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Government Forces Start Redeploying For Operation Against Militants In Southern Syria (Map, Videos)

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Government Forces Start Redeploying For Operation Against Militants In Southern Syria (Map, Videos)

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Following the liberation of southern Damascus from ISIS, Syrian government forces have started redeploying its units from the Damascus countryside to southern Syria, according to pro-government sources and videos appearing online.

According to reports, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are now preparing to deal with militant groups operation near the city of Daraa.

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Michał Hunicz

The operation should start before June and must end before July. By the end of summer the only ISIS/rebel pocket should be Idlib.


Wrong, Syria-hezbolah-iran-Russia forces still have to fight with AL-TANF, Dei Ezzor, EDLIB, AL RAqqah, and Omar oil fields. Long and more difficult way to go.


I doubt that they will eliminate everything down there, as Israel seems very fond of those Jihadis along the Golan Heights. To the point of opening fire on SAA units trying to take them out. But if the As Suwayda salliant can be eliminated and Daraa secured i reckon Assad has much cause to feel pleased.

Pave Way IV

Israel’s long-term goals are to 1) completely dominate the regional natural gas market in the eastern Mediterranean with its Leviathan gas (in progress), and 2) have its northern Iraq oil theft/pipeline (Kirkuk/Hadithah to Haifa) plans completed by getting Iraq and Jordan to build most of the pipeline for them (in progress).

CENTCOM’s job is to make sure anybody in the Middle East interfering with the above goals are either obedient, occupied, owned or killed. That’s in addition to their unrelated but planned Israeli-ordered Iranian Holocaust job.

The most censored news in the MSM right now is Israel laying massive pipeline(s) from Haifa to the Jordan border, and Jordan acquiring land and preparing to lay pipe from the Israeli border to the existing Arab Gas Pipeline. That pipeline runs through Syria just east of Daraa. Jordan will buy some of the gas for electrical generation in the Irbid and Mafraq governorates – about three-quarters of a billion USD per year. Israel will export the rest to Syria and Lebanon through the Arab Gas Pipeline (and to Egypt through other pipelines).

Israel needs CENTCOM to control the Syrian border south of Daraa to ‘guard’ the Leviathan pipeline – forever. Israel also is pissed that they didn’t grab the little slice of the Yarmouk Valley that (the Syrian ‘rebels’ claim) ISIS holds. I would expect CENTCOM to do whatever it takes to make sure that spot ends up controlled by an Israeli-friendly organization, and not the SAA or Syrian government. Not sure if that’s pipeline or Syrian air defense or Israeli water-theft related – maybe all of the above.

Note the Jordanian land right-of-way can be used for any pipelines. Like the ones eventually transporting Iraqi (or Saudi) oil TO Haifa. There’s not just one pipeline being laid, but the actual number/use is a secret – Israel says so.

How dedicated is CENTCOM to this treason? They are considering moving their in-theatre HQ from Qatar’s al Udeid Air Base (RIP Qatar) to Jordan’s King Hussein Air Base. Convenient for protecting Israeli’s gas pipeline and the Kirkuk/Haifa Blood-for-Oil pipeline, and for the occasional B-52 runs to kill Syrians.

Bill Wilson

Why should Assad buy NG from Israel when Syria has plenty of their own and possibly more offshore? Egypt recently found a huge offshore NG deposit so will be in competition with Israel to sell it.

Pave Way IV

“…Why should Assad buy NG from Israel…”

Same reason Syria bought their own gas from ISIS and buys it now from the US/SDF gas/oil/land thieves. Syria needs it. Years of sanctions means nobody was willing to sell any to them. And the US has been working overtime to make sure anything flowing from Iraq goes to Jordan and/or Haifa, Israel. The bully makes sure nothing is ‘allowed’ to go from Iraq to Syria and will not for years to come.

“…when Syria has plenty of their own…”

Syria became a net importer of natural gas in 2008 – from Egypt via the Arab Gas Pipeline. Egypt stopped sending gas through that in 2011 or so. Syria needs/used about a quarter of it’s production for reinjection into older oil wells to keep the reservoir healthy. Syrian total or potential reserves are meaningless – they need the gas today. Offshore deposits will take years to develop and produce. And somewhere around 2/5ths of Syria’s current dwindling gas production comes from two hubs currently controlled by SDFistan (Al Hasakah, Deir EzZor collection hubs). The rest of the gas distribution network has issues. Anything delivered to the Arab Gas Pipeline would be purchased/used in Damascus and Homs. Without the prior six years of civil war, Syria could have increased production to met domestic demand. It will take years and a ton of investment to get to that point again.

“…Egypt recently found a huge offshore NG deposit so will be in competition with Israel to sell it…”

Egyptian gas isn’t ever flowing north through Jordan in the Arab Gas Pipeline to reach Syria/Lebanon again. Israel’s exports will send gas south through the AGP in Jordan to Aqaba. And Zohar is huge, but it will take years to develop and produce. Syria might see some in five or so years if Egypt can put Zohar into production by then. My guess is no way in hell. The bribes/bureaucracy/arguing alone will take Egypt a good five years. And the longer they take, the more Israeli production they’ll be competing against. It’s not like they will never develop Zohar, but it won’t help Syria for a long time.


If Putin gave S-300 to Syria, Syria could recover Golan Heights.

People seem to be OK when you give them 50% of their own money.


I do not know. Of course, S-300 would be an excellent defense against Israel mosquitous, but Israel may be would use even nuclear weapons to keep stealing Golan Hights.


Let start a war. Is Syria and Hezbollah start sending missiles towards israel, there is no more israel in two hours.




Our prayers are with you, brave SAA soldiers, i wish you all the luck in the world in this pest eradication.

Hopefully, it will be soon all over, so you could come back home safe and sound to your hero families who also shares ultimate portion of sacrifice for better mankind.

Godspeed to you all!!!


By the lord of the heavens and the earth, the transaction is profitable! We will not stop or resign, by Allah’s permission. So be truthful, when encountering the enemy, for whoever loves to meet Allah, then Allah loves to meet him. https://youtu.be/ay9LV-vIAcU?t=2m6s


zionist troll


Give it up already. Nobody is falling for this crap. Tell Bibi it’s a no-go.

Concrete Mike

Lol fuck off your nothing but israeli attack dogs…some muslim you are.


SF keeps publishing speculative reports about the SAA’s next offensive, but clearly there won’t be a major offensive on all fronts at once. If all the reports about troop deployments are true then clearly Assad plans no major offensive for several months and is simply shoring up defenses and maybe allowing some steady minor gains.


Actually, it’s you who is speculating, and most likely revealing your wishful thinking.


The US occupied site at al-Tanf in east is looking absurd at this point – it is far larger than any remaining active militant pocket in west – other than the militant dumping-site of occupied Idlib. What are the US planning to do with their training camp at al-Tanf – soon there will be no viable militant pockets in west to actually send any newly minted terrorist recruits.

Feudalism Victory

If assad get into there hell have to fight israel. To do this the fight will have to extend into lebanese airspace and into occupied golan. Will he do it? Id bet against it. Hes going to slice of those fingers and fortify the major points and let israel slice a little more land off.


This is where Hezbollahs experience defeating the idf cowards comes into play,their tactical knowhow and superior fighting men will serve the SAA cause very well.


The music in SAA videos is so much better than that boring drone like dribble that you see in ISIL propaganda flicks.

zika slika

God bless Tiger force. It is one and only and repeat only professional combat unit of SAA in possession of superb tactics, moral and weaponry…NO excuse ! At this moment IDF will in mater of 2 weeks at the most conquer almost all of the Syria so be real and dont call them IDF cowards and dont make treats with 10.000 of your rockets that will not make impression even during Birthdays celebration. Wait be patient, step by step rebuild army in preplaned operation. Make that your priority and it will take 10 plus years be patient promote people such as Maj. Gen. Suheil al-Hassan and make sure all important decision making people within SAA are modeled to be like that soldier Suheil al hassan . Its a quiet actually very quiet, educated, professional no/bullshit, dangerous man. and not some brass promoted just on the basis of sectarian lines. He have respect for his enemies and you will never hear from him to call israel cowards or similar outburst because he knows that in near future IDF can make mush potato from SAA … or if you prefer hummus


This is why the Israelis are foaming at the mouth, Syria is going to recover the territories Israel had hoped to annexe. Also Israel still occupies areas of Syria and Lebanon. Thieves are always scared that someone will steal what they have stolen.

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