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MAY 2022

Government Of National Accord Begins Massive Push On LNA-Controlled Al-Watiya Airbase

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Government Of National Accord Begins Massive Push On LNA-Controlled Al-Watiya Airbase

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On May 5th, the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) Turkish-backed forces began a renewed push for al-Watiya airbase, southwest of Tripoli.

The fighting for Tripoli is currently simmering, with very little activity, and it appears that the fighting is currently focused on al-Watiya.

Government Of National Accord Begins Massive Push On LNA-Controlled Al-Watiya Airbase

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A Turkish drone strike reportedly killed a LNA commander – Osama Amsek, he was the commander of the al-Watiya airbase.

There’s a large number of videos and photographs showing the GNA’s forces approaching al-Watiya.

The clashes began several kilometers away from al-Watiya, but the Libyan National Army withdrew inside the base, and the GNA began shelling positions while approaching.

In response Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces responded by shelling and airstriking the GNA column moving towards the airbase.

The GNA reportedly captured the entrance point to al-Watiya airbase, with the LNA targeting GNA vehicles in the vicinity of the base.

The heavy clashes, shelling for both sides, Turkish UAVs carrying out strikes, and still the LNA held.

The GNA forces withdrew, likely temporary before they renew the push.

Meanwhile, several locations around Libya announced that they were cutting ties with Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and joining the side of the GNA.


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After events like the Opium wars and the 2008 South Ossetia war it is unfathomable how China and Russia still support any initiative by US/UK/France Zioterrorists as they did on Libya at the UN in 2011. Gotta be a miserable greedy terrorist cunt on par with a Zionist bankster or a Wahhabi to do that.

Raptar Driver

China and Russia are controlled opposition.

Concrete Mike

To assume eiyher entity is homogenous is a mistake, there a forces within that are under foreign control, not the whole thing.

Lool at Turkey, or America, multiple factions fighting for power. Same thing everywhere else dude.

Raptar Driver

You are 100% correct. When I say China and Russia, of course I meant the elites who control the money and the government, not the average person.

Concrete Mike

What could russia have done at the time? Like seriously? Putin was not president at the time, it was Medvedev. After that fiasco medvedev was out , Putin was in.

So yes Medvedev was part of the atlanticist integrationist movement, as the eurasian nationalists were not strong at the time.

I remember a Putin speech after the invasion, to paraphrase, Putin said : what have you done??? We will never allow such foolishness again.

Look at where were at now. Things change alot in 10 years.

Ivan Freely

It’s really about optics. To go against the UN, even though it’s a Western-based organization, would tarnish their public image, even if the UN was on the wrong side of history. And there are other things that Concrete Mike already mentioned that lead to the fall of Libya. Both China and Russia lost considerable amount of money (especially China) when they stepped aside for NATO.

I also suspect the Sino-Russian continued UN support is about wooing Turkey to their camp AND pressuring Saudi Arabia / Egypt. Getting both Turkey and Egypt to switch sides would be one heck of a geopolitical win as it provides leverage against the EU and the US.

Badis Badis

The wattia airbase will eventually fall since it’s completely surrounded and its supply lines cut . However this war is far from over .


The enemy has been defeated at Watiya Air Base/Uqbah bin Naf’a , suffered heavy losses in men (44 KIA, 100+ wounded, 6-8 EPW) and retreated north back to their lair in Zuwara. LNA has advanced and secured control 15-20 kms astride highway. Enemy killed ID’d assorted militia gangs from Zuwara, Zawiyah,Tripoli (Tajoura), Misrata, Zintan and Ubari. Casualties announced by Sarraj Effendi the Turkish Bey of Tripoli so-called Volcano of Wrath lol . Intense fighting continues in Tripoli southern https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/584b8afeee5ddf072e3fbe52c510b510a378accdead6fd5d439f2498cab9fc42.jpg sector and Turkish controlled ops objective Tarhuna from north (Qarabuli), east (Msallatah) and southwest (Gharyan) but no significant gains. Front along Wadi Zemzem multiple FGA air / drone strikes and artillery ongoing but no clear ground force advances.

Mustafa Mehmet



Is that your mom memet’o malaka?

Mustafa Mehmet

Re souvlaki boy you still alive?


Οf cource I ‘m alive you silly shit-kebap. Why wouldn’t I be alive! I m not a mongoloid muslim mercenary baboon …

I was actually hoping you d be in one of those coffins … Oh well, maybe the next bunch ha!


Mustafa Mehmet



Ι m not Spanish, what has Malaga got to do with anything, you dumb shit kebap? hahahaha you are sooooo dumb !

Malaka mongole!

Its so much fun watching your fellow turko-cockroaches dying in Libya and Syria… Best entertainment ever! hahahaha

Mustafa Mehmet

You are malaka. stupid Greek begger .. turks doing well not to worry once we finished with Syria and Libya you turn will come.. we gonna reclaim our. Island back from you be ready. you dambo



Reclaim ? Turks reclaiming ?

The only thing you are right to reclaim is your cave in the mongolian – Kazakstany – Chinese deserts …

Thats where you came from thats where we Greeks are going to send you, back in your Neaderthal caves. Lets hope the Kurds, the Syrians and the Libyans will leave a few mongoloids for us …cause at the moment they are all kicking your asses… You are no match to the Greek superior fighting spirit… you are not worth even a bullet in the head. But we will do what we have to do, we ll do it for man kind…as always…

Xoli Xoli

Slow down Mustafa.

Xoli Xoli


Mustafa Mehmet


Xoli Xoli

Keep on commenting. Thank you.

cechas vodobenikov

it is naive and fallacious to believe that “factions vie for control” sociological stupidity…rather factions in collectivist societies attempt to produce ideologies and programs compatible w national needs—individualistic societies—the anglosphere, these antagonism reduce to control…the policies and programs in anglophone political parties r indistinguishable—except perhaps cosmetically

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