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Government Troops Captured al-Thawra And Habbari Oil Fields In Raqqah Province – Reports


Pro-government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces, have captured the al-Thawra oil field in the province of Raqqah, according to a number of pro-government sources.

According to reports, government forces also advanced in the direction of Habbari oil field with a wider goal to clear the area east of the Khanasser-Iithriyah road from vestiges of the ISIS force. According to some pro-government sources, the Habbari field liberated by the army.

However, there are a lack of photos and videos from the area because of a military censorship imposed by the military.

If reports about the recent gains are confirmed, this will indicate that the army and its allies will be able to clear the whole area east of Khanasser soon.

The recent push against ISIS followed a major advance made by government forces yesterday. The Tiger Forces and their allies liberated a number of villages and reached the Ithriyah-Tabqah road.

Government Troops Captured al-Thawra And Habbari Oil Fields In Raqqah Province - Reports

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  • Wahid Algiers

    Lebanese Al Masdar announces that SAA and Kurdish forces fight each
    other over control of abandoned ISIS villages in western Raqqa CS. See here: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/syrian-army-kurdish-forces-fight-control-abandoned-isis-villages/

    • Joe Doe

      Yes, SDF looking for free ride at the expense of SAA. In my view SDF become american proxies and advice for SAA, be prepare for problems with SDF

      • Wahid Algiers

        You are right. In the whole fronts will be shortened, units will be free for other operations. So let the Kurds play their dangerous game facing one day two enemies they never expected before: Syria and Turkey when these two parties make a deal over Idlib and its countryside.

      • Robert Guttierez

        Maybe it’s time to let Turkey attack in the North. The SDF has threatened stopping the Raqqa advance if attacked by Turkey.

      • Brad Isherwood

        Where ISUS finally ends up under US management.
        US have the Kurds in the pocket,…ISUS in Iraq and Syria is evolving to some moment
        Where US either rescues them to a defined area…or ISUS is finished in Iraq,Syria.
        Probably falling back to Jordan and then onward to other US terror leverage operations
        Elsewhere on war planet.
        ISUS – Sunni Takfiri kook get rebranded some new FSA which will emerge in the future
        Political track vs Damascus, …and Sunni politico in Iraq…..with the Treacherous Kurds also US leverage vs Damascus. ..and Iran.
        In the Future…this Sunni kook whatever ride gets weapons to attack Iran and Syria
        Under US oversight.
        Each side can attrition each other’s military assets and forces.
        MIC of numerous nations continue to draw profits from region chaos.
        It would be awesome that ISUS really get ended…yet knowing the history of
        British Empire and US…..a dish of Revenge …served cold… is on the way.

  • Joe Doe

    Strategically is important for SAA secure the Habbari oil fields and SAA east flank from ISIS, before going west