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Government Troops Advancing In Ayn Tarma Area In Eastern Damascus

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On Thursday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advanced in the Ayn Tarma area in eastern Damascus. According to pro-government sources, the SAA took control of several buildings and strategic points in the vicinity of Al-Sanabel gas station in eastern Ayn Tarma.

The SAA reportedly reached the Ayn Tarma Roundabout and imposed a fire control over it. This roundabout is an important location for control over entire Ayn Tarma.

Syrian and Russian Air Force warplanes continued bombing positions of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Faylaq al-Rahman in both Jobar district and Ayn Tarma. The SAA managed to down a drone of the militants over Jobar district.

A photo from Jobar district shows what appears to be equipment and weapons of the Russian Special Operations Forces. According to some sources, the Russian Special Forces including snipers are believed to be supporting the SAA in this operation. This theory is supported by the participation of Russian Air Force warplanes. It is logical to have Russian special forces on the ground to guide warplanes.

Government Troops Advancing In Ayn Tarma Area In Eastern Damascus

From its side, Faylaq al-Rahman claimed that it managed to destroy a bulldozer of the SAA with an ATGM in Ayn Tarma. It also claimed to destroy a SAA tank in Jobar district.

Faylaq al-Rahman reportedly suffers from a shortage of ammunition and supplies. This may mean that Faylaq al-Rahman may withdraw again from Jobar and Ayn Tarma as previously the group withdrew from Qaboun and Barza.

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Wahid Algiers

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Good, keep cutting off their supply. Catch the smugglers.

Concrete Mike

Thats right you fucking pigs run away. Liberating Jobar Will be a huge Blow to thé Saudi headchoppers.

Go to hell MBS


Isn’t this a distraction now that so much hangs on the desert offensive(s)? Or are they right to seize the moment now that Qatar may have difficulty supplying the Rahman rascals?


Was that a latterday Crapouillot mortar? ;o)

Justin Ryan

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This includes US special forces!

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