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Government supporters cancel rally amid fear of clash in Moldova

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At least 30 people were injured in clashes with police

Government supporters cancel rally amid fear of clash in Moldova

© Sputnik/ Miroslav Rotari

On Sunday, according to the organizers, a demonstration to support the government of Pavel Filip in Moldova has been canceled. The Rally was scheduled to take place simultaneously with the opposition’s protests against the new cabinet in downtown Moldova’s capital Chisinau.

GARLEM public group said in a statement that they avoided street clashes in support of stability in order not to give a chance to provocateurs to stage riots during their event.

The leader of the Party of Socialists, Igor Dodon has welcomed the decision.

“My opinion is that this is a right step. We do not need clashes. We can liberate the country from oligarchs only by peaceful protests and without provocations,” Igor Dodon said to Tass.

Igor dogon also said that the rally will be held in downtown Chisinau on Sunday.

The opposition considers that Moldova is “a country seized by oligarchs” and refuses to recognize the new cabinet of ministers, calling for the dissolution of parliament and early parliamentary elections.

“We will elect a National Salvation Committee that will offer a program of solving the country’s deepest political and economic crisis where it has been pushed by the current authorities,” Dodon told to Russian media outlet Tass.

On the other hand, Moldova’s Interior Minister Alexandru Jizdan told reporters that all the units of the law enforcement agency were put on alert to ensure public order.

“We will do everything possible so that the protests are held peacefully and without violence,” Alexandru Jizdan said.

Since Wednesday mass protests have been held in Chisinau, when the opposition picketed the new government endorsed parliament building. The parliamentary majority formed around the Democratic Party of Moldova to approve the cabinet of Pavel Flip took only six minutes. It was reported that the candidate for prime minister was not given enough time to present the program of his future cabinet. This prompt appointment triggered riots, with protesters trying to storm the building. At least 30 people were injured in clashes with police.

On Thursday, the protest leaders met Andrian Candu – the parliament speaker, to hand over their demands of government resignation and parliament dissolution.

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