud Hindu

20 Chinese dead in building collapse in July 2020

Arch Bungle

You take pleasure in Chinese dead while your own people die in their hundreds of thousands.

You bring the curse of Shiva upon yourself with evil like that …

Makeshift crematoria set up in India as bodies of COVID-19 victims pile up


Proud Hindu

Who told you that?Ali or hassan or hussain?Or your fantasy sky book aka koran.

Arch Bungle

Your own Indian news agencies told me that, cow-fucker.


But your authorotarian police state government won’t show to corpses being heaped up in the streets.

Proud Hindu

Millions of Chinese die every year because of eating food mixed with chemicals

Arch Bungle

Modi’s Hindustan is falling into the sewer while you make up stories about China:

India calls for international help to curb the surge of COVID deaths and infections | DW News



What a bad time for yankiees! China on one hand Russia on the other, and the yankiees don’t have a third hand for Iran 😂😂😂 while the colonies like Turkey or Iraq or even Germany are trying to take distance from the Master

Jihadi Colin

I read a few days ago that the Indian Navy is being compelled – over the kicking and screaming of admirals who want carriers for prestige reasons – to abandon the plans for a third, CATOBAR, carrier, to focus on replacing the aged submarine fleet instead, to “deal with the Chinese threat”. The first new submarine is supposed to join the fleet in…. wait for it….2031. It would seem cheaper and more logical to pay the Chinese to build them for India.

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