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Govt Forces Reach Southern Gates Of Al-Bab, But Not Going To Enter ISIS Stronghold – Russian MoD

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Govt Forces Reach Southern Gates Of Al-Bab, But Not Going To Enter ISIS Stronghold - Russian MoD

Syrian government forces walk in an area south of the city of al-Bab in the northern province of Aleppo on January 14, 2016. ©AFP

The Syrian army, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have destroyed the key ISIS defense site of Tadif located south of the ISIS stronghold of al-Bab in the province of Aleppo, the Russian Defense Ministry said on February 11.

Tadif was one of the most fortified stronghold of the terrorist group due to its strategic location at the southern gates of al-Bab. According to the ministry over 650 ISIS members were killed during the operation.

“During the fighting near the Tadif populated area, the [Syrian] government forces killed more than 650 terrorists, destroyed two tanks, four armored personnel carriers, 18 off-road vehicles equipped with heavy weapons, seven mortars and six ‘jihad-mobiles’ [technicals].”

After liberating Tadif, the Syrian army will not enter al-Bab. The Syrian military agreed with Turkey on a demarcation line with pro-Turkish forces (the Turkish army and pro-Turkish militant groups).

“As a result of the advance, the Syrian government forces have reached a demarcation line with the Free Syrian Army’s units as it had been agreed with the Turkish side.”

Meanwhile, the Syrian army has got a control over the highway linking al-Bab and the ISIS self-proclaimed capital of Raqqah.

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Dod Grile

Why is Turkey in Syria? So much for the respect for “International Law.” If they had any sense they would bomb the heck out of Al-Bab (much like Vicksburg or Richmond) and send the Turks scurrying back across the border. Or is Russia going to wait until Murder Inc is at the outskirts of Moscow?


They need to reach SDF borders in manbji to make sure Turks can’t get to Deir hafya.


There will be considerable losses on both sides during the liberation of Al Bab … the SAA and NDF have already made significant sacrifices in the defense and liberation of their country … for once they can now rest a little while the so-called ‘FSA’ (and Turkish troops) and ISIS kill each other as the outcome (liberation of Al Bab into SAA hands) will subsequently happen anyway, but this way will be with significantly less SAA/NDF losses.

Gary Sellars

Maybe you are right – let the filthy kebabs and their orcs fight agains the ISIS orcs and slaughter each other. The SAA can go in and annihilate whoever is left.

Brad Isherwood

Nobody’s doing pipelineistan thru Syria for a long time it appears.
Ukraine is nearly bankrupt. ..a cripple the IMF keeps on life support.
They are nearly out of Nat gas from their years of skimming off Russ gas contract
To Europe that Oligarchs were stealing.
They have to go cap in hand to Russia… or beg for nat gas from Eastern Europe.
The Sanctions on Russia are gutting Europe and Eastern Europe,
They are consuming energy/resources and Nada production. ..it’s the slippery slope
Now for them
With oil prices so low….operations to explore or develop fields means no sure fiscal
Return to offset expenditures.
Shipping is getting clobbered right now.
Maersk just posted 2+ Billion loss for last quarter as https://www.quandl.com/data/LLOYDS/BDI-Baltic-Dry-Index continues to get pummeled.

US reported they spent 2 Billion fighting ISIS ( rolling eyes)….spent …err….lost way
More than that.
Saudi,Qatar and some NATO nations also just loosing and loosing .


Why is turkey in syria?
Because putin authorized it.
This gets turkey farther away from un/nato and more on the russian side by satisfying erdoghans desire about the kurds whilst also killing isis at the same time, two birds with one stone. Bonus: erdoghan has folded in ALOT of chechen fighters into the so called “fsa”, this funnels alot of terrorists away from russia only to die in syria… To reciprocate, putin keeps the kurds at arms length but dangles the carrot in front of them as another useful pawn against isis. Meanwhile, the kurds totally don’t understand that now that obama is gone, their key support is gone. Trump wants to keep putin and most likely erdoghan happy, and we all know what that means. Once ISIS is wiped out, trump is gonna declare victory and pull 100% out of the area. Leaving Putin, Assad, Erdoghan, Iraq/Iran to decide what happens next.

'Sup Bruh!

Yeah sure. 650 were killed. The Al-Bab city itself has freakin’ 2.000 militants. No way they would devote 650 men for an average borough such as Tadif, which is smaller than both Bzaa and Qabasin.

Also, they wouldn’t be able to enter Al-Bab even if they wanted to. Tadif roundabout is already under Euphrates Shield Operation control. It would require punching a wall through TAF/FSA wall, which is obiviously not gonig to happen.

Lastly, If SAA had that much power to kill 650 ISIS militants in a fucking single day, they would be liberating Palmyra by now, rather than advancing inch by inch for every 5 days.


Must have meant 65, I mean wtf :D


.it’s 650 since the start of the ops you are evil….


Yes, since the start of the entire operation in north-east Aleppo (few weeks ago), but that’s not clear by reading this article. In the article you get the impression that that score is just from taking Tadif.

Gary Sellars

Except that Palmyra has no real strategic value, while ISIS losing Al-Bab removes the last obstacle to a concerted multi-probed attack on Raqqa.


Are you serious Sellers?
Have you checked the maps?
Turkey and FSA have been held up at Al Bab for 2 months.
Their route to the south will be cut off within 1 week.

Gary Sellars

Opps… its still early and I’m still on my first coffee…

You are correct…. but still Palmyra isn’t a strategic issue, its more about morale – taking it back from IS and getting revenge.

Pushing to Al-Bab is vital in order to block the filthy kebabs from advancing and taking any more Syrian territory. The dirty agenda of partioning Syria into foreign-controlled jihadist enclaves must be fully addressed once IS is destroyed, and Damascus cannot allow the kebabs and their orcs to hold too much territory.


Coffee with egg mcmuffin?
“Pushing EAST OF Al Bab is vital to block”
The Orcs will not travel further south.
SSA will make ISUS pay the ultimate price.


Things might not go according to plan by Russia or Turkey, let’s wait and see what happens next!


I want to call to attention the fact that Turkey’s military is weakened by the cleansing of unloyal generals and officers, and that urban warfare is even more brutal than what the Turkish infantry and their rebellious friends have experienced so far – and that was bad enough. If they are going to storm Al-Bab, they might never make it and in the end the elite Syrian forces and Hezbollah might given green light to storm it. But most likely, there will be a demarcation and blockade of Al Bab.

'Sup Bruh!

Elite Syrian forces :D:D:D:D God I love internet.

And no experience for Turkish Army, who’ve been fighting a 40 year guerilla and urban warfare with PKK…

Oh man, you gotta love the ignorance.


Actually your ignorance is (was) entertaining, but wearing a little thin after such a vast display of it. The Turkish Army has been massively weakened following the attempted coup, with thousands of key officers and personnel removed. The Tiger Forces are second to none in Syria and have an astonishingly successful track record since the US-NATO-Gulf proxy war was launched against Syria. The Turks have suffered large losses during their (illegal) incursion as a result of inexperienced conscripts finding themselves in a situation they are neither trained for nor have any motivation for which to fight. Your assessment indicates you have the brains of a rocking horse, which per my first sentence is amusing for a while … and then, like the toy, becomes increasingly boring.

'Sup Bruh!

You really need a brain dude. I will sentence by sentence explain why you are a fucktard with no real knowledge on TSK(TAF).

“1.The Turkish Army has been massively weakened following the attempted coup, with thousands of key officers and personnel removed.”

Now, first of all, july 15 was a junta attempting a coup. This junta was obiviously backed by CIA. CIA thought that the whole army would join the coup but it didnt happen. Chief of Army said no, got taken as hostage. 1st, 2nd and 3rd army commanders came out to tv and literally said this is the work of a junta, not the army.

The kicked out generals were ALL pro-american. CENTCOM even came out and said “we realised only the generals we were working with are getting kicked out”

What do i mean by all of this? Army is STRONGER than before because it does not have the treacherous pro american rascals in the ranks.

Also, Turkey has 80.000 POH and JOH(Gendarme SOPs and Infantry SOPs). And 40.000 more Maroon Beret forces. These SOPs take 20 to 25 years(starts in very young age) special training for urban and guerilla warfare in the east of Turkey. Against PKK dogs of course.

There are many more special forces in the army but just wanted to let you know that you know no shit about TAF.

“2.The Turks have suffered large losses during their (illegal) incursion as a result of inexperienced conscripts”

“Large loses” 61 soldiers?! This is a large loss for an operation thats been going on for 7 months? For an operation that killed so far 2200~ isis and 300~ pkk militants? Get a brain please….

Also, operation is legal. International law gives you the right to protect your borders in the neighboring countries soil if that other country is not able to do so.

“3.have any motivation for which to fight”

Get on twitter and follow the soldiers’ accounts in the operation so your tiny brain can see some real faith and courage.

By the way, where was your tiger forces before Russia came ? They were getting manhandled by random foreign jihadists. Russia saved their sorry-ass. I remember Assad crying “i got no menpower :(” because half of its army left him for FSA or just dropped arms and became civilians. The SAA we see right now is 50% Hezbollah. 25% random shia militants. 25% real Syrian Army.




Hey Sup, what are you doing outside of wccftech? I like your jaunty style of not insulting people, sticking straight to the facts. That is such a rare gift these days.


Why do you speak to a guy who thinks everyone is secretly PKK spy out to get Turkey?


Ahh..As I said numerous times, Al-Bab has been promised to the Sultan Erdogan by Putin..Let all the Putinists rejoice..


Tadif fell rather fast, ISUS must be worn down. Now is the time for SSA to strike east.
Clearing out Al Bab should keep Turks and FSA busy for quite some time.

Gary Sellars

Does this mean that the filthy kebabs and their terrorist orcs get to control Al Bab?…. outrageous…. the only things that the filthy kebabs deserve is a hastily-dug shallow grave…

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