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JUNE 2023

Govt Forces Make More Gains Against ISIS East Of Aleppo City

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Syrian government forces, led by the Tiger Forces and backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have made more gains against ISIS terrorists in the eastern countryside of Aleppo city.

Following previous gains, Government troops have liberated from ISIS the villages of Sarjah Kabirah, Sarjah Saghirah and Maran and reached the villages of Madyunah and Sarbas where clashes are now ongoing.

If government forces keep such rapid advances along the Aleppo-al-Bab road, they will reach Turkish forces storming the ISIS stronghold (al-Bab) in northern Syria within few days.

Govt Forces Make More Gains Against ISIS East Of Aleppo City

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Tiger forces too strong. If the entire army was with men like them, ISIS wouldnt have half the territory they have and the Idlib mess would have never happened.


And the world would be full of roses and unicorns!

Unfortunately the Syrian army is not full of Tiger Forces, quite the contrary in fact. Which is why it is in the mess its currently in. If only the SAA had another Tiger Force, that alone would make a huge difference.


yeah, pretty much what I think too. Notice how the hama front instantly moved and then got stagnant again the moment they came / left. Unbelievable. Their offensive quality is second to none. I’m not easily impressed by fancy looking western and even russian special forces, REAL results matter and real combat experience …. the tiger forces are amazing. They were alone in idlib and the ghaab against huge hordes of wahhabis, being told what to do by the US and turkish advisers back in 2015, so I will not blame them, when they only have a couple thousand soldiers.

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