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Government Troops Liberate al-Mal, Aqrabaa Villags And Nearby Points In Southern Syria (Map)

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On July 17, pro-government forces liberated the village of al-Mal and the nearby hill in the area north of the city of Daraa, southern Syria, the country’s state-run media says. According to the existing info, militants had contributed little resistance to stop the Syrian Army advance in the area.

Accoring to appearing reports, the army also entered the village of Aqrabaa and nearby points.

On July 16, government troops liberated the settlements of Al-Harra, Nimer, Umm al-Awsaj and the hills of Harra and Ahmar in the same area.

The defense of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has de-facto collapsed. According  to some pro-government sources, militants have requested a ceasefire to negotiate a surrender agreement with the Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance. Nonetheless, government troops are continuing gaining more and more areas despite the negotiations.

Government Troops Liberate al-Mal, Aqrabaa Villags And Nearby Points In Southern Syria (Map)

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David BlackBeard

The SAA is about to attack Aqraba … I was wondering if Alladin and Jasmine are still there ? ))))

You can call me Al

Lets hope if they are, Alladin is on the right side of the fight and the genie from a lamp, is not Nutty, but Putin or Xi.

Anthony Paul Mapes

I knew that Jaffar was commanding units in that area

David BlackBeard

Oh that bastard’s ars is going to get some ….. u know what )))


Have SAA given up the fight with Daesh now then?


Save the most enjoyable for last.


According to 1974 agreement Golan Heights is a demilitarization zone then why US and NATO proxy Netanyahu have keept military there in Golan Heights. Assad should know US and NATO and their proxies are all deceivers and cannot be trusted. Therefore, Assad could immediately withdraw from any agreement with these plunderers including 1974 agreement to liberate Golan Heights.

Promitheas Apollonious

how many of you, using your account? Because the post above and the one below is not written by the same person.

And why you copy paste the same post in all topics ?

S Melanson

Not exactly. The framework provided for a buffer zone alpha (Israeli side) and beta (Syrian side) that was typically only a few kilometres wide. This buffer zone is demilitarized except for the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF). a 1,043 strong peace keeping force based in zone beta to ensure compliance.

To the surprise of all, Israel and Syria complied with the agreement faithfully for over 30 years until the ‘civil war’ regime change project began in 2011. Ironically, the agreement also stipulated that both Syria and Israel would prevent terrorists from operating in the area – so they would become proxies to carry out attacks on the other. Well Israel reneged big time on that part.


good news the pocket djihadiste quneitra will be annihiled soon!!:)


The Rebels are all intent on saving themselves at this point, the reason the SAA’s is that first they don’t want panic in Tel Aviv and because their ranks are just as risk averse as their enemies.

King Tudor777

Push them to the border with Israel and let implore for help, let them deal with their masters.

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