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JUNE 2023

Government Forces Take Control Of Entire Lajat District As Militants Surrender – Unconfirmed

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Syrian government forces have established control of the entire Lajat district northeast of the city of Daraa in southern Syria, accroding to pro-government sources.

Reprots suggest that the militants’ defense collapsed following the recent series of attacks by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces and local members of militant groups decided to surrender to government forces.

Government Forces Take Control Of Entire Lajat District As Militants Surrender - Unconfirmed

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It should be noted that these reports come two days after about 900 militants of the Free Syrian Army allegedly joined the SAA in southern Syria.

If reports are confirmed, this will be the a first major success of the SAA in southern Syria since the start of military actions there last week.

Photos allegedly show the recently captured areas in Lajat:

This map shows confirmed gains of the SAA in southern Syria:

Government Forces Take Control Of Entire Lajat District As Militants Surrender - Unconfirmed

Click to see the full-size image

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Nabeel Mehboob

This piece of news could make my day if confirmed. We need to retake the entire south (Including Golan)


Not only Golan Heights but all Palestine.

Michał Hunicz

Hope for more rebels finding their new life in the SAA’s ranks!

Don't read butthurt replies

Nothing good will come from this, terrorist in the SAA’s. I already see the chaos they will create.

Gregory Casey

Brilliant news!! Onwards and Upwards!!

Val Shadowhawk

Yes it is very good news indeed!!


Good…pocket by pocket

S Melanson

Good news in Syria, good news in Yemen. It is like the first Star Wars film – A New Hope.

Richard M

How soon does the Deathstar get blasted? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zwD3TPm00U

S Melanson

In the coalition version of Star Wars, the Saudis receive the Death Star as part of the massive arms sales from the US. This is the Hail Mary the Saudis have been holding out for. Unfortunately, the Saudis are unaware that the firm that built the Death Star is the same one that build the patriots.

The Houthi rebels get the plans from a coalition soldier for 30 shekels and learn of a fatal design flaw. The Houthis launch a grand assault on the great Death Star the Saudi media trumpets incessantly as so fearsome it strikes paralyzing terror into the hearts of the enemy – the Houthis, having no fear, wonder among themselves which enemy they are talking about.

The Houthis launch the attack and draw the Death Star out to within range of the airport that has been reported liberated now 600,000 times. The rebel attack pretends to be thwarted to allow the Death Star to fire its primary weapon at the airport. As predicted by Houthi commanders who assessed the plans, the weapon beam boomerangs and obliterates the Death Star. Coalition media report success and that once again coalition forces have taken control of the airport.

Richard M

This is like the East Ghouta Orc Collapse! :D


Nicely done.


Hip hip horray. Well done SAA. Congratulation to all Syrian nation and to their allies. Each party played a very significant role in this anti Zionist war.


Seems Militant numbers have gone from 100 to 900 which is indeed great. Hopefully we will now witness the domino effect. IsraHellis and their Yanki sandbags now on a timer countdown.

Richard M

Why does the map show red, green and blue, while the map legend shows red, green and purple? :D

Promitheas Apollonious

i am sure so they confuse us and wonder, what is what.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The color is purple just lighter like a mauve rather than a deeper hued purple , no confusion for me, missed my chance to paint by numbers !

Richard M

I once saw an historical map of something or other in a text book. It had five different shades of pink to delineate whatever it was. Crazy cartographers really irk me!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They like colors and assume they are being autistic …. sorry artistic in showing the different shades of colors but only so many colors they aren’t jelly beans.


The Syrian government coalition’s strategy of clear and hold has been implemented with near perfection. With the Jew world order regime change terrorists finding it almost impossible to roll back Syrian government coalition gains. There’s been some back and forth in the pocket west of Dier Ezzor. But that looks more like Isis moving around vacant unguarded area than pushing the SAA and company out of it. Most of that area is probably un policed during peace time because it’s so sparsely populated. So Isis sets up positions there until they get removed. And then re infiltrates. When the SAA has additional resources to locate and eliminate mobile Isis cells there will be a campaign of attrition that Isis will lose.


They’ve gained significant experience against guerrilla and hit and run tactics (with technical and motorcycle) that their guard post were resistant to shock. That’s the most vital things in this war.

Cedric Hunter

Yes. As I predicted. FASTER SAA, you are moving too slowly. Air assault men to the border and close off their supply roots. Cut off their supplies then lay siege to their strongpoints. But ti pu must do this faster, or else the U.S will find an excuse to block the Army’s success. Air Assault those border crossings within the next 48 hours. Do it brothers.


It goes slow.. Meanwhile the USA form an OCCUPIED ZONE in the OIL-rich NE of Syria. THAT IS the problem #1.


Good, good! One step at a time and minimise casualties to SAA. Way to go.

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