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JULY 2020

Govt Forces Ready To Launch Advance In Southern Aleppo


Govt Forces Ready To Launch Advance In Southern Aleppo

Source: Riafan.ru

The Syrian army, Hezbollah, Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba have been reportedly deploying troops, battle tanks and artillery south of Aleppo for an operation to secure the city’s countryside and prevent militant offensive operations in the area.

Some pro-government sources have already claimed that the offensive is started:

Most likely goal of the advance if it takes place will be the Rashidin- Qarasi-Khan Tuman-Al Eis sector along the M5 Highway.

SouthFront closely follows the situation and is already preparing a military map of the area.



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  • Drinas

    Let’s take bets on how fast another Lavrov-inspired ceasefire stops this advance on its tracks.

    • Jasminko Grdic

      True, every time Saa start advance Lavrov meat Kerry and Erdogan. Der Zoir is next in this game

  • gold37

    What they need to do is, move south as the article states, but have a better equipped Liwa al Quds and Tiger Force (after they get a rest) heading west, towards the border with Turkey;hence reaching Fua’a and Kafraya in the process. While also maintaining the pressure in north Hama and Latakia. Moving south will help in having a second supply route to Aleppo. What is of concern is the Salamiya-Safira road, the buffer zone needs to be expanded, I think SAA should Target DAESH form here, instead of the Palmyra front………but hey, they know better.

  • Kell

    Annadan plains cauldron, cut off and kill the best FSA troops.
    * 1 – Eliminates the possibility of legitimacy of remaining terrorist/rebel groups.
    * 2 – Gets them out or arty/missile range of Aleppo.