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Government Troops Repelling Militant Attacks On Al-Zallaqiyat In Hama Countryside

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Government Troops Repelling Militant Attacks On Al-Zallaqiyat In Hama Countryside

Government troops are in the Al-Zallaqiyat area

Clashes between government troops and members of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham(HTS)-led militant coalition continued in the vicinity of the Al-Zallaqiyat area north of Halfaya in the northern Hama countryside.

Yesterday, the Hezbollah media wing in Syia announced that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) managed to capture Al-Zallaqiyat village and the nearby hill. However, the area faced a series of HTS-led attempts to regain initiative.

Both sides are now competing for control over several points in the Al-Zallaqiyat area as it had happened in the Ma’ardes village previously.

Jaish al-Izza once again used US-made TOW missiles against SAA military equipment. The group destroyed a BMP-1 in Al-Zallaqiyat and targeted two gatherings of Syrian soldiers in the same area.

Syrian and Russian air force warplanes and Syrian multiple launch rocket systes continued carrying out strikes on HTS, Ahrar al-Sham and Jaish al-Izza in Lataminah, Morek, Kafrzita, Al Bweida and Lahaya in northern Hama countryside.

The shelling killed 10 Jaish al-Izza militants during the past 24 hours, according to pro-government sources. The group confirmed 8 casualties.

The clashes of the past two days show that the safe zones agreement does not include the northern Hama countryside.

This means that SAA may continue its operations against HTS (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its allies in the area. In this case, the town of Lataminah remains an obvious target of the possible government advance.

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Expo Marker

HTS is nearing its end, with each attack ending worse than the last. Soon they will lose Idlib city and Jisr al Shughour if they keep it up.


I sure hope so! From your mouth (or keyboard in this case) to Gods ears!


I feel sorry for the BMP-Crew. The second TOW-Launch was a obvious fail. First it is stupid to use this type of system with its AP-warhead against weak targets. Your possible results are very limited. Second the impact was far to low. 100% sandbag barrier hit. Maybe some injuries but i doubt it. Deaths very unlikely. 50.000$ ammo less for the Jihadis for sure. Not the worst thing that could happen.


But the Jihadis don’t have to pay for that $50.000 ammo. They get them courtesy of the US taxpayer and the House of Saud.


Thats why I said “50.000$ ammo” and not “50.000$”. They only lost the ammo because the $ for it came from others but nonetheless those financiers lost the money for no result which is also a good thing. Of course the bigger point is (as i said) 1 expensive rocket less in the hands of the terrorists for no value.


Yes good keep repelling SAA and then MAKE A PUSH! to Lataminah, morek, etc.


Good point.
But what the hell happened to your hair Rambino.
You need to find another barber. ?


Hahaha I saw someone on Facebook had it as their picture, and found it hilarious, so I felt why not make it my pic? Lol

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