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Govt Forces Captures Strategic Hill, Gets Fire Control Of ISIS-Held City Of Deir Hafer

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Govt Forces Captures Strategic Hill, Gets Fire Control Of ISIS-Held City Of Deir Hafer


The Syrian army’s Tiger Forces and the National Defense Forces (NDF) recaptured the Um Al-Murra village, the Al-Murra hill, the village of al-Aamidiyah near the ISIS-held city of Deir Ezzor in the province of Aleppo.

Thus, government forces reached Deir Hafer and got a fire control of the southern part of the city (from the Al-Murra hill).

Spoaradic clashes between Tiger Forces troops and ISIS members were reported in the western and southwestern outskirts of Deir Hafer.

Deir Hafer is one of the most important ISIS defense sites in this part of the Aleppo province. If it’s liberated by government troops, the nearby ISIS-held villages will rapidly fall into the hands of the Tiger Forces.

Govt Forces Captures Strategic Hill, Gets Fire Control Of ISIS-Held City Of Deir Hafer

Click to see the full-size image. Source: syriancivilwarmap.com

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Wolfgang Wolf

flatten this city and send all the camelfuckers to allah… no mercy, no escape!!


Easier said than done.

Hanny Benny

for this you need the turks and a kurdish city ;)


Are you a blood thirsting fucking idiot? Please answer the question.


I thought that they were going for the enveloping attack, forcing ISIS to abandon Deir Hafer, but now it looks like they go for the General Melchett frontal assault method. The advance towards the Jiraz airbase seems completely blocked.

Trustin Judeau

The map is wrong.They havent taken Hamidiyah.Here is real map –comment image

Wahid Algiers



Can you please share site url of that map? Thanks


You are correct, a much nicer PetoLucem map has been released on a more recent SF article. The details are great!


what is that circled?


It is usually the latest SAA advance talked about in the article.
I want to see the Tigers advance again from the lake Assad area.
This would speed up the collapse of the Daesh front.


I wonder how many vehicles and infantry daesh has left, and how many SAA/NDF has


This is a good question.
ISUS is still a force to be reckoned with. But each time that they lose an urban area, they also lose the shops to make VBIEDs and other vehicles, plus Daeshbags have to cross the river in boats. IMOA they have less than 20K infantry left. Their morale has fallen, but they have many diehards left. Thank you for your support. GO TIGERS!


My pleasure! It has been such a joyous and interesting experience discovering this website and people like you here who comment and provide valuable interesting information. I remember reading on Wikipedia that SAA has about 100k troops. Is that less than 20k estimate just for Syria or all of daesh?


If the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers are shuffling troops back and forth, the Syrian army should attack at both ends of the front to catch the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers with their reinforcements in between.


in the second line its Deir Hafer not Deir Ezzor


Good job men!!!

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