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Map Update: Govt Forces Liberate Large Parts of Owija Neighborhood of Aleppo City

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The Syrian government forces – the army and Liwa al-Quds – have successfully advanced in northern Aleppo and liberated large parts of the Owija Neighborhood from Jaish al-Fatah militants. Now, the loyalists are pressuring militants in order to liberate the whole neighborhood.

Map Update: Govt Forces Liberate Large Parts of Owija Neighborhood of Aleppo City

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Alright, they’ve got a month until the presidency changes, in case this means Hillary, the SAA have GOT to take at least half of the rebel held city, at least, before she comes in and a new hell breaks loose. After all, she oversaw the planning and development of this invasion. She speaks eagerly of escalation, with Assad and Putin, so the SAA need to put themselves in as good a position as possible before then. She won’t be sworn in until January the 20th, so by then Aleppo should definitely be fully secured and maybe even East Ghouta, which is progressing far too slowly; this Reyhan/Tal Kurdi nonsense is beyond a joke, the army has gotten nowhere in such a long period of time, they need to hurry the hell up, especially when the rebels are taking village after village in Hama, on a daily basis. Struggling with two is laughable in comparison.

3 months. I think Hilary will take charge in January


As I said, it is a distinct possibility, 50/50. She is gunning for all out war, so the Syrians need to put themselves in as good a position as possible. Secure Aleppo, that is priority one.


Are they ALL healthy eaters there?

No, we are all eating western propaganda


Don’t count The Donald out. He is WINNING! Don’t believe MSM propaganda.

Hope so

Mike from Ramsbottom

Percival – I have no doubt that the majority of US voters will vote for Trump; no doubt at all. I’ve trawled through news from the US and I find that Trump is very popular, despite the MSM demonization of him. However, there is no democracy in the US, nor, indeed, in the western world. The US election ‘race’ is a circus – for entertainment only. If Hillary C was supposed to be the star, she has behaved more like a clown. As you say, most people will vote for Trump. Hillary C will be made president. You have electronic voting machines the controllers of which are not publicised. You have an electoral college. You have a corrupt elite. Hillary is to be your next president, unless her medical problems really do fell her before the ‘election’.


Not all states have electronic voting and results are tallied within each state by their rules. Fraud from letting dead people vote and false identification is a definite concern, though. Trump has massive support and even Democrats don’t like Hillary. Most of the inner city minorities who form Hillary’s base of support are not enthusiastic about Clinton and they came out in droves for Obama. The Republicans often win Congressional midterm elections because these minorities don’t vote. If it is raining or bad weather, they don’t bother to vote. They are only voting for free handouts and don’t take it seriously. Plus, Trump has made major inroads with blacks. If Hillary Clinton gets less than 90% of the black vote, the election is over. Romney got something like 3%. If Trump can get 8-10%, Clinton will be in trouble.

Mike from Ramsbottom

Clearly explained, Percival. Thank you. MSM ‘journalists’, most of them, rant on and explain nothing.

chris chuba

I don’t see any scale of miles or kilometers on the map. It would be nice to get a feel for how large the rebel enclave is.

BTW I would not be surprised to see a sudden collapse of the rebel enclave in days or even a week and change. They are cut off and must be burning up ammo by the box every time they sneeze. Lots of fighters in these situations just like to stick their AK over a wall or corner and shoot blindly to avoid being exposed. I bet they aren’t getting much sleep. I hope that Assad and allies can rotate their forces to keep them semi-fresh. They have the initiative and should use it to maximum advantage.


Maybe 25% of city is in terrorist hands. Map must be something in the order of 100 sq. km.

Dod Grile

Nothing the mafia does is going to forestall the inevitable. Their CIA cannibal death squad terror gangs in Syria are all toast. No question about it.

The mafia should cut its losses and get out now while it still can. Anything else is liable to make Russia mad. Believe you me, one does not want to make Russia mad.


If someone had told me a decade ago, we would be on the verge of war with Russia in Syria while supporting Al Qaeda, I would have said you are bat shit crazy!
If they had then went on to say that I would be pulling for Donald Trump to avoid Hillary Clinton in a presidential election in order to avoid WW3! I would have though not way in hell!
If they finished it off by saying, Yes the US will start a war with Russia trying to protect Al Qaeda in Syria and Donald and Hillary will be nominated for president and the whole thing will start with a plan the United States has called PLAN B!

Well I would have to say you cant make that kind of shit house crazy up!

Michael Drysdale

Your right who would of thought that this scenario could really happen

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