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Government Forces Strengthen Their Positions At Abu Al-Duhur Airbase In Idlib Province


Units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Tiger Forces are strengthening their positions at the Abu al-Duhur Airbase in the western part of Idlib province, according to pro-government sources.

The move comes amid the continued speculations that the SAA, the NDF and their allies may soon launch a military operation against militants in the nearby area. In this case, the Abu al-Duhur Airbase will become an important foothold, which will be used by government forces to attack militant positions.

Government Forces Strengthen Their Positions At Abu Al-Duhur Airbase In Idlib Province

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  • leon mc pilibin

    Nutandyahoo will be itching to destroy that airbase,so I presume the resistance will have good ,reenforced air defences.The scumbag Zionists will be going crazy looking for any excuse to go on the offensive.So blow the satanists out of the sky.

    • Joe

      Israel only dare to attack by air. Land wise they would be clobbered real fast

      Since rest assured they will never dare to attack when there are no more terrorists in Syria

  • Trustin Judeau

    Taking controls of M-5 highway will be good first step in this offensive.The battle to secure Aleppo city from the western side will be tough.It is all urban area and there are ton of fortifications.

    • Barba_Papa

      Would it best to secure Aleppo from the south, then advance north to the west of those fortifications?

      • Xanatos

        Yes , that encirclement may be easier then attacking head on.
        Tunnel bombs may exist under their fortifications.

        1. Bunker buster bomb, possibly trigger any unground depot
        2. EM bomb to cut off communications
        3. Low altitude thermobaric bomb to hit rescue teams and electronic repair teams.

      • Bill Wilson

        I think the SAA will start their advance thru Western Aleppo from the north and try to envelope Kafr Hanrah with hopes HTS will abandon the town.

  • Merijn


    Burn in Hell Abu-Abdul-Rahman-al-Zubair-Achmed-al-Holandi

  • Ilya Grushevskiy

    Ooooh liking the colour change from green to black – finally visual agreement on the presence of headchoppers in the area!

  • Xanatos

    Once the offensive begins, we’ll see what back door agreement was made with turkey.

    We know turkey is going to move into its predetermined occupation zone. How big is this occupation zone ?

    I expect turkey will grab idlib city, and jisr al shagur.
    I am worried they will extend their zone to saraqeb.

    Saraqeb will block the M5 highway.