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JUNE 2021

Government Troops Establish Fire Control Over Maarat al-Nouman – Abu al-Duhur Road (Map)

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Following the recent advances in southern Idlib, Syrian government forces have established a fire control over the road between the towns of Abu al-Duhur and Maarat al-Nouman in southern Idlib. Government troops engaged units of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the village of Halban and de-facto cut off the road between the militant-held towns.

Should Halban fall into the hands of the Syrian Army and its allies, government forces would be able to isolate Abu al-Duhur from the western flank in order to searapte this strategic point from the rest of militant-held area in Idlib.

Government Troops Establish Fire Control Over Maarat al-Nouman - Abu al-Duhur Road (Map)

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Oh I like it , looks like SAA has opened a second front directly east of Abu Al Duhur.


Its been stagnent for a while, goes back n forth. Since the terrorists in the east are looking at being cut off, I would assume that they are heading west, thereby pretty much giving up the east. Next few weeks should be cake for the SAA guys in the east.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Apparently the Jihadi groups are retreating from the Southwest countryside of Aleppo as they see the defense of the Al Hass to be untenable. Probably because they can’t recruit anyone in this region and it’s becoming increasingly hostile to them.


The jihadist are fracturing, this is a good turn in events !
HTS is screwed, and Dutchboy is not happy on this site :DD

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

dumbnational is becoming more belligerent was going to laugh at him because his favorite ATGM FSA crew was incapacitated one lost his life the other his hands. Just be glad I had no bad thoughts about him like I did those ATGM crew as they were going against the grain.


SAA ~ 5km away from abu ad duhur.

The fact that the terrorists are unable to reply anywhere along the SAA lines is telling.

Idlib town in 8 months I wager.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They apparently are in full retreat from the Aleppo countryside as they are becoming fast encircled. This is hopefully true as it’s reported by the pro opposition sources.


Slow but sure, the firepower-laden Syrian siege-warfare tactics are inexorable.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Turkish Foreign Minister demands Russia and Iran to halt the SAA large scale advance because it weakens the opposition in this area and it violates the deescalation zone. Well for one none of the current groups under attack are not part of the agreement and in that region there is no deescalation zone. This idiot Turk has no clue what he is talking about, so he adds that Turkey has no good relations with Syria and claim that Syria is unresponsive.

Well let’s look at what he said and notice at every turn Erdogan has been an asshole to everyone by calling them names thinking this is how a diplomat should act. Then Turkey illegally invades Syria not once but twice that should endear Turkey to Syria in their Ottoman Jerk attitude. We have to remember that it was Turkey who brought in the Terrorists to Syria, well that is not going to earn them brownie points.Then they participated in the looting of Syria and selling stolen oil none of that is going to endear them to anyone but the thieves.

Seems the best thing for Turkey to do is capitulate and go prostrate before Syria and return all lands to them and give Syria half of it’s industries in compensation, maybe then they can ask nicely.


Russia, Iran and the SAA should just cheerfully ignore Turkey. Everything that comes out of Ankara is just hot air anyway. Where is that supposed offensive to take Afrin that Erdogan was boasting about?


You are correct. The worry , indeed likely reality, is that Turkey will increase the flow of weapons to the terror gangs .


Great, for a few days Al-Duhur will br free, but big mistery is this ISIS pocket. Nobody talking about this pocket and pocket became larger and larger. Could be big problem or maybe there is a deal between SAA and isis???!!

You can call me Al

With you there … I cannot fathom it out.


Could it be as simple as ISIS who fled to, and those already in Idlib, being over confident in the ability of terror groups of all persuasions to keep control of Idlib. If that is so, ISIS hoped to expand but the current reality is that they are surrounded with little if any further military supplies .

Its anyone’s guess as to how many willing terror thugs there are in the pocket though. A few score being eradicated would not cause to much upset in the West, but a few thousand would be regarded as another Holocaust :)


Oh, you silly silly boy!!


This could be a possibility. The other possibility is that the SAA has a goal in mind, namely taking the air base and in this move there is a major pincer movement to create a eastern pocket to make Aleppo and the highways to the north and east more secure.
So either they are ignoring the isis pocket that seems to not have any resources for offensives against the SAA (they are defectors from a already broken fighting force with no heavy equipment) or they struck a deal until they turn back to clear up the pocket once its formed.

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