Graphic Video: Unarmed Man Pleading For His Life Before Being Shot By US Police Officer


A body camera video shows a police officer shooting an unarmed man in an Arizona hotel in January 2016.  According to the video man had sobbed and pleaded with officers not to shoot him before he was killed.

Police were called to the hotel in Mesa, Arizona, after a report of someone pointing a gun out of a window. The victim, Daniel Shaver, however, was unarmed. The officer, Philip Brailsford, was found not guilty.

“The police later learned that Mr. Shaver, who was from Granbury, Tex., had been in his room showing off a pellet gun, which he used for his job in pest control, before being summoned by officers into the hallway. A witness testified that Mr. Shaver had been drinking,” NYT reports on the issue.

Officer Brailsford was fired two months after the shooting.


  • leon mc pilibin

    WTF was that?That cop is a lunatic.Where did they train this scumbag,ISRAHELL?

    • Bru

      This scumbag just wanted to murder this innocent father in front of his small daughter, giving all kinds of contradictory and absurd orders (e.g. crawl forward with leg crossed upwards and arms straightened up = impossible) and telling him all the time he was about to “shoot” (murder) him dead for all kinds of reasons, the innocent father understood well the scumbag wanted to murder him, that’s why the begged not to be shot and the scumbag just did that… Who is willing to spend his vacations in that regime?

      • Rodger

        You could just hear him getting a stiffy while he was doing it.

        • Bessie

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    • BL
  • cowboybob

    Don’t go to Mesa AZ. The PD hired a coward. Too many cops are cowards, that is why they become cops because they get to carry a gun and etc.

    • Bru

      I don’t think this kinds of US murderer-cops are cowards, rather maybe serial murderers who get a job in law enforcement instead of being convicted and executed, so they can freely practice their psychopath murdering instincts… sick…

    • as

      In fact their training used to keep off from their gun trigger and as much as possible defuse the situation through negotiations. They us

      • cowboybob

        this Mormon boy thought otherwise, but most importantly, the Mormons on the jury who thought the brother was ok.

  • Amine Mansouri

    really maann…….
    is it an isis mercenary that returned from Syiria?

  • Gjergj

    WHAT THE FUCK !!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bru

      …US regime, whose agents can murder anyone at will…

      • Gjergj

        Oh maan, I’ve heard stories but I didn’t believe till now, I thought they were just exaggerations !!! That’s so criminal to kill an unarmed person like that after having psychologically terrorized him like that making him incapable of properly reacting… HORRIFIC!

        • Bru

          Be happy not to live in such an awful regime!

        • Rodger

          “An avalanche of 116 shots were fired by police that early May morning, leaving Herisse slumped over his steering wheel, his left side riddled with bullet wounds. In all, he was shot 16 times.
          Two years and multiple lawsuits later, Miami Beach police have yet to produce evidence that Herisse did anything to deserve a death sentence.
          Four bystanders were also seriously wounded in the wild pre-dawn attack, which happened amid a throng of tourists visiting for the city’s annual Urban Beach Week.
          The criminal probe into whether the 12 police officers who participated in the shooting continues, amid concerns voiced in court that Miami Beach police covered up, altered or destroyed evidence to justify their use of deadly force.”
          In the Netherlands in 2014 the police fired their gun 61 times when aiming at something (that also included aggressive dogs and other public endangering animals). That’s 61 bullets, not 61 incidents. :’)
          In Norway it was 2 times…..

  • Bru

    This is so awful, really the worst country on the planet. I guess we don’t hear about the police of the US regime murdering white citizens because they don’t riot.

  • Alex

    reason number one americunts shouldn’t rule the world

    • Bru

      Actually there are even the ones most in need of regime change…

  • Bru

    Here a picture of the innocent father with his two daughters before he was murdered, and then below a pic of the murderer-cop who assassinated him:

  • Bru

    Let’s have a thought for the two daughters and the wife left behind (the wife of the victim left the court crying after the cop who had murdered her husband was acquitted). How awful.

  • Serious

    I have never understood why if everybody is armed so it’s safer for everyone.

    • as

      It’s about MAD. Retaliation and retribution ensure none become too psychotic sure they could do whatever with impunity.

  • Doom Sternz

    Civil war in US is just around the corner. There is no justification for this by any civilised nation. The only sensible action by civilians confronted with is to arm themselves against the state. US is a rogue nation that is at war with its own people. This is how the Palestinians are treated by the IDF, as no better than dogs.

    • Bob

      However, the US police force is ever increasingly militarized – semi auto AR rifles and armored vehicles are normal inventory in US police departments now.

      • Doom Sternz

        Obviously the police are already preparing for civil war.

  • Rodger

    Notice how that cow is given a totally different treatment.

    • Bru

      It is one of the daughters of the man murdered, it must have been something like 10 year old, it must be so awful for her to have seen her dad murdered like this!

      • Rodger

        No, she isn’t. The guy was in his hotel room with some friends getting drunk and showing them his pellet gun.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    Land of freedom.

    • Alpha&Omega

      “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” may have been true once, but today it’s the opposite. US has become a disgrace and threat to the world.

  • BL

    After Israel carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US, their agents in the US government immediately centralized the police force under the newly created “Department of Homeland Security”, which at that time was run by the kike Jew rodent scum by the name of “Michael Chertoff”. As part of the new protocols all American police forces were to be trained annually by the illegitimate terrorist state of Israel in addition to becoming militarized.

    • Bru

      This may explain a lot: the US cops would have been taught to deal with innocent citizens like the forces of the Zionist colonial regime deal with the Palestinians (native inhabitants).

  • Harry Smith

    The young man pushed his right hand into his pants. Officer was legitimate to shoot, because it could be a handgun in there. Am I the only one who sees the mistake victim committed?

    • Alpha&Omega

      The only mistakes in that video is that an obvious psychopathe was let into the police force in the first place and that the other police officers there didn’t stop him in time. There is no punishment enough to set the scores with that scumbag.

    • as

      Look they have plenty of time to shoot the victim after the gun show itself from allegedly his pants and shoot to disarm or a warning shoot right when they reached for allegedly gun. They did nothing like it. A cops in fact not in a battlefield with the civilians they should be protected as his enemy.
      Get that when they trigger the lethal live ammunition it isn’t about prevailing in him or me but they potentially about to kill someone with families and to be responsible for it.

    • Doom Sternz

      So the civilian did nothing wrong and gets shoot for what could be mistaken for going for a gun, my advice is to shoot police on site before they shoot you. There is no other option, as a law abiding citizen we must defend ourselves from the police.

    • Dawn of Svarog

      Do as Police say or by executed.. This is the land of free and home of a brave? Looks like a “brave new world” to me…..

  • hhabana

    Fucking piece of shit cop. They had multiple opportunities to put cuffs on him. This is just one battle we have in America-crazed individuals who should not be in law enforcement.

  • Alpha&Omega

    This is beyond comprehension. US has just like EU turned into a nightmare. This is what happens when you let satanists rule your country overt or covert.

  • Paul

    Completely lost for words after seeing this. The outright injustice. If we actually lived in a progressive society, this would be on the front pages of every newspaper all over the world, and this man would be in jail. Truly disgusting.

  • Bru

    This is harassing, terrorizing and murdering innocent civilians = terrorism by definition. At least the US regime is not content with being the world leader in sponsoring terrorism, they do it also in their own country.

  • Blaine

    I’d like to blame the cop 100%, and sure he is a killer. But WTF he was acquitted?!

    America, we are being let down and victimized not just by the cops and politicians, but by the judiciary and most of all our fellow citizens. Its time to put this where it belongs – if there’s no accountability for past misdeeds there will be plenty more in the future.

    The officer should be lynch-mobbed and the jury should have their houses burned.

  • Potato Potato

    He tried to reach for a gun. Got what was coming for him.

    • Bru

      He was not armed.

  • Sadde

    I’ve been feeling really ill since I saw this brutal murder!

  • Justin

    What ever happened to “carry a big stick but speak soft words”?
    This guy was scared and confused and this cop enjoyed scaring the shit out of him!this cop WANTED to shoot!
    Obviously this guy was feeling humiliated, highly emotional and couldn’t think straight! I mean who would with a rifle being pointed at u with all that yelling and instructions! Everything had to be done perfectly whilst under extreme duress!
    This cop seriously belongs in jail but will probably be given a reward!
    This is exactly why everyone hates America!
    An Australian women who fell involve with an American man didnt want to go to America because of all the guns, however she did! Within 2 weeks she was shot by a cop after just 2 weeks! She called the cops due to a screaming lady she could hear on the road! The cops came to the address, she came out to meet them in her pyjamas and the cop shot her in the stomach without getting out of the car!
    so fuck america! Its a giant shit hole with people who treat each other like shit! Supposed to be a rich country but the inequality is so apparent!
    Americans should never be proud! They should be ashamed! They have nothing to be proud about! anything that America has done that is regarded as being “great” is dead and gone! They are a piece of shit nation!

  • Joe

    Crazy country