Government Troops Advancing In Attempt To Cut Off ISIS Supply LInes In Homs Province


Following a liberation of the Kawm oasis and nearby areas in the province of Homs, the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces are now developing momentum in the direction of the key village of Bir Hisayyah and Taybah located at ISIS supply lines between the provinces of Homs and Raqqah.

If the Tiger Forces capture any of the aforementioned villages, they will be able to threaten all ISIS supply lines in the area. This will decrease the ISIS defense capabilities in Uqayribat in the eastern Hama countryside and may lead to a full collapse of the ISIS defense in the area.

Government Troops Advancing In Attempt To Cut Off ISIS Supply LInes In Homs Province

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    So this would be the SAA moving NNE from the Shaer Gas Fields.
    Is it time to cut ISUS to shreds !

    • RichardD

      You’re being a little two faced aren’t you, what do you think should be done with the Jew pedophile cult baby rapers in the Golan?

  • Lupus
  • Rob

    SAA and allies should first focus on Deir Ezzor because Zionist will take it.

    Green, Gray and Yellow cells in Syria belong to Zionist proxies.

    • @Inc2Get

      You are right but the SAA needs to free up as many soldiers as possible and if the manage to isolate one of these gaps, ISIS will fully withdraw and they will be able to free up thousands of soldiers and this will make the Deir Ezzor push much more efficient and easier.

      • Rob

        Thanks I got it.

    • Jabbar Abbo

      How comes US fights Zoinits proxies ?

      • Ronald

        For show , for propaganda , not for real .

    • Vidura

      lol you and jewish people….!

      • Wahid Algiers

        Shut up you us-american und zionist foot licker.


  • Jabbar Abbo
  • stevenclark1977

    They will end up fighting to the bitter end they hardly ever give up but I hope the SAA kick there arse asap

  • goingbrokes

    Escape route from E-Hama/Homs is becoming more tortuous by the day. I like that SAA seems to be intending to cut the route in two places and create two enclaves. The Eastern enclave (to the West of Al-Koum Oasis and East of AL-Shaer gas field) will be easy to collapse completely, and that will cut off E-Hama insurgents very effectively and massively reduce the length of the front line for SAA. E-Hama enclave can then be controlled with troops in training and the crack units can go and liberate Eastern Syria. The taking of Maskanah plains seems such a long time ago…