Government Troops Capture Key Village On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates – Reports


Government Troops Capture Key Village On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates - Reports

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Syrian government forces have repelled an ISIS attack on the villages of Marat and Mazlum and once again advanced on Khusham village on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, near Deir Ezzor city.

According to pro-government sources, government troops, led by the 5th Assault Corps’ ISIS Hunters, established a full control over the village.

If true, government forces took control of a key road linking up the area held by US-backed forces and the Omar oil fields on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

An alleged military situation in the Deir Ezzor countryside before the recent government advance (the SDF advanece in al-Isba and Tabiye fields still has to be confirmed):

Government Troops Capture Key Village On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates - Reports

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  • Lupus

    Awesome! Nothing can stop SAA and allies

  • Turbofan


  • gustavo

    SDF (kurds, USA-puppets) are moving fast and without fighting (as anyone was expected). Therefore, SAA must move faster and with terrible fight with terrorist, but this can be done with ENOUGH protection and support form Russia aerospace force.

  • Expo Marker

    Always great to see the SAA foil invader attempts. When the SDF crossed the Euphrates to take the city of Tabqa, the Syrians never declared war on them, but now the SAA crosses the Euphrates in Deir-ez-Zor, and the SDF threatens to declares war on Russia and Syria.

    • SKY

      Stupid kurds who the fuck, are they to threat Russia, who stupid proxy pions for US wars.

  • Alex

    Get on the highway and go go go, overrun , overbomb mix them up with dirt, that filthy scum, get your country back Syrians.

    • jhon malakiat


  • MD Ranix

    God bless the russian led coalition

  • Arseniy ‘Motorola’ Pavlov

    Great! USA-puppets lose again.

  • jhon malakiat

    as a moslem and as a follower of the prophet of Muhammad pbuh, I do believe in this war syria will win no doubt.

    syria is the blessing land, and the last resort to crush dajjal…

    victory to syria
    warm greetings from indonesia

  • Wahid Algiers

    There are enough (oil) fields to get and this highway will be important to take them. I am sure the very first teams which were send over the river have a special task to surprise the enemies.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Yes Oil fires and everything else to keep them from approaching the fields, as all they did was see the fire.

  • Michalis Kane

    Bravo. Cut the SDF American IS puppets from the north and the south.

  • RamboDave

    This is a big win. There is now a clear path over to the oil fields. And, there is another field, not mentioned by South Front, called Jafra oil field, which can easily be cut off from the Kurds. It is directly East.

    South Front mentioned the Omar oil field, which is the biggest. But, that field is way Southeast, about 20 miles. The SAA can also easily cut that one off from the Kurds too. But, that will come later.

    Right now the SAA needs to enter from the South the same two oil fields which the Kurds have already entered. At the point they meet inside those fields, the slightest provocation from the Kurds should be met with total overwhelming force and heavy artillery barrage from SAA positions back in Deir Ez Zor.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      They have the M-46 mobile artillery there along with the smerches and the Tosca-O all being moved closer to the front with air defenses. They also advanced east further along the east banks, they have also advanced along the west bank to keep pace with the advance on the East side.

    • Ronald

      The Omar oil field needs to be taken immediately , that field holds the money . In Homs yesterday the Russians showed the world that they learned “Lightning” from the Germans .
      850 Al Qaeda in one day , shows what can be done .
      A helicopter deployment , with air force back up could hold that field until the tanks and troops catch up .
      No point in winning all the battles , just too loose it all by being too slow at the end .

      • Dicksonrp

        You said it Ronald…was gonna suggest the same idea!!

      • Kell

        Haha Blitzkrieg

  • DJ Double D

    IS is reporting that they shelled SAA in Marat and Maslum with over 200 grad rockets. Unless they did this from the north side between the SAA and the Kurds, then it may mean that Khusham is not yet taken. We really hope that it is in fact taken.

    • Dicksonrp

      If this is/was true, the Russian AF would/should be setting their firing positions on fire by now…..

      • electron

        Ever since Syrian/allied formations crossed the river, the ruaf has abandoned them; other than for show & PR reasons.

        If RF was serious about taking the fields; they would have at all/most times in the air over DZ, to support the eastern bank bridge head:

        a. Il-78 refueling tanker over the skies of Syria & A-50U with significant comint cap.
        b. 2 to 4 Su-34 with maximum mix number of KAB-250 and Kh-25M
        c. At least 2 Forpost UAV
        d. 2 to 4 Ka-52 with Vikhr/Ataka missiles hovering over the western side of river, firing on the eastern side; with other helis on stand by at DZ AB.
        e. Heavy involvement of ru SOF to paint the targets for AF
        f. Overwhelming artillery support, utilizing at least 100 * 82mm/122mm/152 mm guns
        g. Anti artillery radars and artillery scouting systems like PRP-4 Argus
        h. Adequate satellite Intel assistance

  • DJ Double D

    There is information that the American flag was raised over the captured oil field. This is a very big escalation of this conflict. If this is true, it will qualify as open occupation or ‘intent to occupy of a sovereign land’, which will allow SAA to start fighting anybody anywhere to liberate her land.

  • dutchnational

    The report states correctly, acc to pro government media.

    Non pro government media report SAA having large lossess and due to the very low capacity of the bridge, hardly able to sustain their bridgehead.

    Who is correct?

    Within a few days the map will show the truth of the reports.

    Meanwhile, SDF has moved towards Suhwar, key city in the Khabur valley. Once taken, everything north of this city will fall in time to SDF.

    • Kell

      Yes its not a bridge yet, they are shuffling across with pontoons but much can be delivered this way fairly quickly, IS drones have been attacking the pontoons also, not sure if they have enough lengths to make a permantent bridge but also kurds releasing water flooding the bank docking areas to impede movement is hampering SAA attempts at bridging but doesnt worry the movable pontoons too much.

  • Ronald

    Must admit I am surprised the SAA has not secured the area north (of Marat) , along the river on the eastern bank. At least let that bridgehead accomplish something .
    A buffer zone protecting the D/E airport just across the river would be a high priority one would think .