Government Troops Recapture Ash-Shair Gas Field From ISIS In Homs Province (Video)


Government Troops Recapture Ash-Shair Gas Field From ISIS In Homs Province (Video)

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Pro-government forces, led by the Syrian Army’s 5th Assault Corps, have recaptured a key gas field from ISIS in the province of Homs.

Pro-government fighters, backed up by Syrian and Russian warplanes and attak helicopters, have enter the ash-Shair gas filed and got a full control over the field and its gas plant.

Earlier this week, government forces had captured a number of small hills near the ash-Shair field. So, ISIS terrorists were pushed to withdraw from the area without a stiff resistance.

The advance on ash-Shair is a part of the broader effort aimed at securing the countryside of Huwaysis and the nearby gas fields.

If the Syrian army successes in the area, it will be able to secure the road between Salamiyeh and the T4 Airbase as well as gain control over gas fields located along the road.

The Russian media outlet “Riafan” released a video from the Ash-Shair gas field area:



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  • doni habib

    good news

  • gold37

    The 5th Corps are doing a great job, highly motivated.

  • Bill Wilson

    This field was discovered around 2008 and is a prolific producer. ISIS captured it in 2014 where the Syrian forces lost 340 men and 250 civilian workers went missing. The SAA fought a series of battles to regain control of the field and gas plant only to lose it again. I’m glad ISIS gave it up without a fight and setting the wells on fire since those would’ve been rather difficult to put out.

    I suspect that ISIS has depleted their ranks in that region and those left probably are running low on foodstuffs and fuels.

    • Xanatos

      After the earth shattering explosion they caused when they sabotaged the Shair pumping station last year, it is unlikely they ever repaired it to working order. It was one of the largest non nuclear explosions in history.

  • Stephen

    The 5th corps are well trained. Well done. Crush all proxies and spies of United Snakes of America and United Killers. Russia please train some 25,000 more new Syrian volunteers.